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John asks…

B&A: Hello! It’s Rae Porter here again, looking to interview your characters! This is for you, Silly Turtle!?

(I should just change my username and picture to Rae Porter, but I love Daxter Locke too much. Sorry Rae!)

Hello, it’s Rae Porter here again, looking to interview some characters! (although I should be in the shower or doing my biology homework.. but who does that, right?) I’m going to go Rita Skeeter on you guys, and overload your minds with tons of stupid, useless questions! Yay! And then I’m probably ging to make fun of you for it! Yay! Just kidding. Answer however many you want, and leave blank however many you don’t. Lots of choices here! Please be sure to number your answers or restate the question so I can read the answers better! Most charming person wins! And you don’t have to be polite to be charming ;)

Here goes nothing! And remember, answer through your character’s eyes! BE YOUR CHARACTER! Literally.

1.) What is your name? Gender?
2.) Are you the hero or the villian?
3.) Why are you the hero or villian?
4.) Where were you born?
5.) Tell me about your family.
6.) Tell me about your friends.
7.) Tell me about your school, if you attend one.
8.) What kind of person are you normally?
9.) What do you feel is your worst flaw?
10.) Who is your worst enemy?
11.) Why is that person your worst enemy?
12.) What is your favorite object?
13.) Has that object helped you through your life at all?
14.) If you had to give your life a genre label, what would you say? Romance, maybe fiction or crime?
15.) What is your favorite book?
16.) Favorite song?
17.) Favorite movie?
18.) Favorite T.V. Show?
19.) Favorite Celebrity?
20.) What is the best joke you’ve ever played on anyone?
21.) What is your opinion on skinny jeans?
22.) What is your favorite Color?
23.) What is your favorite food?
24.) Favorite school subject?
25.) What is your dream job?
26.) Favorite animal?
27.) Favorite Sport?
28.) Favorite drink?
29.) Favorite Interviewer (wink-wink. ;D..)?
30.) Any hobbies?
31.) If you had a genie, and got 3 wishes, what would they be?
32.) Do you like mustard?
33.) What are your feelings on politics?
34.) What is your favorite plant?
35.) Favorite Smell?
36.) Favorite store?
37.) What type of clothes do you wear?
38.) Do you like technology, or hate it?
39.) If you could vacation anywhere in the world, or out of this world, where would you go?
40.) Have you ever eaten a leaf? If so, how did it taste?
41.) What is your favorite holiday?
42.) Who is your favorite person?
43.) What’s YOUR favorite brand of toilet paper?
44.) What does your bedroom look like?
45.) Who is your best friend?
46.) Most embarrassing moment ever?
47.) Do you like rollercoasters?
48.) What scares you most?
49.) What do YOU dream of?
50.) Anything else you would like to add to this interview?



admin answers:

Dude, I love you for this. My mood has just jumped dramatically ((crazy friend hug)) ANOTHER CHARACTER INTERVIEW! =D

1.) My Name is Tenshi Seaton, but my author doesn’t like that name anymore. It might be Damon or something else. No, I won’t tell you Tenshi means. I’m male.

2.) Why do you care? I’m not “good”, I was born with a virtue, “bad”. Take it as whatever you think it implies.

3.) Like I said, my virtue is “bad”. I’m a contra-triplet. My brother is the other contra-triplet – “good”. And my last triplet is “neutral”.

4.) I was born in a country called Stafara. You’re human, so I’m guessing you don’t know that that’s not on Earth.

5.) My family: All of my siblings are part of an infinitive set. You’re human, so you wouldn’t know what that means. Anyway, first my mother gave birth to 1 boy, then twin girls, and lastly my trio. If she had another pregnancy, she’d be delivering some quadruplets. I have a dad. If you want me to tell you anything about my family, I can tell you our relationship is not close. Or, at least for me it isn’t.

6.) My friends are not many.

7.) I have never attended school until I came to Earth recently. I had teachers that came to me and my siblings before that. I don’t like school.

