Your Questions About Email Marketing Tips

Betty asks…

Insurance Marketing and Strategies Tips – Help!!!!?

I was in the mortgage industry and have now switched careers to the insurance industry. I am working in my home town where I have a TON of personal as well as business contacts. I just passed my property and casualty test so as far as production, it’s still a couple of months out. I have already sent an email to the people I know letting them know about my new endeavor. I am looking for some help from you (the professionals) regarding what I should do to start ramping up my business and contacts before I start producing. I am working for a national insurance company and need to concentrate on branding my name rather than the company name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am not an independent agent. I work with a large branded company. I do not/can not afford to pay for tv, radio spots on my own as of yet. I’m looking for the cheapest, most effective way to get business.

admin answers:

1) I run a custom embroidery company and you need to create your cooperate identity. Create your logo and business name on your cooperate apparel.

2) Put the logo on your Auto

3) Make up business cards and hand them out. Every time you see someone you know hand several of them out. When you give people your business card, always give them more than one and ask them to give them to their friends/coworkers, etc. Print or flyers and post them on public boards if there are any near you and post in a forums that related to your location if there are any!

4) The key for this kind of business is word-of-mouth. Think of some clever ways to encourage your existing clients to tell people about you. Perhaps you could start with a friend or family member to be one of your “spokesperson”. I owned a convenience store for 10 years and a lot of business deals started in the checkout line by strangers. Tell everyone about you and ask if they know anyone that could use your service. Ask for a referral from an existing client

5) Start a website as a way to advertise you. Let your website work for you and your clients swap links. When making your own web site do some research on how to optimize your site so that you get a good ranking with a natural search. You do this by embedding smart key words. Your website could show your community involvement and you could have questions and answers on the site.

6) Look for websites that you can advertise for free. Advertise in the Yahoo local. Find free on-line classified web sites for your community. Typically the local chamber of commerce will offer such a service. You can advertise here for free:

Post a link to your site for free when it is allowed
Try These:
Google Base
Yahoo Classifieds
US Free Ads
Text Link Exchange
Classifieds for Free…
7) A Yellow page ad seems to work great also.

8) Try to get your local newspaper to do a free article on your business.

9) Sponsor local sport teams or ballparks that hang up banners. There are also inexpensive ways to advertise like a local penny saver newspaper, high school yearbooks and newspapers, etc.

10) Call radio show call in and contest and always answer or make the statement with “your name and company name and you have been working hard” free radio ads are great.

Michael asks…

How can I go about building a web site that sends emails matching each customer to certain products?

The web site (call it XWZ.COM) should match each customer with products s/he is interested in, if/when these items become available. In detail:
1– Each subscriber is assigned a password that is sent to her personal email for security/ verification. Once subscribers receive their passwords and log on to XWZ, they identify their desired product/s and receive emails telling them to check their XWZ-inbox for product availability.
2– When they logon, and before allowed to the inbox, they are given subscription options.
3– Payments are processed automatically (credit cards. PayPal ..etc)
4– Once subscribers pay and reach their XYZ-inbox, they are told if the product is available. If product becomes available after a week or month, subscriber receive email.
What programming language, sever, database, firewall and other technologies should I use to get this without paying an arm? All technical or marketing tips or references to similar small sites are appreciated.

admin answers:

Depending on traffic and quality.

Java/JSP – High quality (less chance for bugs), expensive and scales well.

PHP – Messy, but there is a lot of stuff written in it already.

Perl – Not quite as bad as PHP, but still has some of the same problems.

Personally, I would try to use perl or consider using PHP for the web front end and perl for the email functions and any control panels when possible.

You might look around for some of the technology already out there, inspect the source code to determine how viable it is to modify it for your needs.

For subscription stuff, you could consider:


It’ll confirm email addresses for you, but, won’t manage the mailings. (you could write code specifically for that later) Full disclosure, I own GenieGate.

As far as the ecommerce, there are a lot of shopping carts out there, look for one that is simple (don’t go for “lots of features” go for “written well and can be modified) I sometimes see people go for whatever has the most toys, this is a mistake for this kind of software, you really want “easy to code in”.

