Your Questions About Online Marketing Manager

Mark asks…

where can i find a top notch sales manager with internet marketing experience?

My firm, Endai Worldwide is looking for a sales manager, with online marketing knowledge and experience. I am interested and open to any new ideas and thoughts on where to find this person.

admin answers:

There are several options. If you, yourself or anyone on your team have the time and penchant to conduct the search, then make a list of companies that provide similar services to yours – ideally based in your geographical area, if you want the Manager based there (if not, it is a lesser concern). Identify, approach and recruit the people who drive the business to the funnel of those companies….etc. And there is alot of etcetera.

A suggestion would be to partner with an executive search firm, and have them conduct the search for you in a prioritized manor. Hobson Associates has one of the best reputations for your niche.

Lizzie asks…

for my job as a sales&marketing manager I am trying to determine how many women ages 18-40 use online shoping?

I need actual statistics NOT GUESSES! and i need to focus specifically on handbags. How many women use the internet for hadbag shopping. What do they look for in hand bags? I need stuff like that if anyone can help… THANX :-)

admin answers:

Different marketing research companies have information for sale. You would look for a marketing research company that deals especially with e-Commerce and contact them regarding the information you want to buy.

Several methods exist for obtaining the information yourself, but that involves an extensive data cleaning process, access to records of online companies, and other statistics.

Otherwise you could interview people to conduct a survey about shopping for hand bags online. You would need to make sure that the sample was random though.

Donald asks…

Headhunter found me a job-Head of Marketing.But when I started,Employer said I was hired to be Online Manager!?

I haven’t seen job spec for Online Manager, as Headhunter sent me job specs for Head of Marketing so I went to interviews for Head of Marketing. Now when I started my job is suddenly different (nobody told me), very analytical and number driven-I was interviewed for a creative role. I haven’t signed Contract yet (waiting for it by post) I emailed headhunter asking to explain. What are my rights?

admin answers:

You have the right to learn that headhunters lie. Many of them really don’t care if you are happy as long as they got their commission.

You also have the right to not accept the job you were offered.

David asks…

Which is the best online marketing/digital marketing company in Bangalore?

I am marketing manager from an MNC… I would like to explore the digital marketing further… Can u suggest one good company…

Plz suggest based on your experience…

admin answers:

We have been working with someone called SabreIndia for sometime now… For me the experience was good… Try urself…

Their website is

good luck

Lisa asks…

Online Marketing Salary? (CPC Account Manager)?

I do the following

+Keyword research
+Create Campagins
+Create Text ads
+Create Adgroups
+Bid Management/Bid Editing
+Deep Link Keywords

I can use adwords editor and google adwords very well.
I can use excel to distribute multiple text ads, campagins, keywords, adgroups i can run reports and plenty of other tools and functions. Does anyone know what i should be getting paid? Im on minimum wage

admin answers:

You should be getting paid whatever your agreement with your employer provides. If you don’t like it, then re-negotiate.

I’ve seen many ads on seeking to hire CPC/PPC managers for low wages, often part-time, often seeking “interns” for free.

When the job is defined as “CPC manager” or “Paid Search Manager” or similar, I see posts on various job boards with proposed salaries that range from $30,000 to $90,000.

I also know many consultants who charge $100 to $200 per hour for “essentially the same services,” but generally these consultants have substantial experience and skill. Sometimes, they have access to sophisticated software tools, some developed in house and some licensed from third parties.

A year ago, the most common arrangement I heard about (for outside consultants) was a “percentage of spend,” which is ludicrous: it rewards waste and discourages efficiency. While that may still be the “dominant” model, it is fast being supplanted by other, more complex fee structures.

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