Your Questions About Free Advertising Sources

Richard asks…

I made a Free Matrimonial Website with more features than any other contemporary site. How to advertise?

I made it using Open Source Technologies. It is better than any other matrimonial website.
Since it is a community website, I want to rely on word of mouth publicity only.

admin answers:

Very nice site. The only advice I can give you is visit as many forums where people are seeking to meet Indian women that are single. Facebook, Myspace are just a few, also type key words such as free matrional website or single people wanting to get married.

Steven asks…

android apps free to use?

is wi-fi free to use no matter where you are or what the connection source is? i know mcdonalds and starbucks advertise free wi-fi but if im walking through a shopping mall and my phone picks up an open connection source to wi-fi from maybe carphone warehouse or some place is it free to use? I live in uk
ignore the title, i mean is wi-fi free to use?

admin answers:

Not really. Being able to see a connection dosen’t mean that you can use it to transfer data. Many of the connections your phone finds will be encrypted, you won’t be able to use them without the encryption key.

You also need to be careful about the potential for stores to send things to your phone, or taking data of it. There have been many cases of people stealing personal details from a laptop via wi-fi.

Many places have the connections password protected. You have to buy access (a password) which lasts for a specific length of time. Even places like Starbucks expect you to buy something if you use the wi-fi.

You might also find connections in residential areas. The majority of these are encrypted. If its not encrypted you might be able to use it, though that is stealing. Somebody is paying the ISP for that bandwidth.

However, there are some public free wi-fi sources, many libraries have them.

If you do connect to a wi-fi source you might still find limitations. Bandwidth will usually be managed to stop you downloading large amounts of data or consuming so much that other people cannot use it.

Laura asks…

What is prizerebel and does it work?

I keep reading question about whether or not to buy video games and almost every time I see someone advertising a site call prizerebel. They always state how they got a game for free. Can I get a honest testimonial where you can tell me if it’s a legit source for free video games? Also, how do they get those prizes to you?

admin answers:

Prizerebel is a site that lets you earn points by doing surveys and other offers. I can honestly say that it does work but it does take some time to earn points. So far I have only earned enough for 1 prize, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. I received the game within a week completely free.

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Your Questions About Home Based Business Plan

Richard asks…

I need suggestions for a good home based party plan business.?

I want to start a home based party plan business to earn some extra income. Prefer something in home decor…..any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

admin answers:

I currently work from my home training people to how to improve their health. I personally would be happy to help you start a home based business for yourself. This is along the lines of what you are looking for but not in Decor. Do you know anyone who would like to have better health?

Laura asks…

Has anyone heard any negative feedback about Vicki Gunvalson’s home based insurance business plan?

admin answers:

Not familiar with “her” system, but, anyone can run an insurance business “out of your home.” At some point in time, though, you will probably want to have an office. It’s more professional. I know of an agent that has converted his garage into his office. He advertises big in the yellow pages, but, there is no address in the phone book. If he doesn’t like what you sound like, he doesn’t want you coming to his house!`

Good luck with what you decide and I hope this helps!

Donna asks…

Where can I find a good free online business plan sample for my home based christian apparel business?

Business cost are starting to mount and I will need financial assistance in getting my home based christian apparel business up and running. Please help.

admin answers:

Here are some free online business plan samples for an apparel business – just change them to suit your own business

Gree Design
Retail Clothing

Other resources that can help you write your business plan:

- SBA Business Plan Basics
- Creating a Business Plan section
- Writing a Business Plan section,7253,,00.html

You may also want to review some sample business plans to see how it actually looks like:

- MOOT Corp Business Plan competition winners

- VFinance – View hundreds of real business plans in pdf format. Http://
- Business Owners Toolkit Sample business plans and information on how to create a plan. Http://
- PlanWare Planning software and information. Http://
- Virtual Business Plan Walk through the design of a business plan. Http://
-SBA Business Planning Guide
- Small Business Advancement Center
- Sample Business Plan General planning guide created by the Canadian Business Service Center. Http://
- Business Plans Index – A subject guide to sample business plans and profiles for specific business types from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Http://

Paul asks…

What do I need to start my home based business?

I want to start a home-based internet business and have a very good business plan, but what do I need to get started? Do I need a tax ID? Anything else legally I need to have?

admin answers:

Yes you need a federal tax ID and you also may want to look into zoning laws in your area. You many want to incorporate also into an LLC or S corp.

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Your Questions About Online Business Success Stories

Donald asks…

Where can I find someone to buy my ebook?