8.) I’m the type of person who does what they want. I don’t like being told what to do.

9.) My worst flaw: I’m stubborn.

10.) Worst enemy? Well I certainly don’t like my brother.

11.) Why? He has the virtue “good” and I’ve been suffering punishment since I was a small child for things I have no control over.

12.) My favorite object is a video game. This human bought it for me…

13.) The object has told me that I’m worth something, to someone, even if I give them trouble…

14.) My life does not fit as any genre. I’m not *exactly* a main character. My author just lets me know that I’m supposed to be tortured. Hehe.

15.) I don’t read much; therefore, I can’t have a favorite book.

16.) No favorite song.

17.) No favorite movie. Our world happens to be less addicted to all this crap you guys do.

18.) Favorite T.V. Show? None.

19.) Favorite Celebrity? Don’t care.

20.) I’m not a person who’s into jokes and pranks.

21.) What is your opinion on skinny jeans? Wear them…? I have a few pairs myself, but I don’t go crazy over them. I find your world obsesses over pants a lot…

22.) I like the color red. I may as well; it is the color of my eyes. My “good” brother’s eyes are green.

23.) Favorite food? I’m very sensitive to a lot of food. Anything with too much salt, sugar, spice, etc. Comes on too strong. I like bread and crackers. Oh that’s right; you don’t know how wizards have acute senses.

24.) Favorite school subject? I don’t like school. Do you understand? But if you count it – gym, just because it’s slightly easier as humans don’t excel that extra 5% we do.

25.) What is your dream job? I don’t need to work, human :P I get by on my own, most the time.

26.) Favorite animal? I’m keen on anything that doesn’t bark, chirp, neigh, or meow. Certain pitches drive me insane.

27.) Favorite Sport? I’m a runner. I like to jog in the morning.

28.) Favorite drink? Plain water. Why do you keep bringing up stuff that involves my senses?

29.) Favorite Interviewer (wink-wink. ;D..)? — I don’t like this interview so far… But just for the record, I have to say yes, since you’re the only person who’s ever interviewed me before.

30.) Any hobbies? — I play video games. They’re beast. But nothing else is really exciting.

31.) If you had a genie, and got 3 wishes, what would they be? — One wish, to be born human. I know, just shut up, I know. I’d rather be obscured to the entire magic world.

32.) Do you like mustard? — No, too spicy. Stop going to sense involved questions!!

33.) What are your feelings on politics? — If they’re not chopping heads off, I’m ok.

34.) What is your favorite plant? — A tree, of course.

35.) Favorite Smell? — No smell. I swear, ask another question like this and I’ll – (Author: OK! Next question!)

36.) Favorite store? — I’m not really a shopper.

37.) What type of clothes do you wear? T-shirt and jeans. Just keeping it simple. That’s how I roll.

38.) Do you like technology, or hate it? — Eh. It’s proved to be helpful in some ways. But if you have a damn good android assassinator coming to get you – well uh, let’s skip this question.

39.) If you could vacation anywhere in the world, or out of this world, where would you go? — Somewhere quiet.

40.) Have you ever eaten a leaf? If so, how did it taste? — Actually, I have. It tasted like it shouldn’t have been in my mouth. When your twin sisters are running you to the car as fast as they can to safety, in a forest, stuff like that happens.

41.) What is your favorite holiday? Coincidentally, I was born on a human holiday, Thanksgiving. I think… it could be my favorite.

42.) Who is your favorite person? — Bethany of New York. She has been nice to me at times when I have been so mean.

43.) What’s YOUR favorite brand of toilet paper? — I’ll keep that to myself, thank you.

44.) What does your bedroom look like? — It’s my entire home. A small room, with things everywhere. You can see the most of the floor except for where I a throw around the covers on the bed.

45.) Who is your best friend? — Bethany.

