Your Questions About List Building Fire

Maria asks…

A good survival song to go with to build a fire?

Okay I was wondering, what good survival song could go with to build a fire or any other american literature. If you list other american literature please list it.

admin answers:

Are you familiar with ‘Society’ by Eddie Vedder? It was in the movie ‘Into the Wild’.

Laura asks…

List the main factors, an Insurance Company underwriter considers when assessing the fire insurance premium?

List the main factors, that an Insurance Company underwriter considers when he assesses the fire insurance premium for a particular building

admin answers:

The construction of the property,
the occupation of the property, whether domestic or commercial and if commercial any heat work done in the building.
The age of the electrics
Claims History
The Sum Insured. Every buildings rate is done per mille or per cent on the sum insured.
Is the property listed
Time taken to rebuild
Fire walls in the internal structure
Proximity of the fire brigade possibly
Sprinkler system
Floor construction between storeys i.e. Timber or concrete

Sandy asks…

When, in the history of modern mechanics, has a fire EVER destroyed a steel-framed building?!?

There are only three (MAYBE a couple more) with fire listed as the cause of destruction. Any guesses?
Not to be too sarcastic, but the twin towers and WTC 7 ARE the three buildings listed as being destroyed from fire. Before that….NEVER!!! (Just a technicality, but fire does not burn hot enough to melt steel.)
netjr….WAKE UP! well, even the stupid people are good for something in a country this size….buy more stuff and be useful to SOMEONE!

admin answers:

New York City… Nuff said…

Mandy asks…

Who would you s@ve from a building on fire?

Family, friends? People in general? Give me a list of 5 people you’d save. ;]
in real life, i’d save my bffs and my mom/dad, not to mention pets!! but for here, i’d save ansar, bushyhairforever, the underdog………and everyone else :]

admin answers:

1. You :)
2. The underdog-hey man havent talked to you for a while
3. This special person i sometimes think about
4. Mom
5. Dad

Betty asks…

I’m looking for a procedures list for evacuation of a building for a variety of threats.?

I have seen flip charts that explain what to do in each of the incidents – fire / bomb threat /earthquake etc.

admin answers:

The procedure varies by the building… Meaning each building has a different structure… Some have elevators, some have stairs… Some have multiple floors.

Without more detail, it is difficult to answer this.

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