Your Questions About Business Lead Generation

David asks…

How would i get on line Business marketing services? What company’s are there in the Market?

I want to get online Business marketing marketing services like lead generation, market research and analysis, search engine optimization, product launch, product promotion- through print and digital medium, development of website, internet marketing services, e-commerce solution. Can any body give helpful sugesstions to me.

admin answers:

Good timing? I’ve extensively read everything about promoting my online store. I’ll try to sum it up for you.

1) do not waste money on buying books “internet advertising. (go to the library)

2) If you decide to advertise a “banner ad” Be sure to use the “Pay per click” method. (usually around a dime for each customer who gets directed to your store.)

3) if money is no object I’d have either Yahoo, or Google create an attractive ad campaign for your company. (big bucks very expensive)

God Bless You

Jenny asks…

MLM Lead Generation Techniques?

What are your top 2 choices to generate leads for your MLM business?

admin answers:

MLM is illegal. If in doubt, ask why Amway went to Canada’; because of a consent decree; go to
prison or to Canada.

NO firm may focus on down line generation.

Mandy asks…

Where can I find business consultancts and other industry professionals to complete short term contracts?

We are a company that carries out research and lead generation from our Manchester offices for some of the major IT global companies – we don’t use graduates with scripts we recruit seasoned, experienced business professionals. The more mature the better! We constantly hear about professionals in their 50′s finding it difficult to identify job opportunities that use their skills and experience – well here it is. Grey hair and the odd wrinkle are a positive indication of business experience and knowledge as far as we are concerned.

admin answers:

I myself is the consultant. Click on my avatar to contact me thru email. Make sure that u hv verified ur email so that when I reply ur message it reaches u. Or write ur email ID in ur message to conversate futher. Thanks.

John asks…

In family owned business’ is it good or bad to push your children into becoming the next generation owner?

I work in the Funeral Business as a Funeral Director. I entered this business as a career change following many layoffs in other fields. I chose this because this is what I’d like to do.
I work with many other Funeral DIrectors who follow their parents lead. They may be good at what they do, but are unhappy. Regardless of money and income. Is it worth pushing your son or daughter into your field of employment and disregard any aspirations and ambitions they may have? Psychologically and Emotionally isn’t this a form of abuse?

admin answers:

It’s too bad to push your children into becoming the next generation owner

Sandra asks…

Mortgage Broker in Tampa reaching out to other brokers/sales professionals on any lead generation ideas.?

Currently work with a couple of good realtors. However I am looking to add to my business fast, recently went throught a divroce. Any marketing/sales ideas???/

admin answers:

Start a second career. Mortgage originations are declining as interest rates go up. Expect more of both in the next few years.

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