46.) Most embarrassing moment ever? — Bethany made me go on a roller coaster :P

47.) Do you like rollercoasters? — SHUT UP!!!! I wasn’t the one who was afraid, I didn’t know what it was! Do you ride on strange things you never heard of? That’s like jumping off a mountain in our world when you don’t know if you can fly. (No one I know of can fly here, so…)

48.) What scares you most? — Not a rollercoaster! I’m not afraid!

49.) What do YOU dream of? — A second chance

50.) Anything else you would like to add to this interview? —Will you go away already, already answered 49 of your other questions, having been forced by my author!

—Err, I, Silly Turtle, apologize for any and all of Tenshi’s foul use of language and his hostile behavior.

Chris asks…

Tokio Hotel Family: Interview :]?

New Interview on Seventeen :]

When was your first kiss?

Gustav: I was 14 years old.
Bill: I had my first kiss with the same girl as Tom. We were 10 years old.
Tom: Yeah, we had the same girl. I was first.
Bill: The first day it was Tom, and then one day later it was me.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Bill: I think the Olsen twins are cute.
Tom: For me, it’s Jessica Alba

What’s a girl fashion trend that confuses you?

Tom: Wellies.
Bill: Yeah. It looks like you’re going to work somewhere.

What’s the chick flick you secretly love?

Tom: The Notebook is great.
Bill: I like Meet Joe Black.
Georg: I like Marley and Me, but it was sad.

What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

Bill: I really liked Prison Break. That show was really cool.
Tom and Gustav: King of Queens.
Bill: I like Nip Tuck.

Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

Tom: For me it would be Brad Pitt.
Gustav: My favorite actor is dead! It was James Dean, and now, I don’t know.

What’s your dream job?

Bill: I would do something with fashion.
Georg: I don’t know.
Tom (to Georg): You always wanted to be a dentist.
Gustav: I’d be a police officer

If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

Tom: I would be Jessica Alba.
Bill: I would be Georg because I think it would be such an easy life — nothing to do on stage!

Who in your family are you closest to?

Bill: We (Bill and Tom) are brothers, so we have no secrets.
Georg: For me, it’s my mom.
Gustav: My sister.

What’s your favorite Web site?

Bill: I don’t check that often, I just check my e-mail. My favorite site is Google.
Tom: Google or YouTube. I have a blog, and sometimes I check out new videos.

What’s the fast food you can’t live without?

Gustav, Bill, and Tom: Pizza!
Tom: I think the best pizza you can get is in New York. It’s really good.

What’s your worst habit?

Bill: Georg is always late.
Georg: Sometimes I’m a little bit late.
Tom: Georg is lazy. And Bill, I don’t know. He sings too often. He always sings the whole day. And I don’t have any bad habits.
Bill: No, you don’t. He’s perfect.

What’s the last song you listened to on your iPod?

Tom: A song on the new Jay-Z record.
Bill: For me, it was “It Means Nothing” by The Stereophonics.
Gustav: The best of Phil Collins.

What’s the last thing you bought?

Bill: A cup of coffee.
Tom: Coffee, a pen, and chewing gum.

What did you dream about last night?

Tom: I can’t remember.
Bill: I was just so tired. I think I had one dream.
Tom: Sometimes [Bill and I] dream the same things.
Bill: We’ll meet each other at breakfast and talk about our dreams, and they’re the same. It’s crazy!

How much money is in your wallet right now?

Georg: Zero.
Bill: Nothing.
Tom: I have 50 Euros.
Georg: Tom has all of our money. He’s our bank.

Fill in the blank: When I was 17 I was ______________.

Tom: A really, really good person.
Georg: Good looking.
Tom: I was a good looking person and a good person in general.
Bill: On tour.
Gustav: On tour and in a great band.
Poll: What did you think?