I’ve written an ebook about “How to start an online business” titled:
Online Business Starter Kit – A complete guide to your online success story”
It’s around 61 pages and straight to the guts.
I’m looking for someone or somewhere to sell the ebook rights and the book’s domain name ( to a 3rd party, I’d prefer to sell the rights and receive my money from the start and the person(s) who buy the ebook can sell and make profit from it from then on.
Do you know of people or places I might be able to sell my ebook?

Here’s an excerpt of my book:

Here’s the package:
1. The Online Business Starter eBook in PDF and MS Word Format
2. domain name – I’m willing to transfer the domain ownership for good!

I’m also open to any price bids individuals might have! (Leave me a message if you are interested)
I’m not interested in signing up with Clickbank etc…
I’m mainly looking for a person/ to transfer all selling rights to.

admin answers:

No one will buy an ebook unless it’s worth something. Anyone can write an ebook. It needs to be popular at least, so you’ll have to market and sell it yourself initially. And hocking it on yahoo answers is a weak approach. If you are such an expert on starting an online business, you should know how to effectively sell an ebook. Also, get someone to edit it, because there are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes in there. Nice try, though.

Joseph asks…

Amway Online business franchise?

I reside in the Southern African state of Botswana and have heared that it is possible to conduct business through purchasing products from a company called amway, originating and based in the United States. You would basically earn points which translate to a regular financial income as you purchase and bring more people to register with amway.

I am told it is a global thing and from my side we would get merchadise fro South Africa where payments for products and disbursments of earned income in to a members accounts would take place.

My intention is to first determine the authenticity of these claims and find out if it is viable. The source for this information was very brief and did not quite elaborate on the logistics of the business during the 45 minutes address. They mostly claimed success stories which are very hard to verify and looks quite unlikely given our global location (Botswana being a 3rd wrld country) and the current status of the global economy. May I have people’s views on this !

thanks folks

admin answers:

Amway is a 50 yrd old company and one of the world’s largest direct selling companies. It manufactures over 450 products under it’s own brands, including world leaders such as Nutrilite and Artistry, as well as operates as a distribution channel for many other brands. Amway andIt has won many awards

I believe Amway Botswana operates together with Amway South africa and Amway Namibia. This means any sales volume you create in any of those countries counts towards your immediate volume.

I’ve never been to Botswana, however the wikipedia article on the country and other research indicates it has a reasonable large and growing middle to upper class. These are the target market for Amway products, while of course the business opportunity itself is available to all.

So, it’s a legitimate business opportunity with a very large and successful company. Like any business however it takes time, effort, and education to earn a significant income.

Lisa asks…

I need ideas and help to set up an online business?

I am thinking about setting up an online business and also selling at different events that coincide with my selected products. It will be mainly “gift-type” merchandise.
Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to get started, ideas on marketing, search engines,where to buy products, etc. Will I need a license and how hard is it to set up a website? It’s all so overwhelming! I don’t want to do Ebay–so overdone!
Also, does anyone have any success or failure stories about themselves or others that they’d want to share?
Any help is appreciated

admin answers:

Setting up an online business involves a lot of things to learn and to develop like website design and development, link building and seo, copywriting and web content writing, off page and on page promotions, directory submissions and article submissions, joining forums and blog commenting.

Ruth asks…

Is it worthwhile to start online selling of clothing.some details and figures and successes maybe!?

I am running a business of textiles and men’s n ladies fashion clothing.A friend suggested that I venture into online selling ,which he said has tremendous potential.He was talking to me from hearsay.Could someone, who is well acquainted with online sales,advise me if I should venture into this field.Would it be possible to provide some details,figures and success stories.And also how to go about starting it,if I have to.I will be obliged.

admin answers:

I worked in an environment where many of my customers were online sellers. Many sold through EBay but some had other ways of selling online. Clothing on the internet, based on their feedback, was a fickle business. I think the problems they faced were slow sales because people couldn’t be sure of sizes and colors. Items may look one way on the computer screen and look different to the buyer when they got it. Actually, there is so much on the market in regards to clothing in general. One can buy clothing really cheap. Now if you have bargain basement prices on a supply of top name brands, then you may find you’ll do a lot better. Tommy Hilfiger. Abercrombie, Levi’s, Liz Claiborne, Old navy, etc.
Household textile products like draperies, bed linens, towels and such have performed overall much better than clothing. I had people who were brand new to marketing these products online and they grew from a few hundred dollars in sales per month to many thousands of dollars in sales per month in a relatively short period of time, say six months.
Go to Ebay and go to the categories of clothing or bed spreads and look at completed auctions. See what items draw what number of bids and their dollar values. This should also give you an indication as to what is moving out there and how much those items bring. Balance it against your supply cost and remember to figure in what your online marketing costs will be.

