Your Questions About Online Advertising Companies

Sharon asks…

Are survey companies advertising false promises online?

I want to know are many survey companies deceiving people into believing that they can make a lot of money answering questions online .

admin answers:

Yes I suspect the majority of surveys are deceptive in some way, on those administered by academic institutions or recognized survey companies are real.

The one’s I have seen were designed to pass your contact information to marketers, sites like cashcrate pay you 50 cents each to do these fake surveys, decent money for the min age 13 year old, just be sure to give a disposable email address and unimportant phone number.

Instead of looking to get paid for busywork. Learn some honest marketable skills you can offer on freelance brokerage sites like elance, odesk.

Laura asks…

Is advertising for online gambling companies for a fixed fee illegal?

Actually, I think the GVT does have things to say about advertising for online gambling… take a look at what happened in 2004 –

admin answers:

Of course not! Do you really think that the government passes laws about how advertising fees can be calculated??

Ken asks…

Has anyone ever used an online advertising company?

My wife was interested in advertising her flooring business via the internet and wanted to know the best route to go.

admin answers:

Not exactly the answer to your question, but unless your wife sells nationwide or has a large percentage of her sales coming from non-local sources, an internet ad probably won’t yield results worth the money spent.

If this flooring business is a flooring company that sells and installs flooring locally, print media/television/movie theaters and other local directed marketing are FAR more likely to yield worthwhile results.

Helen asks…

what would be a good motto for a online advertising company?

i am looking for a good motto for a online advertising company

admin answers:

“Bringing the World to You..”
or along those lines.

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Your Questions About Online Advertising Companies

Charles asks…

Good Online Advertising Companies in Toronto?

I own a Italian restaurant in Toronto and am looking to do some online advertising. I am looking for a good company that offers online LOCAL TARGETED advertising, any suggestions?

admin answers:

Http:// offers great online target marketing at the hyper-local level. There advertising services are very reasonably priced and have a great overall return on investment.

You can find more detailed information on their advertising opportunities here:

Lisa asks…

Anyone know of any reputable online advertising companies besides PPC sites ?

admin answers:

There are many ad agencies, ad brokers, ad reps, ad networks, and affiliate networks, as well as cost-per-action (lead) networks. What exactly are you seeking? Are you a publisher or advertiser?


Steven asks…

Ban online malicious advertising companies?

I got a pop-up today and noticed it was from a company called “casalemedia” and from what I’ve read, it sends malicious media through our computers. With that said, why is it that these sites aren’t banned from the internet? Isn’t this an invasion of privacy? Even if it is advertising, it’s still no excuse for them to be tracking our computers like this. What is it that’s preventing them from being deleted, banned?

admin answers:

Thats a good question however, I don’t know the answer.
You may want to block cookies from the fllowing:

Michael asks…

Is anyone else fed up with companies advertising items online which they do not have in stock?

If a shop in the high street advertised something in their window, which they did not stock, just to get you inside, I am sure this would be illegal. We had one large online & high street retailer send us an email stating the product had been dispatched. When we telephoned a week later to inform them it had not arrived they told us it was out of stock. We have had this problem with clothes, DVDs a Christmas tree and even a holiday! Is there any legal redress when they do this?

admin answers:

One advantage of eBay .. After they refund you with “Sorry it’s out of stock”, you can leave them some ‘Negative Feedback’ .. Although I was amazing how shocked one “seller” was when I did this .. They just COULD NOT understand that they were committing FRAUD by putting up for Auction something that they didn’t actually have ..

IN THEORY when a supplier accepts your payment they are entering into a ‘contract to supply’ .. If they fail to deliver within the promised time, then, after you have given them a chance to sort it out, you can sue for compensation for Breach of Contract i.e. After you source the same product elsewhere you can get them to pay any extra costs involved (good luck at the Small Claims Court…).

Ruth asks…

HELP?!.What are some best reliable company names of top online marketing/advertising companies for businesses?

admin answers:

Google Adsnese is the best after Adbrite

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