Your Questions About Home Based Business Magazine

Steven asks…

Anyone know of a home based business review site that is reputable?

I’m looking for like a public, reputable published review of the biggest home based businesses. Something like wall street journal or money magazine or something that I know isn’t biased or sponsored by some business featured.

admin answers:

I recommend you do a little research with the Business Opportunity Search Engine

Being community driven it’s a cross between a search engine and a Wikipedia. You can add, delete and improve the results for much more focused answers than a general search engine can provide.

Michael asks…

I have a home based business can i get sued!?

I have a home based business very small selling magazines on the internet and door to door. Its a LLC, partnership with a friend of mine, if he was working and got i a car wreck and hurt someone and they sued the company could i lose my house because its the business address AKA Business headquarters.

admin answers:

If it was a company car, then I would bet they’d sue the company, if you were out on company business. The company could lose its assets, but since it’s an LLC, your personal assets are safe.

But seeing as how this is probably a personal car on personal business, you’d be liable on a personal level, if you didn’t have liability insurance to cover it.

Donna asks…

anyone know any thing about these home based buisnesses where the company pays you to stuff envelopes?

I have a Home business connection magazine, there are several ads in there from these companys or organization who claim they will pay you to stuff envelopes and send them out to receive 2 dollars per envelope that you mail, my question is does anyone out there know if these are legitatmate or not, and please i only want answers from people that know what they are talking about not from someone who has never delath with it and just wants to give me a closed minded guess, thank you

admin answers:

Tried it once, turned out to be a scam. Now that was years ago, but I doubt they have changed.

I would suggest you call the BBB in your local area and see if they have any record of these companies.

Joseph asks…

Valuing a small home-based business – your guesses!?

I’m interested in buying a community magazine which is 2 years old. It is a franchise & the original setup costs (and costs if the business is unsold & closes) were £250 + £125 a month, now just £25 a month ongoing fee. Profits seem to be about £4k per year and there are no business assets. There is a network of distribution points, contacts for printing etc. & booked advertising of £2k for the next 2 issues of the magazine. The owner doesn’t pay himself a wage so the profit excludes wage costs.

What would seem a fair valuation, given the above? In theory, turnover for the magazine could be £40k per annum according to the parent company but turnover has been only £12k pa so far.

This is a home-based business and I would be buying the name & the reputation – it’s a free magazine.

Any help greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

Be over cautious. Franchisees usually have a hard time of it whilst the franchisor takes the lions share. Remember you are tied to their products, strategies etc. Is it a good franchise. The business would only seem to be worth a nominal amount. Could you not do this outside of the franchise? What benefits is the franchisor giving? Assume you are not running the business. How much would you make as profit if you had to employ someone to run it? Don’t throw your self-employment in for nothing.
Is it a distress sale? Could you take the business on for free, or a nominal sum and then pay a percentage of your first one/two year profits?
Sorry if I sound too negative; if you think you can make a good go of it, do so. Be ruled by your head, not your heart!

John asks…

I want to submit a press release for my virtual assistant small business; what are some good sources?

I’ve already posted a press release to my local newspapers and have gotten contact information for the larger newspapers like the Washington Post, New York Times and Baltimore Sun. I am looking for things like trade magazines and community publications that other small business and home-based business owners read, since they are my target market. Any help is greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Depending on your situation and budget, you could be better off using one of the services below. I have no affiliation or attachment to any of them.

Most if not all news agencies, media, and associated writes subscribe to Newswire type services. They rarely use Press Releases sent to them by individuals. There are too many reasons to cite here for their behavior, but it is the norm.

Individual contact and getting your release picked up is almost impossible unless you are an exceptional person pushing an exceptional cause or product

The time cost required to get all the media is enormous compared to paying one of these services $200 US $ and getting them to post it ‘on the wire’ where editors, reporters and other writers can pick it up. They all subscribe to the Newswire.

Getting free publicity by using Press Releases is recommended by a myriad of books in marketing, hence the press is contacted by countless others doing the same. To get the attention, you can use what celebrity agents do, they create something that is news worthy.

A media person will pick up your ‘story’, if you offer them something they can write or speak about. Look carefully and see what you can do to help them.

The sources of media contacts at the library are usually out-of-date, so look at the current publication of the outlet you want and it should have the contact info in one of the section. Usually this information is part of the editorial page.

Good Luck

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