Your Questions About Free Advertising Sources

Sharon asks…

How and Where to Find Travellers to the UK (online) who prefer to rent a private accommodation to a hotel one?

Hi there,

As I have a few London properties that I am happy to let out to mature and responsible individuals either short or long term, I was wondering whether there are any good online sources or websites where I could find my prospective tenants for free by either contacting them directly or perhaps advertising my available properties to let.

Are there any possibilities for me to advertise on some travelling or tourist agencies’ or perhaps airports services’ websites where I could get in contact with any potential tenants?

In advance Many Thanks.

admin answers:

Look up a site called WAYN -Where AreYou Now-. It has a one off nominal fee n i think theres a place to put where u are, what places youre looking 4, places to stay etc. Check it out, self explanitory i think

Robert asks…

12 month contract 12 month free reliable source?

Hi, i wonder if anybody could help me please, 6 months ago i finished one of these mobile contracts, and yes its true it worked, i got every penny back, and sold the phone for £100.00 mine was with carphone warehouse but they do not seem to have any good deals advertised today, i know there are some of the companies who are out to get you, wont answer phone and stuff, but has anybody els ever done one of these please, and if you have had good experience please can you let me know who it was with, so that i can check what kind of deals they are offering today.
Your help would be much appriciated. Meurig.

admin answers:

My advice to you my friend, is to give them a bell and go for another deal. If not telephone Tmobile direct on 08454 122401 or 08454 122212 and explain your situation.

Richard asks…

Iam an affiliate publisher & want a site where i can join free to advertise my ads?

Iam an affiliate publisher of cj & want the all sources ,from where i can earn money and make profit.

admin answers:

Yahoo have a free auction site. But i think you might be talking about a website. Andif that’s so. Then yahoo websites is only $8.99 a month, that’s the best you can get for free.

And its’ pretty good.. Go to yahoo websites. And look at the different ones

Lisa asks…

Free Classifieds in India for Free lancers?

Best Free Classified Sites to Find Web Designers/programmers?
I am looking for free lancers, designers and programmers.

I want to get jobs here in the UK and out source to designers/programmers in India…

where could I advertise for this to get the best results..

Thanks :)

admin answers:

I think olx,vivastreet,clickindia,quikr are the best classified sites. In addition to this you can see there are hundreds of free classified sites on net.

Charles asks…

How Many of You Are On the OEC?

I have looked through this section and found many aspiring psions/psychics/mediums, and many who have already begun practicing it.

I really don’t want to advertise, but I am pretty well-known if you say so through the OEC, and I wanted to know how many of you are on the OEC as well.

If you are, talk about some of your skills, and leave some site links in the sources.
If not, feel free to click on the links…

Hello to my fellow OEC’ers.

admin answers:

I have a brother-in-law who used to be on the Oregon Environmental Council, but I never was. Nobody on Y!A I know of is on the OEC.

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