It was kinda boring but Tom saying he was a good looking person and a good person in general made me laugh…oh course he was good looking


admin answers:

LOL Bill totally idolises Tom, you can tell he looks up to him a lot and is the ‘follower’ of the two even if it is in small ways. I think he looks up to him as his big brother and Tom likes being the ‘leader’ of the two… I can kinda imagine it >.<

I totally love you for posting all this stuff, I would have been too busy to find it otherwise! I'm swamped with work '-_-

-The Jelly Thief *mischievous grin*

@ASKALOT: What's that? You have no nuts? Aww, poor you… Maybe that's why you're so bitter that an androgynous guy is so much better looking than you?

Linda asks…

Do biographers make up quotes for their books?

I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately and I’m noticing a trend. There are these times when the biographers describe exactly what the celebrity was wearing, and then, word for word, describe a conversation that took place. Now even if the biographer had the best source in the world – how could they know exactly how a conversation went? I mean when you interview someone, for every question you can’t say, “Tell me EXACTLY what you both said here.” So my question is, do biographers kind of take the context and make up quotes that are pretty close to it? or how else is this done? Cus damn.

admin answers:

I believe that is because biographers spend time sitting down with the person they are writing about and converse with them. That is generally how it is done. Pax- C

Nancy asks…

SOS! I’m crazy for a celebrity & I know it will never happen!?

I’m not your typical naive female. I KNOW that I will never meet this celebrity who has TONS of girls throwing themselves at him. I suppose I just want to know what to do about it?

I’ve seen him perform live, front row and as he ran off stage he touched my hand but that was in November. I’ve never wanted him so bad until the last couple of days. When he touched my hand I was like cool he touched my hand and shrugged while my best friend was screaming about being so close.

Now I can’t stop reading up about him, reading fan fictions which would never happen and writing my own. Every female has their fantasies that they think in their mind. I always have but never have I EVER wanted one to come true SO badly! Just to meet him and spend the day with him. I know even if that did happen, he’s probably nothing like I imagined and I would realize he’s not actually that great, but at the moment it’s all left to my mind. Every fact and interview I read I find more things in common, it’s so STUPID! AND PATHETIC! I feel like a right idiot! Please don’t tell me how stupid this is because believe me I KNOW!

When I read about him being with other girls, I swear my heart just aches. I want to meet him SO bad! I get so jealous. Even if I did meet him, I know it would just be a hi and a photograph possibly an autograph like he does for all the other fans.

I also know I’m not the only one to have this problem but this needs to stop right now. It’s getting out of hand. You know that feeling when you find out the guy you like doesn’t like you and you get really quiet and sad and don’t want to talk to anyone? I feel like that all the time now! Just over three days.. especially when I’ve read of his relationship with someone.. are they back together? I just go NOOOOOOOOOO!

I feel so guilty about it too. If he knew.. well it’s just stupid!

Another thing is I actually have a boyfriend, the most amazing guy ever but I’m starting to resent and get bored of him as I want this other celebrity. I’ve just got so used to him and every time I get another text, I feel disappointed.. it’s him again. I want this other guy.

Please help me sort my life out? I need to stop it! I think part of the problem is, he’s over in the UK in London atm and I live about an hour away.. I know all I want to do is go find him but I feel like time is running out as I sit home.. he’ll be gone in a few weeks and then I’ll feel like I missed my chance just as I do when he ends his twitter spree of talking to fans and hasn’t replied to mine.

- Don’t worry it’s not freaky marry me question.. just normal questions you’d ask anyone.


admin answers:

Are you talking about justin bieber….? Whoever it is, forget about them, even if you have to hold yourself back from the internet, or tear down his posters from your wall…
Heres a little test, if you cant go a day without checking his twitter account or reading up on him etc. Then you my dear are officially obsessed.

Seriously tho, he’s not worth your time, think about your boyfriend instead!

Reality is better than your dreams

Joseph asks…

poll & surveys : TH fans only…….. can u help me guys ?(PLZZZZZZZ)?

yesterday we got out holiday home work and the question was to take interview of a celebrity or Achiever

so i thought to take interview of a Celebrity in which i will choose Tokio Hotel
but as its impossible to take their interview in real i asked teacher to take it out of internet .

so i was thinking of some Questions to put in the interview ,
so can u guys tell me which type of Questions should i put
i have few of them with answers like

Don’t you ever get tired of all this success? Don’t you miss being regular teenagers and be able to walk on the street being unknown?

