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Joseph asks…

Online Advertising?

How do i start an online advertising buisness. Is there tutorials. What do i do???? lol Any website that help would be awesome.

admin answers:

Omg…there are thousands of sites out there. Just go on and search for “how to start an online advertising business”…or even “advertising business”. Maybe, you want to check the website of the magazine Entrepreneur to get inspired.

William asks…

online advertising?

how do i advertise online, i am about to start my own home based business but want customers from around the world, how would i go about doing this???

admin answers:

For good marketing, get back to basics. It may be worth it to see what visitors are actually doing on your site. Go to the site below, it’s a free sign up and what it does is record the actions your visitors make. It gives you a better understanding of what is working and what isn’t. It’s a valuable tool to understand consumer behavior and how to make your site better! Good Luck!


Thomas asks…

How does an advertising online business work?

I’ve been curious to know the inner mechanisms of an online advertising agency. What do they do? They pay anyone who put one of the company’s ads on their website? … How do they get clients? In sum, how do they work?

Thank you for your help.
So companies lick ValueClick and ClickAgents work the same way?

admin answers:

There’s publishers and then there’s advertisers. They both meet at the online advertising website. If I’m an advertiser I’ll go to them with the content of my ad and pay them money to place that ad. If I’m a publisher I’ll go there to place ads on my own website, taking a percentage of the money. Google is the biggest advertiser. They take 99.9999% of the money. Others will offer 10%+, depending on the popularity of the website.

John asks…

What is the future of online display advertising?

What is the future for banner advertising online?

With banners weighing in with a whopping 0.04 click through rate, what is the future for this ever present ad format which can take up 30% of the screen?

Firefox’s ad blocker makes light work of diluting even the most sophisticated brand message and the more savvy the surfer, the less they attention they pay to online advertising. Will banners develop into a brand awareness tool or will there be another use for the format that brought us “shoot the duck”?

admin answers:

I disagree with Jeffrey W in many respects. I don’t believe display advertising is not long for this world but think that it will adapt and become more relevant to the page and user.

Display advertisers need to take a lead out of Google Adsense’s success by realising that relevance is the key to interaction and subsequently conversions.

I used to work on the booking of display advertising for a price comparison website and I learnt that sometimes it’s a situation of the right banner for the right site and when you get this you make shed loads of money since display is a fairly cheap medium.

So basically I think display needs a few things to prosper:

1. A far greater level of variation
2. Easier testing and tweaking of creatives
3. More accessability to the ordinary site owner….everyone can use Adwords but how many people can design good display creatives?
4. #3 would mean a greater level of competition which would in turn lead to #2 and #1 as site owners try to optimise their banners to the top.
5. Interaction with the creatives themselves to get people engaged with them not only as advertising mediums but also things of use.

Just my 2 cents

Maria asks…

How do you go about selling online advertising?

I am trying to sell online advertising. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to do this? Any tips on how to be successful at this?
No I am trying to sell space on my website. I am trying get people to advertise on my website.

Sorry for the confusion!


admin answers:

Hi, I heard offers pretty good rates (you share a chunk with them), and it pretty much takes care of itself so you won’t have to update throughout the day. You only need to log in to approve new ads.

Good luck!

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