Mandy asks…

What are some guaranteed ways to make money online with an initial $1000?

I want to invest 1000 into starting my own business. I would like some serious advice. I have thought of buying selling web domains. Ebay businesss- dont know how to – but have excellent ebay feedback- start my own website. Does anyone have any inspiration or success stories or ideas of ways to make a lot of money! Yes, I am looking for the secret1

admin answers:

You actually have a lot of opportunities to make money with the amount of investment you have. I would look into home based business opportunities. Most cost under $500 to start. I created a blog on my Yahoo 360 page blog on different home based business opportunities for both online as well as offline businesses. There are over half a dozen different industries to take a look at. A lot of information on my blog about scams and what to look for, businesses and the bbb as well as many other things you should read and learn about.
My husband and I have had our home based business in the telecommunications industry since 2001. Our business includes both online as well as off line marketing. Pretty simple to do from home and the income is incredible. Businesses takes time to build. They do not happen over night. Most successful business takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years to build on an average. Some people have done it in less, but normally that is the time frame. That does not mean you won’t make a sufficient amount of income prior to that. I just mean a successful business meaning that the income rapidly increases as each month comes and goes. Not meaning you wouldn’t make anything before. Just the profit margin increases on a consistant bases. Understand? Here’s my URL to my Yahoo blog that will give you a lot of information about starting a business as well as a few industries to look into.


You can also read about many success stories from friends of mine who are in the same industry, as well as hear what Donald Trump has to say about our company. He is very involved in our company and you can learn alot from him. You can take a look at

If you have any questions, your more then welcome to email me at

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Your Questions About Wealth Creation

Susan asks…

What are some good books to do with wealth creation?

I need to be able to buy them in Australia … maybe on ebay though …

I’m after books with simple tips for dense people like me.

Suggested category – religion and spirituality (give me a break)

admin answers:

“Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber are the ones I’ve found to be the most useful. If you’re looking for one that’s well organized with fairly clear points, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey is also a good one.

(Yeah, creationists have pretty much ruined the word “creation” for everyone else. :P )

Feel free to use my Amazon Shop just to the right…!

Chris asks…

A.)What has the stock market to do with wealth creation? (or does it only change the value of companies)?

and b.)should/does employment/the employment pattern only follow this evaluation of the stock market?

admin answers:

When stock prices go up people who had invested in those stocks see their stock portfolios go up as well. The extra money they have made on paper can be gotten by them by selling their shares for a profit. They have made money on their investments and thereby their wealth has gone up. Even if they don’t sell their shares at least on paper their portfolios are worth more so they can be said to have gained wealth wise. This is wealth creation whenever stock market goes up in value.

Ruth asks…

If Christianity is the great wealth creation story, why don’t you have shares?

How much money has Christianity made over 2000 years?
How much wealth has been generated?

Yet Christians remain so poor. The shareholders remain impoverished.
Is Christianity one great swindle?

admin answers:

I have a share of eternal life,
life with jesus forever

jesus said..
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world
and lose his own soul ?

John asks…

What liberal policies or ideas actually lead to wealth creation?

Is it the high taxes, big government, socialized medicine, no drilling, gay marriage, or terrorists rights that is supposed to lead me to the “American Dream”? Or don’t you liberals actually give a damn?
Oh yeah, helping a bunch of bums get liberal arts degrees is money well spent. Try again. Oh, and for the jerk who said that investing is “doing nothing”, if it’s so damn easy, why don’t you become a millionaire?

admin answers:

Equal educational opportunities certainly do, as does Healthcare reform. Further, pouring Federal dollars into R & D helps industry. And, Job Training programs allow folks to improve their marketable skills.

Carol asks…

Does gov’t spending in an economy assist in wealth creation or does it hinder it?

So many views on this that one doesn’t know where to start.

admin answers:

Hinders economic growth. It takes resources from private individuals who have their own choices on what to buy, and spends it on what it thinks is better for society. But who knows how to spend money better than the very person who worked for it?

Refer to the broken window fallacy. When government intervenes, society loses.

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Your Questions About Online Advertising Los Angeles

David asks…

Where can I sell used cars online for FREE or good places to park in Los Angeles for advertising?

BESIDES craigslist, vehix, and the recycler?

admin answers:

If you want to sell locally craigslist is always a good idea

Ruth asks…

Should I base my online business in Los Angeles?

