Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Donna asks…

What can I do to monitor and control internet traffic on a 2wire router?

my kids access the web through the 2wire. I want to be able to see when they are on and control when they can use it and when they can’t. Similar to parental controls for a desktop, but I need to be able to apply it to the wireless router.

admin answers:

Go to and there is a local area network tab. Click it. It shows all devices ever connected to your router, and also the devices connected. You can edit the settings to make it where their connection is disabled I think. But you have to bee on that lan. At home.

Jenny asks…

Should Companies Monitor Employees’ E-Mail and Internet Traffic?

Most companies monitor (after transmission) or intercept (during transmission) employees’ e-mail messages. Employers can use software to automatically find personal or offensive e-mail messages that have been sent or received, and intercept and filter messages while they are being sent or received. Companies also monitor other Internet traffic such as Web sites visited by employees and how much time employees spend sending instant messages and visiting chat rooms. Companies perform this monitoring to improve productivity, increase security, reduce misconduct, and control liability risks. Few laws regulate employee monitoring, and courts have given employers a great deal of leeway in watching work on company-owned computers. In one case, an employee’s termination for using her office e-mail system to complain about her boss was upheld, even though the company allowed the company allowed e-mail for personal communications. The court decreed that the employee’s messages were inappropriate for workplace communications. Many employees believe that excessive monitoring of software violates their privacy rights. State laws usually favor the privacy of the employee, while federal laws tend to favor the employer’s right to perform such monitoring. To reduce employee anxiety about monitoring and to follow some state laws, companies publish written policies called acceptable use policies (AUP). AUPs should provide clear descriptions of acceptable and unacceptable behavior, respect employee needs and time, and establish a balance between security and privacy. Often, the consequence for violating an AUP is that the violator is fired. Should companies monitor or intercept employees’ Internet communications? How can a company balance workplace security and productivity with employee privacy?

admin answers:

There is no such thing as workplace privacy; if you don’t want your employer to know, don’t e-mail or talk about it at work.

It is 100% legal for an employer to monitor his employees activities whenever they are on company time and/or use company equipment as using them for frivolous personal use not only costs the company money, but could damage their reputation if an employee sends and obsence e-mail from a work address.

Most employers allow intermittent personal use of email and internet purposes like to email a family member or friend if you need to work late or if where to meet for lunch or pay a bill or two online, but it is against company policy to abuse those privledges and waste company time.

In a case I know of personally, the employer lost the account with a customer because their employer had gone into internet chat rooms on company time and when he thought he was sending an illicit photo of himself to people in the chat room, he actually sent it to everyone in his address book.

Sharon asks…

Does the government monitor the traffic and ISP’s to certain sites?

I’m curious about ones like Stormfront (white pride) or other sites. (I need to write a research paper but don’t want to end up on some watch list) Is it best to use a web proxy when checking these sites out? Are they more or less spying on us?

admin answers:

Proxies are a safe bet if you don’t feel sucure but most luckily there is so many people visiting this site they couldn’t possibly view everybody

Steven asks…

Stop ISP’s snooping on your web activity?

I read today that there are now 6 ISP’s in the UK who have agreed to “closely monitor the web traffic of its customers” and send warning letters out to those who infringe copyright. This seems to me a gross invasion of privacy, and another reason why I don’t want to live in the UK anymore!

I am not a large downloader, do not use P2P, and rarely use bit torrent. However, I do sometimes download tv shows from the States, not available in the UK, using rapidshare. Would this be detected?

Is it possible to mask your online acivity from your ISP, perhaps using a proxy, or Peer guardian etc?
Here is more information concerning the monitoring and the ISP’s involved.

admin answers:

Unfortunately the whole world is turning into a planet of police states….slowly but surely……

So there’d be no safe place to go. Restrictions on every aspect of life are occurring everywhere.)

One option:
If you’re using something like BitTorrent you could turn encryption on so you’re ISP won’t know what you’re actually downloding

Daniel asks…

What “title” would you give my job?

I work for an insurance company. Here are some of the things I do:
-Generate weekly newsletter and email to our subscriber base
-Scan the internet looking for mentions of our company and our competitors
-Oversee our company web site and make changes as needed (not an IT person, though – no formal training)
-Monitor web traffic to our site
-Write emails, create marketing pieces (mostly text) as directed by our company president and my supervisor
-Come up with ideas for new ways to sell our insurance products
-Attend trade shows and mingle with people
-A lot of work directly from the company president, such as correspondance to emails he gets.

They never really gave me a title for this job. It started as CSR since I was taking calls initially, but havent for about 18 months now. I want to apply for other jobs but am not sure what to put as job title, as CSR is misleading.

Is this a marketing director? Marketing & Communications director? Internet Marketing Specialist? What else?

admin answers:

Marketing Assistant.

I worked as a marketing manager for an insurance company for 5 years and those under me did largely what you do (albeit with varying tasks and degrees) and they were marketing assistants.

I don’t necessarily agree with you being labeled and admin assistant since you are doing market analysis work primarily.

I would shy away from putting director on your resume since that would almost assuredly result in job inquiries you are not likely qualified for (director titles are usually reserved for large corps where the director has teams of individuals underneath them).

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Your Questions About List Building Fire

Maria asks…

A good survival song to go with to build a fire?

Okay I was wondering, what good survival song could go with to build a fire or any other american literature. If you list other american literature please list it.

admin answers:

Are you familiar with ‘Society’ by Eddie Vedder? It was in the movie ‘Into the Wild’.

Laura asks…

List the main factors, an Insurance Company underwriter considers when assessing the fire insurance premium?

List the main factors, that an Insurance Company underwriter considers when he assesses the fire insurance premium for a particular building

admin answers:

The construction of the property,
the occupation of the property, whether domestic or commercial and if commercial any heat work done in the building.
The age of the electrics
Claims History
The Sum Insured. Every buildings rate is done per mille or per cent on the sum insured.
Is the property listed
Time taken to rebuild
Fire walls in the internal structure
Proximity of the fire brigade possibly
Sprinkler system
Floor construction between storeys i.e. Timber or concrete

Sandy asks…

When, in the history of modern mechanics, has a fire EVER destroyed a steel-framed building?!?

There are only three (MAYBE a couple more) with fire listed as the cause of destruction. Any guesses?
Not to be too sarcastic, but the twin towers and WTC 7 ARE the three buildings listed as being destroyed from fire. Before that….NEVER!!! (Just a technicality, but fire does not burn hot enough to melt steel.)
netjr….WAKE UP! well, even the stupid people are good for something in a country this size….buy more stuff and be useful to SOMEONE!

admin answers:

New York City… Nuff said…

Mandy asks…

Who would you s@ve from a building on fire?

Family, friends? People in general? Give me a list of 5 people you’d save. ;]
in real life, i’d save my bffs and my mom/dad, not to mention pets!! but for here, i’d save ansar, bushyhairforever, the underdog………and everyone else :]

admin answers:

1. You :)
2. The underdog-hey man havent talked to you for a while
3. This special person i sometimes think about
4. Mom
5. Dad

Betty asks…

I’m looking for a procedures list for evacuation of a building for a variety of threats.?

I have seen flip charts that explain what to do in each of the incidents – fire / bomb threat /earthquake etc.

admin answers:

The procedure varies by the building… Meaning each building has a different structure… Some have elevators, some have stairs… Some have multiple floors.

Without more detail, it is difficult to answer this.

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