Your Questions About Search Engine Optimization Google

Mary asks…

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

How do I optimize my web page so that it shows up on Yahoo! and Google search results pages? How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, and what do I need to do to my web page? Thanks!

admin answers:

There are books and books and more books written on this topic because there are so many different ways of going about this.

I’ve found that there are a few different things, or basics, that you can do that in most cases is enough to at least get you in the search results.

1. Submit your site –

2. Focus on the basics –

After that it’s all up to you. You have to give your site some time there-after to be crawled by the search engines, but then there are a million tedious and time-consuming steps that can be taken to get you towards the top.

Notice I didn’t say to the top, because the top results can change daily and you’ve got to keep up to stay up!

Susan asks…

are there any FREE Search Engine Optimization services out there?

i just started my small business and want to advertise it on the web. i want to make sure however, that when i do, the advertisement ends up on a search engine like google. are there any free (or very low cost) SEO services out there that can assist with this?

admin answers:

I had been shopping around for an affiliate program and all the ones I look at involved paying a fee to enter as a member and/or a fee to use the website & tools and/or a fee to pay for ads and/or a fee to buy leads. It was just too expensive a proposition until I was introduced to this one:

It cost me nothing to use it until I DECIDED that I was ready for an expanded system. I used it for over 7 months and no one ever hounded me to pay for anything. I was able to participate in all the free training and not only learned how to use the system but also how to market ethically online. It taught me the basics of marketing including SEO and supported me as I advanced to new learning levels. It will capably market an unlimited number of businesses. It provides all the tools to get the job done too.

Having targetted traffic coming to your site is exactly what any good business wants and needs to survive. With this program, traffic is attracted to your website and generates quality, unique & exclusive leads. They come because they are attracted to your business.

Once the basics were learned and I advanced to new levels I wanted to use the expanded system features. Success cannot be avoided when you are well trained and use powerful, efficient & effective tools like these:
* a legitimate, no spam tolerated, privacy maintained, bulk mailing system
* unlimited autoresponders with customizable sequential marketing timelines & content in choice of plain text or html (studies prove that it takes a minimum of seven or more contacts before a purchase is seriously made or even considered)
* unlimited email addresses
* tools to blast ads out to a potential of billions of outside ad sources (includes unique ad trackers);
* consistent and up-to-date site traffic stats;
* unlimited & responsive leads development and their management through:
~ acquisition of premium unique & exclusive leads of like-minded entrepreneurs
~ marketing double opt-in verified & unverified leads through Veretekk’s reverse marketing system
~ contact management system that stores and manages any size database according to your requirements and gives you the ability to communicate with groups or your entire database through customized emails
~ premium lead control panel allows tracking of all your contact communications, transfers, reminders etc.
* free unlimited training and support through live conferencing to learn how to use the system and how to ethically market
* ability to link each marketing portal to complement each other while supporting a marketing campaign in any one or more of the portals.

The most exceptional point about this system is that it is made up of a community of like-minded people who support each other. There is an absence of competition. The rule of no-crosspromoting within the program walls has created a safe haven of learning and relationship building.

I pay less than $50 per month to market & generate leads (a great deal less than any traditional business would pay to market and promote their business). It has been worth every penny!

Free is worth checking out … Especially when there is no obligation! You are welcome to contact me for further information and I will send you my email address.

William asks…

Need search engine optimization services Delhi?

Is there any seo company who offers guaranteed results in Google search engines.

admin answers:

I have seen this asked before, check out my source belos they are the best for SEO

Maria asks…

Does google count No-follow backlinks in search engine optimization ?

admin answers:

It used to be that they counted for nothing, but since so many links are no-follow nowadays they have to be counted for something. Google has said that it uses data from Twitter and Facebook – both of which nofollow outbound links – in its algorithm. Plus, pages with nofollow links are often scraped by other sites that have dofollow links, so they can indeed be valuable.

Robert asks…

seo google search engine inbound links?

Is it possibles to have too many inbound links? If all the links are from higher quality sites/neighborhoods, can too many degradate or not help search engine optimization at all?

admin answers:

Who says lots of links are beneficial. Some quality relevant links are more helpful than 1000 unrelated links and yes if you are getting the links from high authority websites then it will sure increase the ranking of your website in popular search engines.

