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Joseph asks…

Does the use of corporate lobbyists as organizers undermine the message of the Tea Parties or not?

Does the fact that these protests were organized by major corporations, promoted by professional corporate lobbyists, and given free advertising by corporate media personalities undermine their message, or is the level of participation the only thing that matters?

What’s your opinion on this? Does a protest have to driven by average people to be worth our attention?

One Source (among many):

admin answers:

When they wear the corporate Uniform it really undermines it

Linda asks…

I am wanting to set up a website for a small business for free.I am also computer illiterate help help help?

I am attempting to change careers therefore I have found that I am not with the times.I need someone to help me set up a step by step website. hopefully including pictures,pricing and what my small business truely can offer customers in the residential and commercial aspects.I am located in Greenville South Carolina area and I do posess license to work in Greenville,Pickens,Anderson and Oconee counties.Things are however going slow.It is my hope that this web site will help with advertising and show professionalism.Truely need the help of someone whom has the time to work with and individual whom knows nothing at all about computers.I have been told from several different sources that I should be able to do this on line for free.I do hope that this is possible I have very little money.

admin answers:

You have several options:

1. To start learning how to do – slowly; or
2. To hire someone to do it for you, which can be costly and time consuming (e.g. Just to correct a spelling you have to go to your web designer and wait for the person to work on your website).

I suggest you invest some money in educating yourself about computers and some basic web design if you want to do business on the Web. Community colleges and many counties have very inexpensive adult education courses, and going to a basic course can help you tremendously – even gaining confidence in hitting a button key in the computer.

Online, there are a number of basic tutorials that you can take time to read.

Basic HTML primer
How to set up a website
Find Tutorials

Sharon asks…

Is it legal to copy and redistribute classified ads from paper?

Is it legal to copy and redistribute via web site or e-mail local classified ads from the local paper or local paper’s web site? I’m sure the advertisers would love some extra free advertising, but do the papers actually have copyright on the ads that people post? I can’t seem to find a straight answer on this one. Is it legal to copy classified ads out of the paper and put them on a website, even if you cite the paper’s name as the source?

admin answers:

Why exactly would you want to do that?

You can’t copy and redistribute any part of a paper without their permission. The classifieds are no different.

John asks…

Do you have links to…?

Locally here we have free advertising at Castanets. Castanets is locally sponsored and is internet based. What I need to know are there other sources for free local advertising on the internet. It is more like a free newspaper ad. Please provide a link if you know of any sources. I am a business owner and want to find this type of free advertising. I’ve already looked on the internet for free advertising, but those were not exactly what I am looking for. Here is the link to Castanets so you can see more of what I am seeking.

I prefer links in Canada but US links would be great also.


admin answers:

I recommend using sites like You can ad quality content to wikis and post your links with your content. You should start a blog and submit it to blog and rss directories. RSS feeds come with just about any blogging software you would use and they are great for marketing your information.

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