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Daniel asks…

Do I need a link building service to get on page one in google?

I’ve got a nice web site (I think it’s nice) and want to get on google page one. I already have some keywords in mind. But there are many others above me. For my main keyword I am on page 5 on the google results. I heard that you can hire a link building service and the use some magic and beam your listing to the top. Is this true?

admin answers:

Hi. I have had the same problem like you and I did a lot of research to find a solution. Then finally I found this web site: that helped me to improve my ranking in Google markedly. They did an excellent job. I am now on page one of Google for my main keywords. One is actually number 3!!!

They told me how this goes: You just need to have more backlinks than your competitors and you can outrank them. It is pretty amazing. This website provides a great solution for your problem.

Mary asks…

I want to build a commercial website, one with a service that allows people to list their houses for sale.?

What would set me apart from other websites that are well established will be the prices offered to list houses. What are the risks of spending quite a bit of money for a website like this.
If i have have good marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, What could possibly go wrong?

admin answers:

Maybe offer advice on what to look for in a good home

Donald asks…

Looking for a FREE social network building service?

Hello! I’ve used Ning for over a year and loved it. But when they shut down the free service I closed my site. I got an email that there was a PETITION for my site to be reopened. Sadly, I made basically no money from it. Sometimes a nice person would donate 5 or 10 dollars but not often. So, I’m now looking for a new FREE social network building service. I know that nothing will ever measure to Ning, but I should try at least.

Does anyone know of a service that has these things?

MUST have:
-10GB of storage or at least 1GB. Nothing under that.
-Upload videos from computer (mods AND users)
-Upload photos from computer (mods AND user)
-Editor work in Google Chrome
-Search Feature
-Unlimited (or at least more then 250) members

Things I would LOVE to have, but aren’t necessary:
-Customizable background and header
-Flexible site manager
-Good theme choices
-interchangeable fonts
-embeddable videos (YouTube is the most important of them, but I used to get Video Weed and Guba(?) also)
-Entire site search
-Ability to send a bulk message to everyone in a group
-Rankings on forum

Stuff I would REALLY REALLY LOVE to have, but I know they’re pretty hard to find:
-Navigational bar with text that can edited (that would be SO NICE)
-Survey feature/plug-in
-Competition entry feature/plug-in (I’ve never heard of it but I thought I would post it anyhow)

It really doesn’t matter if:
-Html/CSS is needed, I’m experienced in both
-Storage space is judged by page views, though it would be a little annoying in the beginning

Does anyone know of or use a FREE social network building with (most) everything on the “must have” list or anything on the “would love” list?

Stuff I’ve tried and CAN’T use:
-Wetpaint (page editor won’t work)
-Spruz (250 member max)

I’ve tried Webs and really didn’t like the lack of subgroups or the tiny storage space, but if all else fails I’ll be stuck with it.

Thanks again!

admin answers:

Honestly, i will give the one i used however they don’t have all these features you are looking for but you might see what i couldn’t see all what i am sure of that you can make money from the ads. I know to upgrade a get most of these desired features a charge will apply but it is almost like free
it is called

Charles asks…

Is building a mailing list for my blog worth it?

So, I have a blog and I get between 400-700 visitors per day (it varies) and I have an RSS subscription box but no mailing list.

The questions is: Is it worth it to have a service – like aweber – that cost $20 per month to build a mailing list?

I earn peanuts per month from my site (about 80 bucks) and I’m not sure if building a list would help me. I guess it could help by allowing me to offer affiliate products and so on.

admin answers:

Other than your Blog content, your email list is the most important asset you have. Aweber is definitely worth it if you want to push your own or affiliate products.

Or simply check out what Global NPN has to offer for less than the mentioned 20 bucks (autoresponder included and much more useful tools)!

Lizzie asks…

can anybody tell me about the best co registration, email list services?

I’m trying to build my email list and the latest buzz seems to be co registration, can anybody explain exactly what it is and the best people to get in touch with.

admin answers:

Basically, co-registration involves having your subscription offer listed alongside other publications’ offers, so that when someone signs up to the other newsletters, he or she is given the option of signing up for yours as well without needing to re-enter his or her personal information.

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