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Your Questions About Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Betty asks…

Where can I find a free tutorial on effective website promotion?

It should include topics on search engine optimization, advertising and affliate links promotion tips.

admin answers:

You could spend all day studying this site.


You will get a good start on the information you need, there.

Helen asks…

Why I cant find my web site in google or yahoo search results.?

is there any simple steps for how to put my html web site in to the google’s or yahoo’s search results..

i’m not marketing anything i just want to find my web site with google..

maybe i should change the code or smth.. i’m not a prof web designer so?/
i need some simple and understandable tutorials or steps for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

admin answers:

In the below website search engine optimization is explained in detail
Here is the link for you (step by step search engine optimization explained in detail here)

You can also download free search engine submission software from this website.

Nancy asks…

How simple is SEO for a computer novice?

Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) get into the technical side of computers or get into concepts that would be too difficult for a complete computer novice to grasp? Are there any websites that offer free basic tutorials to learn it and can you recommend one? Does it require special software or anything?

Any information would be appreciated.

admin answers:

SEO does not require technical computer skills. Then again, this does not mean it is easy. It requires a lot of knowledge, which will only come from years of reading and reading. There are plenty of websites and forums to help you out. Do a Google search and join some…Ask any questions you have from the pros there!

Sharon asks…

SEO Tutorial………………?

How I can learn Search Engine Optimization for free ?

admin answers:

You can learn from numerous sites but here is a free site that has SEO Tools for free as well to get you started . I am personally using a great new software program that is being launched to the public tomorrow. It handles all my article marketing and Web 2.0 needs with a push of a button once I set it up. I have to many sites for the manual methods that take up too much time. Actually you can sign up for free tutorials there as well… Sorry almost forgot since I already have my SEO current.

I use 1 Click Marketing Machine for my automated content submission.

Currently distributes to over 7 200 places completely on Autopilot – once set up…

Mark asks…

Where Can I take free tutorials on these subjects?

Where can I take free easy to follow tutorials (that are not complicated or give you 2 pages to read) on these subjects?

- ASP,
- .​NET
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- MSSQL language
- MS Access

I’m fairly new to web design and would like to learn atleast some of these skills like SEO and .NET or Javascript to go farther in making pages.

admin answers:

I think you should go to w3schools and you will surely find that site useful. I think all of the programs u mentioned above are available there

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Your Questions About Search Engine Optimization Companies

Chris asks…

What Search Engine Optimization companies offers?

I’m pretty new to SEO and I’m just curious of what these companies offer. Some SEO companies do charge high fees. I mean, isn’t search engine companies such as Google let us list our website there for free? What are these SEO companies offer as a value adding service?

admin answers:

The number of Search Engine Optimization Company is increasing every month, they present themselves with degrees of strategy to make sure that their clients will get the entire assistant that they need. Some firm’s offers total hands-on, automation free search engine optimization at incredibly reasonable prices.

As a start you might want to have a close look at 1 Click Marketing Machine – just buy a campaign, set it up and it will continuously be submitted to currently over 7,200 high traffic places. Real set and forget technology to build tons of high quality back links to your site over time…!

Mark asks…

What is the publics general perception of search engine optimization companies?

admin answers:

Google encourages SEO, there is an article about SEO in Google Webmaster, because it can increase the quality of searching. The question is, does this SEO company use white hat technology to do it or black hat tech to do it.

Lisa asks…

Are there any search engine optimization companies in Alaska? I want local guys not lower 48 city dwellers?

I run fishing websites and am interested in some SEO. I want someone who really understnads ALASKAN business… not some lower 48 company that doesn’t know a chunk of cheap farmed salmon from smoked white king.

Google rankings is my main goal.

admin answers:

You could try Frozen Alaska SEO.


They rank right up top for the google search “Alaska SEO” and for “Alaska Search Engine Optimization.”

That’s a pretty good sign that they know what they are doing. Plus they say they are based in Haines. Thats a small town, and pretty Alaskan if you ask me.

Nancy asks…

Which are the most reliable and best performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies on the web?

I’m looking to outsource my SEO management. I get a dozen phone calls at my office every day from different companies trying to sell their marketing genious. I am looking for someone to tell me which companies are worth their price and which may not be.

admin answers:

You can find a list of SEO consultants recommended by Rand Fishkin here .

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