Is it possible to explain the phenomenon Tokio Hotel?

. Which bands inspired you?

What do you do on your free time?

Which are your favorite bands?

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

How do you get your energy on tour?

Bill, how long does it takes for you to put your make-up on and get your hair done, before the concerts?

what you guys wanted to be when you were young

and guys if u have more questions with answers plz post it here and u can also give me some ideas or pics how to decorate my file

I M ASKING VIEWS NT ANSWERS FOR THE QUESTIONS .soooooooo plzzzzzz read it before u answer

AND NO HATERS other wise u will be reported
actually when Tom was young he wanted to be a lawyer and george was more interested in being a waiter (i guess , if i m wrong plz correct me )
guys give me answers too cuz its difficult for me to find answers
cuz in interview i also have to write answers

admin answers:

Ims answer ur questions. Wat ima put is what i remember them saying b4 if not i’ll tell u so.

#1) I’ve never heard them answer this question but i think this is wat they would say:
Umm.. Sure that would be nice but we love this life…. We chose this life and we knew we wanted it sence we were very young. (I feel like Bill right now HEHE)

#2) They would say:
We can’t even believe it ourselves! I mean one day we’re sitting on our bed writing songs and the next…. We’re rockstars! Ofcouse it wasnt just like that but its all thanks to the amazing fans we have! None of this would be possible without them! :)

#3) This they have answered(not is these exact words):
We really havent been inspired by bands. I mean we all listen mostly to different kinds of music so yeah…

#4) Ok this is what Bill says all the time:
Bill- SLEEEP! We sleep a lot. We also spend time togeher and hang out with our family.
Gustav- Yeah we hang around a lot and spend time with the family.
Tom- What Bill said. Sleep. Eat. GIRLS! *giggles*

#5) IDK the answer they would give u individually but i know they like band like:
-German Hip Hop (Tom) Ex. Samy Delux…. Bushido? Also for Tommi Aerosmith.
-Foo Fighters (Gustav)
And i think they listen to some Green Day.
IDK bout other bands right now.

#6) What they would and have said:
Every single consert is special. Our fans… Nomatter where we are, nomatter when it is… They are always the best and full of energy. For every consert is always different people so is always different and special.

#7) Ok this one i dont know.
I guess Tom would say….
Ummm… I hang out with girls a lot *raises one eyebrow and licks his lip ring*

#8) He has said:
In the morning… To take a shower, get dressed, make up and hair…. I guess around 30 minutes.
Interviewer: Are you serious?!
Bill: Yeah sometimes a bit longer like one hour.

#9) Ok Tom and Georg and Bill and Tom DID say this in an interview!:
-Bill (Tom said this in TH TV Caught….) He said he wanted to be a profesional “kickboarder”!
-Tom- When i was little I happened to be an awesome skateborder! But i never wanted to become one i just happened to be one. I always wanted to be something like a lawyer b-cuz they always hve wo faces 1.the professional face 2.Wen the sun sets a PORN STAR! (Man he actually said these words in TH TV Caught on camara 2nd DVD i think. How do i know? I have it)
-Gustav (well idk wat he wanted to be but they were talking bout what they would like to be in the future and he said….) A fire fighter. (Then Tom said yeah in my stripper club!)
-Georg: He said he wanted to be a waiter once but in TH TV Caught… He said he wanted to be a dentist BUT he only wanted to treat people with good teeth!

You can also ask:
- How often do u guys exercise? (I would really like to know how often Tom exercises)
- How much they weight?
- If they can cook?
- If u weren’t here right now, what would u be doing?

Edit: I think i missunderstood #6. I put bout THEIR concerts. But if u were talking about other people’s concert they’ve been to, then this is Bill’s answer
“Nena’s! :)

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