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Daniel asks…

What do you know about online college classes?

Im thinking about taking online college classes, but there are so many online college’s. I was wondering if you have to take online college classes at a college near you …. and I was also wondering if you have books and how you get them?
One other thing, do you know if you can take Fashion Marketing online?

admin answers:

If you are seriously thinking of a online degree which is “recognized” by organisation be it in public or private, I recommend that you explore this website :
there you can search the online degree subject you want, but most important these online degree must be accredited by one of the 7 education association in USA, and not by any “known/famous” Organization or you will only get cheated by getting a “degree mill” and bodies like government and military will not “recognised” these unaccredited degree,and you will not be able to continue your further study in any university since they don’t “recognised famous/award-winning” school other than those registered from these 7 accredited bodies. The 7 reliable bodies are:

1. Middle State Association of colleges and Schools
2. New England Association of Schools and Colleges
3. North Central Association of Schools and Colleges
4. Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
5. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
6. Western Association of Schools and Colleges
7. Distance Education and Training Council (for Universities that only offers distance learning programs)

Finally check out whether they have any financial supplement( or discount) , scholarship loan etc in the Peterson website, you will not go wrong when you explore it.

Steven asks…

Would these be easy classes to take online?

I’m thinking about taking Business Communications, Business Management, or Marketing online.

I need two classes so which of these two do you think would be the easiest to take online?

admin answers:

Business communications and marketing of the 3 you give.

Donna asks…

Is 7 three-credit online classes too much at once?

5 of them are Psych classes. The other 2 are a marketing class and an advertising class.

admin answers:

It depends on how much work they are. I took a 21 hour semester and it wasn’t bad cause the courses were easy.

Maria asks…

please help. are online classes good?

for some reason i feel like online classes are not authentic. i feel like they dont count for some reason. i dont want to go to college and online classes seem very appealing to me. im always on the computer anyway. will i get the same amount of respect if i say i took online classes rather than going to a real college. will i get the same degree and will i get the same pay and the same jobs and someone else who went to a regular college. i was thinking of taking Rasmussen online classes for marketing/sales, but im still looking. its almost time for graduation and i dont know what to do with the rest of my life and this seems like the best option for me.

admin answers:

The first poster answered the question well.
But I wanted to ask my personal perspective on this.
I have taken college classes both ways and I have to say although I liked the convience of online classes I dont feel like I really learned anything. I also felt as if lectures were replaced by busy work such as writing definitions and so on, so I felt there was a serious lacking in the area of content learning.
Maybe it depends on your learning style and class.
I was taking psych classes as online classes and I really like psych and so I felt disappointed it what I ended up with. Grade wise they were easy A’s. Anyway I like to discuss theories and such dealing with psych yet with online there was none of that.
Had it been something I didnt care about I probably would have actually preferred the non-interaction. English classes for example is a class I could easily and happily do online because its all writing.

James asks…

Which are the best Stock market courses available online & classes.?

I need to know which are the genuinely best stock market courses. Even Stock Market Education companies can also reply
Any course in stock market or Stock market training by professionals, Mumbai or even online, any stock market class or stock market tutorial which can help me learn the best stock market analysis.

admin answers:

Learn complete hi end pro Stock Market Analysis online, Professional complete Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Futures Analysis excluding Options with Live Market & post market FII HNI Promoters QIP data. We also run special course ” Professional Analyst Course ” which is a complete in depth Analyst level course.

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