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George asks…

What are the FREE methods of List Building from start apart from Article Marketing, Forums, Social Networking?

Please let me know of any other FREE methods of building a list from scratch apart from Article Marketing, Forums, Social Networking. Methods which give results fast. Thanks!

admin answers:

Methods for list building

- Linkbaits and viral marketing. This could really build up your list fast especially if you are giving away free ebooks or whitepapers or a very funny video that others want to share fast with their contacts

- Guest blog posting – same as article writing but instead of you blasting your article to submission directories, you select a few high quality, high traffic blogs and offer to write for them

Helen asks…

Is list building still same important like before?

Therefore the social media place change the way to communicate with each other I like to know if list building has still got the same importance like before if I want to create my internet empire.

admin answers:

List building is still a huge part of internet marketing. You need to have a strong list, full of people who opted in, and are genuinely interested in your niche. After forming this list, it becomes a lot easier to focus on specific niches with your auto responder, sending out “drip” emails, and finally, getting that sale!

Donna asks…

Is there a way of building a custom list of quotes from selected famous people and get rss from it every day?

I love quotes from a selection of famous people like Einstein, Churchill, Abe Lincoln, etc. I would like to build a list of quotes ONLY from my selection of authors and get an RSS/Email from that list every day. Does anyone know of any website that allows such customization?

admin answers:

There is a website which I personally think is the best of all –

The registration is free and you can have your own author page and as your quotes gain in popularity by the members of the site, the popular user and quotes will be featured in Quotes Daddy’s permanent famous quotes collection, right along with Mark Twain and Albert Einstein.

The best part they currently offer daily quotes via RSS feeds. If you use a RSS reader you can subscribe to their:

- Random daily quote:
- Daily quote about love: (or you can change ‘love’ with any other tag)
- Daily quote by author: (or you can to any other author)

- Daily quote from your personal favorites: (change your-user-name to your user name in QuotesDaddy)

You can find a list of free RSS readers (content aggregators) here:

They will start offering those by email in the coming weeks so if that’s what you’re interested in, stay tuned :-)

All the quotes on this site are free for you to browse and when you sign up, also free to save to your favorites and share with friends.

You will find thousands of great quotes on -

You will definitely find some great quotes for every occasion.

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