This is a hypothetical question for now; I have yet to create the website(s). The plan is to create a social networking site, and also adult tube-type sites etc. Assuming that this grows into a success I will need to hire people to run it (customer service, moderators, maintenance etc.) I also plan on creating an advertising company.

It seems to me like very many successful internett companies have their offices in Los Angeles. It is also a place where I would like to live. Do companies base their offices there because it offers easy access to models, computer people and people who needs advertising?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Sounds like a good idea. People think coming from LA or New York you are better than somewhere else.

Linda asks…

Where to advertise a dating site in Los Angeles?

Please add a few ideas that where should I advertise my dating site in Los Angeles. Im only looking for specifiy sites like: or other pages where traffic is okay and they are well known sites here in Los Angeles.
Please do not write adwords, facebook, etc. Im only interested in online campaigns.
So please if you know a site which is popular among the residents of Los Angeles OR California state please let me know. Thank you!

admin answers:

Try to find some ad agency who ll put your add on LA DOWNTOWN live tv kindaa stufff

jst like newyork time square

hire some ad agency and use internet marketing agency 2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maria asks…

Where are the best/most popular places to advertise in Los Angeles?

I just got a great job as a casting agent, but I am a little over my head because I have moved to a new city (Los Angeles, CA). I am supposed to place ADs for parts available in film and TV in employment classified ADs, but other than the L.A. times and craigslist – I really don’t know the most popular newspapers, publications (either online or in print form) in L.A. Can anyone give me a few places I can place ADs looking for models/actors? Thanks!
**by advertise I mean in the paper/ classifieds/ online site offering jobs, employment. Thanks

admin answers:

Hollywood walk of fame.

Donna asks…

what is “Eye For Business” in los angeles? Are they a staffing agency?

i received a voice mail from a friendly female mentioning something about “live film advertising.” I can’t find any details online, what is it?

admin answers:

I just received the same call..any info on them?

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Your Questions About Search Engine Optimization Companies

Chris asks…

What Search Engine Optimization companies offers?

I’m pretty new to SEO and I’m just curious of what these companies offer. Some SEO companies do charge high fees. I mean, isn’t search engine companies such as Google let us list our website there for free? What are these SEO companies offer as a value adding service?

admin answers:

The number of Search Engine Optimization Company is increasing every month, they present themselves with degrees of strategy to make sure that their clients will get the entire assistant that they need. Some firm’s offers total hands-on, automation free search engine optimization at incredibly reasonable prices.

As a start you might want to have a close look at 1 Click Marketing Machine – just buy a campaign, set it up and it will continuously be submitted to currently over 7,200 high traffic places. Real set and forget technology to build tons of high quality back links to your site over time…!

Mark asks…

What is the publics general perception of search engine optimization companies?

admin answers:

Google encourages SEO, there is an article about SEO in Google Webmaster, because it can increase the quality of searching. The question is, does this SEO company use white hat technology to do it or black hat tech to do it.

Lisa asks…

Are there any search engine optimization companies in Alaska? I want local guys not lower 48 city dwellers?

I run fishing websites and am interested in some SEO. I want someone who really understnads ALASKAN business… not some lower 48 company that doesn’t know a chunk of cheap farmed salmon from smoked white king.

Google rankings is my main goal.

admin answers:

You could try Frozen Alaska SEO.


They rank right up top for the google search “Alaska SEO” and for “Alaska Search Engine Optimization.”

That’s a pretty good sign that they know what they are doing. Plus they say they are based in Haines. Thats a small town, and pretty Alaskan if you ask me.

Nancy asks…

Which are the most reliable and best performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies on the web?

I’m looking to outsource my SEO management. I get a dozen phone calls at my office every day from different companies trying to sell their marketing genious. I am looking for someone to tell me which companies are worth their price and which may not be.

admin answers:

You can find a list of SEO consultants recommended by Rand Fishkin here .

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Your Questions About Make Money Online Surveys

David asks…

Ways for teens to make money/ Online surveys?

I’m 15 and looking for a way to make money, i do what i can babysitting,pet sitting,gardening, etc but i need something better, everywhere that has a job open requires 16 years or older. I plan to get a job when i’m 16 but not sure what to do now and was wondering if anyone has ever used surveys4teens? I saw an ad in a magazine and i think that all online survey sites are a scam, but I want to hear if it really is. Personal experiences or other suggestions to make money would be greatly appreciated thanks!

admin answers:

They’re all scams.

