Your Questions About Online Marketing Strategies

Steven asks…

What are some of the best online marketing strategies?

admin answers:

Viral marketing, pay per click advertising, online publicity, organic search marketing — these remain to be the best online marketing strategies around. More importantly, offering a website that others will LOVE and find VALUABLE

You can try pay per click programs such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing

1. Create the best content you can with the best products you can possibly offer. Your content is your best advertisement – if visitors love your content, then they will go back and spread the word to others.

2. Make it easy for users to recommend your site. Viral marketing is very important — and easy to tap on the Web. But give your users the tools. Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends. If only 10 people go to your site, but these 10 people invite 10 more – that’s additional traffic that you get for FREE!

Recommend Site Scripts (various)
Big Nose Bird Recommend this Site
CGI Resource Index

3. Rank well in the search engines (organic search results, not the pay per click). SEs can be a big source of traffic. The key is to create the best content in your niche. If you have good content, other websites will gladly link to you and offer your site as a resource to their audience. Check the on-page factors and be sure to get linked from authority sites in your topic area.

If you are going to read only one piece on search engine optimization, I suggest you read Brett Tabke of’s “Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone: 26 steps to 15k a day.”

4. Send out press releases. While outfits charge as much as $650 per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News.


5. Submit articles. Write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. You get exposure for your business; establishes you as an authority in your field, and allows you to get backlinks for your website. If 50 websites publish your article and it contains a link back to your website, then you easily get 50 links from a single article. The more links you have, the greater your chances for increasing your search engine rankings.

Here is a comprehensive list of where to submit your articles;_ylt=AhzreGmnCUicOoyedqypscUjzKIX?qid=1006022407481

6. Improve your conversion. Getting visitors is one thing; getting them to buy your products is a whole different story. Read the article “10 Ways to Convert Visitors to Buyers” for tips on how to improve your conversion rates.

7. Post a link to your site for free where it is allowed (always read the Terms of Use). Examples are:

Google Base
Classifieds for Free…
Text Link Exchange
Yahoo Classifieds
US Free Ads

Sandy asks…

What are some good online marketing strategies?

We sell blank note cards replicated from original artwork made from organic materials.

admin answers:

Sandy, I love your name and your product.

You could start with Google AdWords

I think that could give you targeted audience at affordable prices.

However, I do not have direct experience with that.

Another thing you might try:
* Offer in your newsletter: Get friends to join your newsletter. If someone gets 3 friends in, they get a free product, or maybe a 40% discount coupon. Each person who registers can fill in a “friend” to get 20% off their first purchase.

Good luck – again – I really like weedfullthings.

George asks…

what’s an excellant book or resource for developing online marketing strategies?

admin answers:

Check out the operations and style of Ebay and any other sites that have proven successful. They have done ALL the research already. Use the KISS formula: Keep It Simple Stupid!
Good luck.

Mandy asks…

How to write an evaluation of current online marketing strategy?

I need to evaluate the current acquisition strategy of a potential employer and I ‘m struggling with how to present my thoughts, how detailed should I get? I don’t want to give them a marketing plan (why hire me then?) but I do want to illustrate in a concise way what I think they can improve on and how I can help them do it. Any suggestions/resources?

admin answers:

You can give them the step or technique how to promote their business online.. Sorry, If I’m not answer your question.

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