You’ll probably want to interface with the product catalog to generate the email, so, your ecommerce package should have a nice table structure and/or good, object oriented code for accessing the products.

It goes without saying, once a package is modified, you can’t “upgrade” it.

It’s important to start off with a decent one that is relatively bug free (or at least, written so that you yourself can fix bugs as the crop up.)

Mandy asks…

How safe or unsafe is it to sell your home via land contract and move out of state? Any tips???

We currently live in the metro Detroit Mi area and the real estate market is HORRIBLE!!! I received an email with someone interested in buying our house via a land contract or lease with option to buy. I first said no and then my girlfriend told me I was crazy and I should take it. My husband got a job out of state so we need out soon! ANY advice on how to go about doing this safely would help….

admin answers:

Get an attorney first.. Someone to read the legal garbage so you can make a better decision…you can’t afford not to…

Ken asks…

Any tips for getting employers to email me back!?

So I have been doing some hardcore craigslist job hunting for the last three weeks. Jobs like receptionist, assistant teacher, customer service rep (I have a BA, and over 3 yrs experience in retail/customer service and education) I know it’s a tough job market out there- i live in Chicago, too… But my god, i’ve sent out about 50 resumes and got maybe one e-mail back…

What can I do to stand out?? I never know if I should be friendly and candid in the email, say a little bit about why I want the job, or just straight up professional with only the resume attached…

admin answers:

I am having the same exact problem, but not just with craigslist, with everywhere! Not one single e-mail back except for scams and not one call. No one even wants to interview me. Craigslist sucks because they don’t usually list what company it is and they use that anonymous email service so there is no way to follow up with them. I’m sorry that I can’t answer your question, just wanted you to know you are not alone in your misery :-)

Helen asks…

Looking for some good advice and tips about how to get into the Stock Market…?

I have saved up a thousand dollars, and was thinking about putting it into the stock market. I was wondering should I go with an E-Trade, or TDAMERITRADE account or just go pay a stock broker?… and Also if you would have any advice on what some good stocks would be for someone looking to buy and sell, not staying in it for the long haul… If you do not want to put the stocks on here, then please leave me your email address and I will email you… Thanks…

admin answers:

This is not a wise time to get into the stock market.
We’re in a financial crisis.

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Your Questions About Email Marketing Tips

Richard asks…

Does anyone have some tips for marketing an event production company?

I’m new to the event production industry and I’m looking for some tips on marketing the company. I have been using Myspace and Facebook also I have been searching google for leads and mass emailing but little to no success. What am I doing wrong?
I should also say we use google adwords but im not sure we are using it to its fullest

admin answers:

Show your capability to your prospective customers. Create an event for your own company and invite your prospects. What they see is an example of your capabilities. How well you run the event will either make them feel confident about your company, or will make them think you are a bunch of amateurs.

Jenny asks…

Is the article I wrote, ready to be submitted for marketing? Tips?

I am not good with writing articles.

I was wondering if you could take a look, and give me some tips, suggestions, etc.

I am going to submit to the article sites, which will pick it up and publish it all over blogs and websites.

my email is admin@mywebwii

Is there anything wrong with it?

admin answers:

This is R&S…
Not business and marketing…
This is the wrong place to ask that

Donna asks…

How do I start an efficeint Email Marketing with E-brochures and all?

Where can I get free autoresponder software. I want to provide Email marketing with e brochures and all to my customers. Any tips and tricks?

admin answers:

You’d have to do a search for a web email extractor which will find a load of email addresses according to a keyword (ex. Real Estate). They usually run about $20 – $90. Then you’ll have do a search for a bulk emailer to put in all your leads and send out your ad. Just be sure to include the opt out link on your brochure. I’ve found it more effective to have only text on your email so that there are no pictures to download when the receiver gets it. People get a little hesitant to download pictures with all of these virus’s out there. Just have text advertising an easy sale and if their interested they’ll call or click the link to your email and/or website. Good Luck!

