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William asks…

Help with Google Analytics and Web Traffic Tracking?!?!?

OK so a project I have been working on at my job is to add Google Analytics to our website to track the web traffic and patterns. We have a master domain ( and then we have a bunch of sub domains for customers ( We need to track the traffic on each individual cust1.htm, cust2.htm, cust3.htm individually.

Now I was able to accomplish this by creating a bunch of accounts for each domain but I am limited to 25 accounts, and I need to track like cust1.htm through cust150.htm.

I also went down the path of instead of using a bunch of different profiles I used a bunch of accounts, but the UA(analytics code) stopped incrementing properly so my traffic statistics were clumped together, which I have heard others report this problem.

Can anyone suggest a work around to tracking all of my “sub domain” or pages individually? Even a paid product or somethign installed on my server would do.

Please suggest anything, my boss is getting upset :(

admin answers:

Those aren’t sub domains, those are just sub pages, and Google Analytics is designed to track them automatically. You should put the same Google Analytics code on the bottom of every page, and break out the individual page stats using Google Analytics’ tools (Content > Top Content by Title would be your best bet).

James asks…

Is it possible for anyone to see my web traffic analytics?

Similiar to how I can view my own website statistics & analytics through Google Analytics, is it possible for someone else to see this same information–such as an advertiser who is interested in buying ad-space on my site?

admin answers:

They cannot see it through Google Analytics but there are other websites that offer to views a website’s information, traffic quantity/origin, number of SEO backlinks, etc.

Ruth asks…

Are there any websites that you can use to help you see the traffic statistics of your website for free?

How do i know if people really are coming to my website or not so i can see what’s going on. Sinse i am building a website from (free web that doesn’t have the option of having a counter on your website to see how many visitors I have). I am just curious if there is anyway to watch statistics of my website for free?

admin answers: , it’s awesome and completely free.

Sandy asks…

Any Internet tools which is like this Web Statistics Trendsmap?

Does enyone know any internet tools which is like this Web Statistics (Internetowe Statystyki Trendsmap -PL)?
This tool show statistics as coloured Map of Clicks on the web page. It helps to optimise internet service for customers, and analyse traffic on the web.
I know also google analytics, but it seem like a little different one.

admin answers:

Look at

Hope this helps…

Mary asks…

What percentage of the web is powered by some type of LAMP stack?

Are there any good statistics on how much of the web is powered by some variation of the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP(or Perl or Python) software package?

Any measure is fine: number of servers, percentage of web traffic, volume of transactions, whatever.

admin answers:

For languages:

For servers:

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