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Lisa asks…

What is the procedure of Email Marketing in companies like Yahoo, or rediff?

Hey guys I want to know the procedure of Email Marketing on the sites like Yahoo, Rediff, etc… This is basically to give International touch to my business

admin answers:

Hi Nayan,

I do not recommend using yahoo or rediff to email market. You really need to look into getting a professional autoresponder such as Aweber so that you are in compliance with SPAM laws. Using a normal email account at yahoo or aol does not encompass the tools you are going to need to do this properly. Good Luck to You!

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Paul asks…

Looking statistics on email volumes for the top email marketing companies in Australia?

Looking for number of emails sent per month by the top 10 or 20 email marketers in Australia

admin answers:

It’s no use… All staistics you recieve would be fake ones… More than 60-75% email addresses which these marketing companies manage to get hands on are expired ones or invalid. Most of remaining valid address filter the spams of… And remaning donot read them… Then why search for fake statistics… Just build it yourself :-)

David asks…

Are there any FREE eMail marketing companies out there??

Im looking for something like Constant Contact out there for free or very low price that my customers can sign up for to get the latest products available.

admin answers:

There is a free email autoresponder at and I have heard great reviews about it.

John asks…

Any reputable email marketing companies? why is email marketing important?

admin answers:

There are reputable COMPANIES that do some marketing via e-mail (Dell, WalMart, Sears, etc), but an e-mail marketing company sounds like a spam house from the get-go.

E-mail is supposed to be for communicating between people. When someone shoves their way into your conversation and demands that you listen to them, it’s just intrusive. I do not do business with companies that send unsolicited marketing e-mails.

Nancy asks…

Where can I find RFPs that have been issued by companies for email marketing?

admin answers:

You can find RFPs being offered for email marketing in sites such as, eLance

BUT there is no list of all RFPs issued by companies for email marketing, especially if that RFP is privately solicited (not through sites such as, etc)

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