I responded to one of those cable TV late-night spots for BIGSPOT. COM and within moments my disposable e-mail account was added to dozens, if not hundreds of spam lists. I never found my way through all those screens to find a real survey that paid money.

Consider the perspective of companies: why would they pay you to take surveys? What knowledge, information, or experience do you possess that brings them value? Probably very little. Most survey sites pay a few pennies per survey and you must earn at least $75 before they pay you anything

If there were a lot of free money out there, everybody would be doing this and eventually, a new survey website would go to the companies saying the can get responses for less money. Competition and market forces will quickly drive down the payment for people answering surveys.

There is NO free money to be found. Anyone telling you otherwise has a vested interest in convincing you otherwise.

Notice how nobody ever provides details, but just a link to another website. Can anyone give complete details about the surveys paying $6.00? Such as, what types of questions were asked, how many questions, and how long it took to answer the survey. What percentage of surveys are worth $6.00? All these sites look like e-mail harvesting sites rather than offering significant earnings (paying minimum wage or better to ALL participants).

Donna asks…

What is the catch to taking online surveys to make money?

Can I really make money taking online surveys daily and if so how exactly? sounds too good to be true but I just need some REAL answers because if i can then I’ll start now!

admin answers:

Well, there is a BIG catch. Most of them are scams.
I have, over the last six months, found a list of completely free sites, and im giving out this list FREE!
I have personally made money from these sites, so i know they arnt scams.

Donald asks…

Where can i make money online with surveys?

can you give me any trusted site that i can make money online. For example cashcrate, i only need the ones with surveys, no clicks or read. Please give me any website (giv me the website that you receive payment b4) Thnx. And pls tell me how many you receive.
btw..grant M..cashcrate is not a scam. in de forum there’s many proof.

admin answers:

It’s mostly scams or a waste of time and effort.

No bussinness gives money for FREE, online survey websites don’t even make money to support themselves.


Sandra asks…

Best sites place to make money online taking surveys?

I’m really in need of some extra cash these days and I heard there’s a way to make a little extra money online doing surveys. I tried this cashcrate site which I heard was legitmate but each time I give out my personal info and fill out a survey I’m told I don’t qualify and to try another one. So basically I’m completely wasting my time. I would very much appreciate any suggestions of sites that actually work for people.

admin answers:

What you’ve heard is mostly junk. I would look for a real job where you work

Thomas asks…

How to make money online through surveys? Is it possible?

Someone told me I could make some extra cash by doing online surveys. I am now getting a bunch in my email. Is it really worth it? Will I get paid? Any good sites? Thanks!

admin answers:

Yes you can make money with online surveys, however you will not make allot and this will take time.

I have been doing online surveys in my spare time for over 3 years and yes I have been paid.
The best part of doing the online surveys is you get to voice your opinion and test new products.

Understand a few things first that surveys take time and your compensation is not a huge amount.
You will get between 1 -3 $ for a survey that takes between 5 to 45 minutes to complete.

If you are serious and want to start out with online surveys then I say give it a try and sign up with as many companies as you can this will give you a better chance to qualify for more surveys. The more you qualify for the more money you will make.

I do not recommend you pay for a survey list many sites offer these list for free. The reason they offer them for free is they get an affiliate commission. Bottom line is they pay people to refer others to take the surveys. So us survey takers get paid both way by taking the survey and by referring other people to take online surveys.

Well I hope this helps in some way.

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Your Questions About Online Marketing Classes

Daniel asks…

What do you know about online college classes?

Im thinking about taking online college classes, but there are so many online college’s. I was wondering if you have to take online college classes at a college near you …. and I was also wondering if you have books and how you get them?
One other thing, do you know if you can take Fashion Marketing online?

admin answers:

If you are seriously thinking of a online degree which is “recognized” by organisation be it in public or private, I recommend that you explore this website :
there you can search the online degree subject you want, but most important these online degree must be accredited by one of the 7 education association in USA, and not by any “known/famous” Organization or you will only get cheated by getting a “degree mill” and bodies like government and military will not “recognised” these unaccredited degree,and you will not be able to continue your further study in any university since they don’t “recognised famous/award-winning” school other than those registered from these 7 accredited bodies. The 7 reliable bodies are:

1. Middle State Association of colleges and Schools
2. New England Association of Schools and Colleges
3. North Central Association of Schools and Colleges
4. Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
5. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
6. Western Association of Schools and Colleges
7. Distance Education and Training Council (for Universities that only offers distance learning programs)

Finally check out whether they have any financial supplement( or discount) , scholarship loan etc in the Peterson website, you will not go wrong when you explore it.

