Your Questions About Home Based Business

Charles asks…

I am looking for an honest and reliable home based business. Any ideas?

I answered an ad on the internet the other day about a home based business come to find out it was herbal-life and they wanted me to pay $400 for some kit. If you are looking for more money in a business what makes them think that you have that kind of money to spend? So my question is who knows of a legit home business that I can do for a minimum start up fee?

admin answers:

There are various ways you can make money from home. In most cases, however, you will probably need to invest some cash. I cannot think of many businesses that you can start without spending something to get up and going.

However, as someone else said, there are many scams. Be very careful. It if sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I have a couple of suggestons. First, join the Work at Home Forum (free). Read the posts there, You will find a lot of information about working from home, business opportunities that are worthwhile, etc. Ask questions and other members will respond with their advice and experiences.

Secondly, if you are interested in selling products on the Internet as an affiliate, you might want to get the free report available at the other link below. The report was written by an Internet marketer to give to his friend. It outlines a 22 step plan for making money online. You will not need to spend anything to get started.

Steven asks…

Do I need a certain license for a home based Cake/Baking Business?

I want to start a small home based business where I can bake Cakes, cookies, mints, and other sweets to sell. I was wondering if I needing a certain kind of license for a commercial kitchen or for a small home business? Any information would be appreciated! (I’m from Iowa if that makes a difference.) Thanks!

admin answers:

Your home kitchen will have to pass inspection and be approved before you can sell products for consumption. You need to contact your county health department to start the process for approval and licensing. Don’t bother applying for and paying for a city license until you find out if you pass inspection.

Lisa asks…

Does any one know about this home-based business opportunity?

It’s a sight and the name is Andy Willoughtlys 3 step plan Home Business Building System. It is based out of a Christian setting and the first thing you think is wow, it must be okay if it’s a religion thing but don’t want to take no chances. Did it once and got burned so not doing it again till I research this sight. Anyone with info please respond.

admin answers:

This company is hiring sales agents that can work from home and make sales over the phone and online. They even provide sales training and leads!


The company is rated highly in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies!

Download the booklet with income projections – it looks good!
You can even apply for an initial phone interview on the site.

Chris asks…

I have an internet-based home business in Illinois – how do register this with the State? Do I need to?

Do you need to register a sole propeiter-ship? Do I need a business license for a home-based business?

admin answers:

The folks at SiteSell are always on the cutting edge of everything e-commerce. They’ve helped tens of thousands of people launch successful Web businesses with SBI!
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Jenny asks…

Can I rent a space to use for home-based business?

Without going into tons of detail, I have a home-based daycare and birth services business, my house is getting too crowded w/ my husband now working from home, is renting an apartment to use for home business an option, considering all zoning laws, etc, (assuming of course I found a landlord okay with it)??

admin answers:

You would have to find out what the zoning laws are in that city, however, why don’t you rent a commercial piece of property?

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Your Questions About Home Based Business Scam

John asks…

Can someone help to find a scam free home based business?

99% of home based business are scams. All they want is money and redirect you to something else that never works. Although ebay is a good online business, you cant trust to have you credit card online. I am looking for a homebased business which I earn not lose and not a scam

admin answers:

Go for the ones that have been on the market for a couple of years – like my selection on my front page: ….

But be aware that – like with every business – there is work and commitment involved!

In case, you are not able to promote or just don’t have much time to do it – simply join Auto Profit Machine created by well known Internet Marketing Expert Max Stiegemeier!

Because of it’s unique set up, everyone – even those who do absolutely nothing – get paid over time because everybody gets their share out of 30% of the global traffic to the opportunity.

There is even a EARNING GUARANTEE…!

Michael asks…

Anybody out there with a positive (non-fraud, non-scam) home based business opportunity to offer?

Anybody out there with a positive (non-fraud, non-scam) home based business opportunity to offer??? Something that actually works and earns income as opposed to empty promises. Tried too many of them and they were all full of big-time BS! Any actual success stories? -A.E.

admin answers:

See my comment above!

