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Richard asks…

I made a Free Matrimonial Website with more features than any other contemporary site. How to advertise?

I made it using Open Source Technologies. It is better than any other matrimonial website.
Since it is a community website, I want to rely on word of mouth publicity only.

admin answers:

Very nice site. The only advice I can give you is visit as many forums where people are seeking to meet Indian women that are single. Facebook, Myspace are just a few, also type key words such as free matrional website or single people wanting to get married.

Steven asks…

android apps free to use?

is wi-fi free to use no matter where you are or what the connection source is? i know mcdonalds and starbucks advertise free wi-fi but if im walking through a shopping mall and my phone picks up an open connection source to wi-fi from maybe carphone warehouse or some place is it free to use? I live in uk
ignore the title, i mean is wi-fi free to use?

admin answers:

Not really. Being able to see a connection dosen’t mean that you can use it to transfer data. Many of the connections your phone finds will be encrypted, you won’t be able to use them without the encryption key.

You also need to be careful about the potential for stores to send things to your phone, or taking data of it. There have been many cases of people stealing personal details from a laptop via wi-fi.

Many places have the connections password protected. You have to buy access (a password) which lasts for a specific length of time. Even places like Starbucks expect you to buy something if you use the wi-fi.

You might also find connections in residential areas. The majority of these are encrypted. If its not encrypted you might be able to use it, though that is stealing. Somebody is paying the ISP for that bandwidth.

However, there are some public free wi-fi sources, many libraries have them.

If you do connect to a wi-fi source you might still find limitations. Bandwidth will usually be managed to stop you downloading large amounts of data or consuming so much that other people cannot use it.

Laura asks…

What is prizerebel and does it work?

I keep reading question about whether or not to buy video games and almost every time I see someone advertising a site call prizerebel. They always state how they got a game for free. Can I get a honest testimonial where you can tell me if it’s a legit source for free video games? Also, how do they get those prizes to you?

admin answers:

Prizerebel is a site that lets you earn points by doing surveys and other offers. I can honestly say that it does work but it does take some time to earn points. So far I have only earned enough for 1 prize, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. I received the game within a week completely free.

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