Your Questions About Business Lead Generation Services

Chris asks…

I am looking forward to get marketing service people online, any help or advise?

“I want to get online Business marketing marketing services like lead generation, market research and analysis, search engine optimization, product launch, product promotion- through digital medium,development of website, internet marketing services, e-commerce solution. Can any body give helpful suggestions to me.”

admin answers:

Lead Generation: There is a great tool currently in pre-launch: It is called LeadSkimmer!

You just generate a couple of leads and then it virtually starts growing by itself… Check out my review by clicking the link above!

Besides that…

It’s great to put yourself forward, marketing is a very important thing for a business and industry..Marketing is only way to reach among the people..honestly, Facebook is a medium to market your business in a potential and effective way. If you need any kind of online marketing services about business promotion then you need a professionals Virtual Assistance, is one reliable name in online marketing services..they offers services like Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing Services market research and analysis, search engine optimization, product launch, product promotion- through digital medium, development of website there are many kind of thing which improve your sell,, they do more than you think, so i advise you for business promotion and marketing might ask help ! I think they can do better..good luck.”

Sandra asks…

Freelancer SEO Services?

Hi All,

I am a freelance professional based in Noida, INDIA and having expetise in Search Engine Optimization, Business Development, Market Research, Web Research, Lead Generation, Link Building, Data Analysis, etc. Can you suggest me some companies/website where I can sell my services?

admin answers:

Most smart US companies do not hire to India. Their lack of proper English is the problem. Why not work in India? As I can see by your post you do not speak English well. That is not good for US business.

“Can you suggest me” is not correct.
Neither is… “having expertise”

Donna asks…

How do I find Potential clients to provide my Call Center service?

Located in the heart of Mumbai, India, we area 200 seater call center with employees who speak english as their first language. We services for Inbound customer service, Outbound sales. Appointment fixing, Lead Generation, Hot transfers, Debt Collections, Health receivables Management and Data entry Jobs. Basically we help all medium businesses cut their costs.

admin answers:

You can do either of the two things mentioned below
1> Have dedicated sales team in India and a sales consultants in US .
2> Use SEO and B2B telemarketing to generate leads.
3> Is always preferable to use a US sales guy to close deals.

Within a month or two ,you would have list of people interested in your service.
You can also use services of and ,who charge a fixed price lead.

And if you have any experience in loan modification lead generation or debt leads contact

John asks…

What is a good way to sell Cloud services online without spamming and without SEO or SEM?

I know its a long question, but here’s more info:
1. New US Business selling VIT or Cloud Services all 100% online
2. No capital to hire an expensive SEO or SEM engineer at 2-10K a month
3. I want to start email selling campaign without spamming and no opt-in strategic capital is available to build such a site.
4. Looking to do it all through emails and webinars including lead generation.

Any points?

admin answers:

The only thing i can suggest is to try and have webminars showing potential clients your expertise and services.

Sharon asks…

What Do I Do When This Happens? (Business Decision Help)?

I’m in the process of creating an all inclusive service for small businesses to fully automate the sales process of owner websites to generate prescreened qualified sales leads that convert, but for any keywords with “lead generation” in the phrase, it costs upwards of $10 per click on average and I can’t afford to compete with that crowd.

What do I do when this sort of thing happens? I have a great much needed service and then upon research the market is too competitive to enter and driving traffic from PPC would bankrupt me.

Any help on how to find other phrases related to my business? Any online resources?

admin answers:

If the cost is too much via PPC, you could try the following :

Set-up an autoblog, add 1000 pages to it and check the traffic stats to see exactly what people are typing in to view your pages. The data will provide you with ideas regarding the keyword phrases that would be more helpful and less competitive for PPC.

This is what I use instead of using extensive PPC terms to test. There are tools that you can purchase that will set-up the autoblogs.

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