Steven asks…

Is mike warren’s unlimited wealth package Home Based Business Legit or Scam?

mike warren’s unlimited wealth package home based business scam or not

admin answers:

Does the word “unlimited” wealth package mean anything? Ive attached a link to information regarding him, but I think the only person who’s going to end up with “unlimited” wealth is Mike Warren himself, from all the suckers that spend money for his packages

The only thing that is certain in any system is that nothing is certain.

Ken asks…

Home based Business – is it a scam ?

Are the companies offering opportunities about home based businesses scam or not ?? is there any identification that its either a scam or something would be profitable ???

admin answers:

One kind of identification for not being a scam would be the amount of time they are successfully on the market – just like the ones I mentioned within my first comment above!

George asks…

how can you tell if a home based business is a scam?

I want to get involve with a home based business but not a scam

admin answers:

Be selective with pre-launches and the very new stuff – most of them will just do it for a couple of weeks or month…!

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EZ Wealth Solution Is Still Going Strong After 3 Years!

Press Release December 1, 2010

EZ Wealth Solution Is Still Going Strong After 3 Years!

In a day and age when programs seem to last no more than a few months, it’s refreshing to see a home based business opportunity still in business, and thriving after 3 years!

EZ Wealth Solution is a Direct Sales Company with a database of over 700 Digital and Software Products, and they’ve been going strong since December 1, 2007. EZ Wealth Solution launched at the beginning of the economic recession in December 2007, and they still managed to do over 1.5 Million Dollars in sales to date, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that EZ Wealth Solution pays out a full 100% on all sales. So that 1.5 Million Dollars was paid to their Resellers!

It’s not too often you see a company paying out a full 100% on all sales, and they also pay daily member-to-member so there’s no waiting to get paid! When a sale is made, the purchaser sends the money directly to the Reseller using their favorite online payment processor. This is really great when you think about it because no one wants to wait 30 – 45 days for a company to send out a commission check.

The one thing everyone should know about EZ Wealth Solution is that they have a one-of-kind pay plan designed by the CEO & Founder Mr. Ron Walsh, and while there are many I personally feel this is one of the biggest contributing factors to their success.

When Mr. Walsh was asked why he decided to payout 100% on all sales, he said; “For 12 years I struggled to find a program that would last longer than 6 – 12 months, and one where the average person could make some good money. So I finally stopped looking in 2007 and decided to put my own program together, and first and foremost I wanted a pay plan where people could actually make some good money, but the pay plan I wanted was not out there, so I designed my own and I did it with our Resellers in mind. I just wanted to see people make money, and you cannot get any better than a 100% payout. It also makes it very hard for other programs to compete with us when you put pay plan against pay plan.”

I also asked Mr. Walsh what he sees in the future for EZ Wealth Solution, and he said; “I see unlimited potential and success for our Resellers! In the coming year we will be adding many more Digital & Software Products to our database to give our Resellers even more value for their dollar. As for long term, we just want to run an honest business where average people can make some good money. What makes us unique is our one-of-a-kind pay plan, and the fact that we have people making money for the first time online. That gives me great pride to know I played a small part in it. We now have our sights set on reaching the 2 Million Dollar mark in commissions paid, and from there its 3, 4, 5 Million and beyond. Give the people what they want, and they will join your business, and what they want is money! So we give it to them, 100% of it!”

I must admit, the income potential for EZ Wealth Solution is truly remarkable when you consider anyone can get started for just $10 because your sponsor is going to pay your way into Package Level # 1 (a $47 value). Mr. Walsh has done a fantastic job over the last 3 years, and I look forward to the next 3 years as EZ Wealth Solution continues to help those looking for a long term online business opportunity!

With a 3 year online presence I’m sure many people have seen their website, but to truly understand how unique and wonderful this business opportunity really is, one has to register for the Free Tour and watch the How It Works Movie (10 minutes) in the Member Center.

Check them out here: EZWealthSolution

EZWealthSolutionhas a Feeder Program: It\’s called QuickCashBuzz!

In order to get on my Team – Link – Rotator you will need to be a member of the Feeder Program as well… Details will be given later.

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