James asks…

Intraday share market tips only intraday not for delivary?

indian share market tips
on mob 09352385085
on messanger or email

admin answers:

I think go to and check one which u want this is better for intraday share trading and already i have registerd your name for intraday trading in this site so enjoy self

Betty asks…

High traffic secrets?

Email marketing tips

admin answers:

Check out the article at there are some great ways to get targeted traffic to your site. I use the programs listed and I get anywhere from 100 to 400 visitors per day just from signing up to the programs in that article.
Good Luck

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Your Questions About Email Marketing Tips

Helen asks…

I want some Email marketing tips?

Could anyone tell me some unknown email marketing tips? Say, how to let a receiver read your email and reply to you rather than delete it without reading?
Give me examples.

admin answers:

Some great ideas attached. I always try to put the persons name in the subject and something that grabs their attention right away as you have one shot at getting them to open it.

David asks…

Top Tips for Email Marketing Please?

I have a small consulting business and am looking for email marketing tips without being seen as junk or spam. I usually don’t get a big response from companies that I email and so would like to find more effective strategies.

admin answers:

You can find demographically targeted addresses through email list brokers, in the U.S. Where the Can-Spam act forbids one to contact a person you don’t have a prior relationship with, you get owner of existing opted-in email lists to mail on your behalf, in some cases these are periodical ezines that can insert an advertisement or do a special “solo mailing” for you.

One big director of lists (look under Media Planning / Find a mailing list) is, they do seem to have some U.K. Lists, although more expensive than phone directory sort of lists, you can find people with previous buying histories in your field.

Charles asks…

What would be some good sources that would give good email marketing tips?

Uh never,John K.

admin answers:

Hi John,
check out the following searches online:

Jimmy Brown (one of the main gurus online for email marketing) He has something called List and which I was a member of for a while.

Also Sarah Brown (she’s good too)

and read through the stuff you find in the website (not sure if you have to be a member or not??)

If you want – I have a number of ebook regarding email marketing and other stuff for success online. Get in touch with me at if you want. I can send them.

All ther best, Steve

Laura asks…

How to get traffic on my website and tips for email marketing?

im 13 i just finished making a website where i sell elvex safety glasses –

but i am yet to have any sales online since i come up low on google my question is how can i get traffic please simply without spending much and if i do spend i want a good return. I heard email marketing is very good so can i email companys i think could use saftey glasses, is it good to email big companys or smaller ones and what companys do you think could use saftey glasses, im not sure maybe a bike shop or a ski shop, if you can think of any let me know. And how can i come up higher on google without spending much. Finaly when email people should i mention that i am 13 they might not think it is a crediable bussines (which it is if i were to sell all the stock i have bought i would make £40,000).

thanks for your time try to answer as many as you can

admin answers:

Realize that with any business, that you are looking at investment capital.

So in order to get the better quality advertising you are going to pay a little.

There are other ways to promote your product for fee. You can start by getting
a blog and doing a product review for your specific product.

You can also do live product reviews, and while you are doing them, you can
tape them and put them on you tube. You can also find a blog on a website
called “technorati”, that has a following of people, and have the writer of that
blog endorse your product. It will probably be about 25 dollars per post.

So there are many ways, it is just a matter of finding them. Also look for someone
that you can joint venture with, that might sell mouthguards, pads of some sort.
Something along those lines.

Also, a friend of mine recommended a website to me, and having just looked over it briefly
it looked decent. I put it in the source link below.

Take care and good luck.

Ps remember that you do have time on your side in your favor.

Jenny asks…

Any Good Email Marketing Strategies Out There?

I am new to the email marketing strategies. Does anyone out there have any good tips or websites? I appreciate the help.

admin answers:

Hi There,
There are different strategies for different targets/goals.
Some tatics work better if your intention is subscription, other tactics might be better if you want to generete leads or sales….
Also are different time, days, etc, etc.,
Have a look on the sites below.
The first one is my blog, about general marketing, the second one is MarketingSherpa reference in Email marketing cases.
Feel free to drop me an email if you need some help.
Lucio Dias Ribeiro

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