Steven asks…

Would these be easy classes to take online?

I’m thinking about taking Business Communications, Business Management, or Marketing online.

I need two classes so which of these two do you think would be the easiest to take online?

admin answers:

Business communications and marketing of the 3 you give.

Donna asks…

Is 7 three-credit online classes too much at once?

5 of them are Psych classes. The other 2 are a marketing class and an advertising class.

admin answers:

It depends on how much work they are. I took a 21 hour semester and it wasn’t bad cause the courses were easy.

Maria asks…

please help. are online classes good?

for some reason i feel like online classes are not authentic. i feel like they dont count for some reason. i dont want to go to college and online classes seem very appealing to me. im always on the computer anyway. will i get the same amount of respect if i say i took online classes rather than going to a real college. will i get the same degree and will i get the same pay and the same jobs and someone else who went to a regular college. i was thinking of taking Rasmussen online classes for marketing/sales, but im still looking. its almost time for graduation and i dont know what to do with the rest of my life and this seems like the best option for me.

admin answers:

The first poster answered the question well.
But I wanted to ask my personal perspective on this.
I have taken college classes both ways and I have to say although I liked the convience of online classes I dont feel like I really learned anything. I also felt as if lectures were replaced by busy work such as writing definitions and so on, so I felt there was a serious lacking in the area of content learning.
Maybe it depends on your learning style and class.
I was taking psych classes as online classes and I really like psych and so I felt disappointed it what I ended up with. Grade wise they were easy A’s. Anyway I like to discuss theories and such dealing with psych yet with online there was none of that.
Had it been something I didnt care about I probably would have actually preferred the non-interaction. English classes for example is a class I could easily and happily do online because its all writing.

James asks…

Which are the best Stock market courses available online & classes.?

I need to know which are the genuinely best stock market courses. Even Stock Market Education companies can also reply
Any course in stock market or Stock market training by professionals, Mumbai or even online, any stock market class or stock market tutorial which can help me learn the best stock market analysis.

admin answers:

Learn complete hi end pro Stock Market Analysis online, Professional complete Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Futures Analysis excluding Options with Live Market & post market FII HNI Promoters QIP data. We also run special course ” Professional Analyst Course ” which is a complete in depth Analyst level course.

We teach above analysis through Voice chat by messenger & complete learning will be online by sessions, showing complete analysis live during market hours.

We claim to be a most popular & unique training program on Stock Market.

Visit us at

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Your Questions About Blogging Success

James asks…

How can I make some money online?

Hey well I’m looking for ways to get around $10-$15 a week online. I’ve been looking online and most websites I’ve tried really aren’t as good as they seem at first. I really don’t want to do free offers or surveys (cashlagoon, surveyspot, inboxdollars, etc). Although I wouldn’t mind writing online, blogging, ptc, reading emails, and more. So if you could refer me any websites you’ve had success with that would be awesome. Thanks!

admin answers:

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliate for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is also the name of the industry where a number of different types of companies and individuals are performing this form of Internet marketing, including affiliate marketing, affiliate management companies, and in-house affiliate managers, specialized third party vendors, and various types of affiliates/publishers who promote the products and services of their partners.

Affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliates often use regular advertising methods. Those methods include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and in some sense display advertising. On the other hand, affiliates sometimes use less orthodox techniques, such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner.
Affiliate marketing—using one website to drive traffic to another—is a form of online marketing, which is frequently overlooked by advertisers. While search engines, e-mail, and website syndication capture much of the attention of online retailers, affiliate marketing carries a much lower profile. Still, affiliates continue to play a significant role in e-retailers’ marketing strategies.

Betty asks…

Any Published Authors or Novelists or Writers Here? Any Advice You Can Give?

I have strongly considered becoming a writer for my career pursuit. I currently have hit a dead-end in my career. I dropped out of college a couple of years ago to start my own business which experienced little success. I purchased liquidated merchandise and resold on eBay. I also ran a few websites. I only earned $18,000 my first year.

I then became frustrated on eBay and wanted to get away from it, because it was becoming more and more difficult finding inventory (to turn a profit), dealing with complaints, taxes, etc.

I then focused on writing and blogging. This hasn’t turned out as well as I had hoped. I currently run several websites and blogs (for the past year or so), which receive a total of about 20,000 hits per month, but only earn me about $250. I am getting bored with it, and I am interested in writing some novels and possibly non-fiction.

Everything I read online basically says, “Don’t do it, you won’t make any money, or you might not get published.” This worries me quite a bit, as I do not want to go from one failure to another.

