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Betty asks…

what’s a good way to generate leads for a Point of Sale business?

I have a small Point of Sale business starting up. We are looking for ways to generate sales leads. We have considered using sites like and other free site to list a commission based opportunity.

Is there a lead-generation business out there that we can buy the leads from?

admin answers:

Shoe Leather.

There is no easy way to genarate decent business leads.
I would consider your best option to sell POS merchandise is to go on the road.
You should be out to meet and greet every potential customer.
This dosn’t mean hassle people in the workplace but drop into each business introduce your self and your products then move on.
Do the rounds on this every few weeks.

Susan asks…

I’ll be contacting businesses about advertising at my event. What is the best way to do lead generation?

I have heard contacting a business owner through email about the advertising/sponsor opportunity is much more better and could garner a better response if done through email as opposed to cold-calling the business. Thoughts? What would be the best way to approach businesses? I want to have an appointment to see the owners and just trying to figure out the best way to get those appointments.

admin answers:

Below is a link to a blog that discusses business-to-business (B2B) lead generation. You many find it helpful. I have.

Best of luck.


Laura asks…

Does anyone know of company who does lead generation for unsatisfied judgments?

I have a judgment recovery business and I am looking for a company that can help me with my marketing as far as locating unsatisfied judgements that need to be collected on.

admin answers:

I smell entrepreneur, here… YOU start the lead generation site, before someone else does…. You found a niche and you would be good at it.

Paul asks…

Hi, I need a little help. What does lead generation and lead receiving means? And leads generally?

What does also leverage and listings means? (terms from real estate business)

admin answers:

Firstly, a “lead” is someone who may wish to buy what a company is selling. A company pays for advertising to get “leads” which are generally people who call concerning an ad or maybe even just out of the blue to get specific information because they are considering buying what that company is advertising/selling.

Lead generation is getting leads through advertising or actually talking to people through phone calls or maybe other techniques to get them interested in what the company is attempting to sell.

I’ve never heard the phrase “lead receiving” before but I’d surmise that this involves getting leads from other companies who have lists of people who have either already purchased a product or service from them or expressed interest in a service to them but didn’t buy and as a result, another company pays that first company for that list of people because these people have a much higher probability of buying from the second company based on the people on the list having showed interest in the past in a similar or related product.

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David asks…

How would i get online Business marketing services? What companys are there in Market?

I want to get online Business marketing marketing services like lead generation, market research and analysis, search engine optimization, product launch, product promotion- through print and digital medium, development of website, internet marketing services, e-commerce solution. Can any body give helpful sugesstions to me.

admin answers:

Check out ( ) that site has a lot of information that can help you do a lot yourself as well as a lot of links and ads for companies that offere the services you need.

Good luck.

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