Can you give me any advice on your experience in terms of getting published and income levels? I have been through a lot of frustrations, disappointments, and failures in life–and I feel I could write a lot about those topics. I would be thrilled with just $20,000 or more per year.

I also have a very frustrating physical hives condition which makes writing at home just about the only plausible career path I can take. I also hate to be around people too much (I am an INTJ personality).

Thanks in advance!

(Please excuse any typos as I am not worried about it for the sake of the question)

admin answers:

Think smaller. Don’t start out writing novels and expect to make money.

Instead check out Kelly James-Enger’s book, Six-Figure Freelancing (I just finished reading it a couple weeks ago). It has a ton of great tips for readers just getting started, as well as those who are more established.

It’s likely that you’ll need to market yourself heavily at first, but once you start getting referrals and repeat business, you’ll start to rake in more money. It’s also possible that you’ll have to work at a day job (most do) and use freelancing as your part-time job.

Have you checked out writing for magazines and other publications? What about area businesses, who often need newsletters or other work done to communicate with their customers.

Write novels in your spare time, not as your primary focus. Let’s face it: most novels don’t earn a ton of money. Writing a novel also puts all of your eggs in one basket. If no one will publish your work, you’ve lost everything.

Writing for multiple clients spreads out your risk. If you lose one client, you may be upset, but it won’t (usually) break the bank. If you spend 6 months or more on a novel and lose out on any income, you’ll be much worse off.

Freelancing is a pretty exciting business, but you do have to work hard to earn your keep. The trick is to get enough customers that you stop looking for work, and it starts to find you…but this takes time and effort (usually 2-3 years) to get serious.

If you’re willing to spend the time and heavily market yourself, you might make $20,000 your first year. That breaks down to finding enough work that pays you $80 per day. This is an attainable goal, but you’ll have to work for it. Each year, it should get somewhat easier, due to referrals and repeat business.

Hope this helps!

Sandy asks…

Do You Believe That Tupac Shakur is Alive?

Category: Blogging

ok i’ll tell you about tupac, tupac had many enemies and while he was in prison he read books by a italian who lived in the 1600′s called machiavelli. he was inspired by this guy

now everyone thinks hes dead…
people belive hes dead because they know there has to be proof hes dead.

but the thing is he’s not dead.
i can see him alive, in my mind he is alive, and he is truly alive,
if you don’t believe then listen to this

. machiavelli talked of fooling his enemies and faking his death at the age of 25, all the way till he was 43…
tupac was 24 when he read about this,
25 and 43… both add up to the number 7… (2+5) (4+3)
now 7 is tupacs number it seems…
first off…. he died when he was 25…. *well people think he did*
in the yr 1996… (1+9+9+6=25)
tupac had 7 albums…
7 movies
n the movie, “Gang Related,” Tupac and Belushi wait in room 7, and Tupac’s badge number is 115; 1+1+5=7
“I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto,” video, the girls room number is 7
the clock in the diner says 4:03; Tupac’s time of death and 4+0+3=7
yes tupac died at 4.03

, he survived 7 days….
shot 7th… , 8, 9, 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 *he died the 13th an unlucky number..*

his album was called the 7 day theory
remember this…

he gives clues hes gonna die, he even says he wants to get out of the limelight
hes jus copying machiavelli

guess what else…

he died in 1996….
so he will be bak when hes 43 right? thats 18 years later…
2+1+4 = 7

In the video “Toss It Up”, 2Pac is wearing some Penny Hardaway sneakers which were not available at the time of his death

The Guy Isn’t dead theres even more evidence read the clues on his albums, theres many

In Tupac’s song “Life of an Outlaw” on the album The 7 Day Theory, he says “All for the street fame on how to be managed, 6 months in advance to what we plotted, approved to go on swole and now I got it”-Life Of An Outlaw. This implies that Tupac planned his “death” in advance and now he is enjoying the success of his plan.

on tupacs last album before he died…… it showed tupac on the cross like jesus christ…
with 5 bullet holes around him…
he got shot 5 times *supposedly* in r/l .. he is telling us hes alive
believe it !

he said he was the new makaveli, cause u can’t make anything with the words machiavelli
makaveli= am-alive-k *say it like it sounds* thats even how he would say it

he will avoid his enemies till 2014 , september 13th the exact time he died. and show himself to the world….

i promise you… ;) for now tupac, rest in peace dawgg

admin answers:

I didn’t bother reading, sorry. Why did Tupac would even create a plan, like this? Why does the number “7″ relevant (there might be some “clues”, but sheesh, people are over exaggerating).

Tupac’s soul and music is still within us. But he’s physically not here anymore. I still download his songs, and I even watch clips of him on Youtube. We all know Tupac is alive… In our hearts.

R.I.P. Tupac.

Lizzie asks…

Starting a NEW Business?

Hey, I’m trying to start a internet company that can be fun and interesting for web surfers. The problems I have too many ideals to think of and I now I don’t know what to do. I want to make a football blogging website for football sports lovers like me, but I feel like I need to find source from other website to make my website standout but I don’t want to do that. I want to make it legit! And I also want to make a website sorta like myspace and twitter but since twitter having a great success now and myspace growing incriedable strong of population? I’m not sure of whatever I such make. I want to make a website that can make revenue. Can you please help me?

admin answers:

Don’t waste your time starting online businesses you haven’t researched or have the appropriate capital to get started. Just because you think it’s a great idea doesn’t mean everyone else will. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’ve made enough mistakes in this field for both of us. And too many ideas is not a good thing. You need to focus on one and you need to know it there’s a market for it and if you stand a chance on penetrating it. Online marketing isn’t as easy as people make it out to be. Targeting niche markets is more practical when starting out, and to do that you need the right tools and the right non-hype education. I can show you where to get started if your interested.

1 Click Marketing Machine could be of help for you in terms of link building – it currently submits to over 7,200 sites every 3 to 30 days.

Truly set and forget marketing for every site or blog!

Thomas asks…

It’s a bloggers life for me.?

Hi i just bought a new website and started blogging. What i want from you is to give me a honest review. I might sound kind of desperate but well i am. I think you will like it it’s about the internet. I only have two post, so far but i update everyday and i think you will like it.

I just really want this to be a success
I will be posting this question regularly, it is a win win situation. I might get a new fan (or 2) and you get points! I am just really exited!

admin answers:

Just got back from viewing your blog. Looks good! Nice clean layout. Best of luck!

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Your Questions About Free Advertising Sources

Thomas asks…

Revenue sources for an online dating service website?

How can we generate revenue with a free online dating service website? This website would target particular universities. How may we attract people to advertise on our website. I’m afraid that if we charge a subscription fee, no one would join because they could just use facebook or other websites.

admin answers:

The ‘dating’ sector is very competitive, you will find that most new dating sites just funnel visitors or sign ups to the bigger sites for a commission. If you want to be successful as a new dating site you have to come up with something unique.

Niche dating sites are still able to charge fairly high subscription fees.

Linda asks…

Is it legal and/or morally wrong to sell links on how to get $75 in free google money?

I have been selling google links for a couple bucks, and people are buying them, and i am making money.

The link is IMPOSSIBLE to find on your own, you could look for days online and not find it, i found it by accident.

It is for a $75 worth of free advertising from google.

Is it wrong to do this? Do you think google links this? Should I stop?

admin answers:

Hello Linda. You probably thought you were clever by making your questions private, but I have found 6 of them so far and reported them. It’s not as hard as you think. Only a matter of time before the others come crashing down.

Helen asks…

What would be the best way to start an open source game organisation?

One of my little ‘dreams’ is to create an online organisation that is dedicated to making video games that are open source and free. I realise that I need a website and do some advertising and such, but how would you suggest starting something like this using little to no money.
Thanks in advanced.

admin answers:

That is indeed a good intent.
But this is very complicated.

You should post this question in as FOSS forum and you will suerly be able to find like minded people. Start there and take their ideas and try to build on your own ideas.
If prove your worth there will be a lot of people who will be willing to support you (including me).

Good luck!
I really hope you will do good on this.

Sandy asks…

Im designing a commercial magazine and need Ad’s?

As the magazine is just the concept i want to find a source of Advertisements that i can use to make it look more official. Fashion brands and Fashion/Sport brands would be perfect.

Does anyone know where/how i can find advertisements that are released by popular brands, ready to print and intended for the use of free advertising and print?

admin answers:

Hi there.

First of all, good luck. The publishing industry is a risky one these days. Be sure to spend time on your online model as it is sort of the way of the future.

As for getting ads, I’ve Art Directed & Designed a few start-ups and the way we always filled the ad pages for a prototype was calling the advertisers and offering to place their ads for free.

There is no resource for just finding high resolution print ready ads, you will most certainly have to put your Sales Rep hat on and make some cold calls. Fortunately, companies are more then happy to receive free advertising, especially if your magazine matches their target market.

So although it may be time consuming you really should not have a problem getting ads. Just do your research & pick up the phone!

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