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Laura asks…

Going for my master’s degree with an emphasis in marketing. Is being regionally accredited better or the same?

is being regionally accredited the same or better as being AACSB (the association to advance collegiate schools of business) accredited?

Does anyone know of a good online school to get an mba/marketing in?

thanks =)

admin answers:

Being regionally accredited is a basic requirement. AACSB is far better than just being accredited. Some would call it the gold standard of business schools.

Look for a school that is AACSB accredited or in the process of AACSB accreditation.

Charles asks…

Careers in marketing?

I have several vague ideas of what I would like to do with a marketing degree; whether begin a public relations or advertising firm. I have an idea that I would like to use my career within the entertainment industry managing artists or producing.

What basic information could I use regarding the specifics of each of these careers? I want to develop my own firm. Are there any online sources? (Trade associations, trade magazines, business resources).

Also, I was planning to double major in another area such as journalism or philosohpy, but I am not allowed to (school doesn’t permit). What skills are vital in this field other than the obvious? I am currently a freshman, what can I do as of right now?

admin answers:

Dear Student:

It’s good that you are reaching out to get an answer to your career question. Many people do not know that the U.S. Government offers a career guide – Occupational Outlook reference which will answer most of your questions. You might also look at the websites of American Marketing Association and Public Relations Society of America (

I would not advise that you try to start a business right out of college. I would advise getting a few years of on the job experience in and out of school through internships, summer employment and assisting a charity become more well known.

I am an independent practitioner who specializes in public relations but also can employ marketing strategies and tactics and pull in specialists, such as web site designers, to serve my clients.

Best wishes for a happy landing in a career that you will love.

Donna asks…

How can I market my online 24/7 personal assistant business in a relatively new area: Business Travel?

I’m already a member of the Midwest Business Travel Association, the International Virtual Assistant Association and other associations, why isn’t my business taking off and what am I doing wrong?
Concierge services offer tickets to concerts and events, my services offer assistance in getting a business traveler’s work done. Power Point presentations, brochures, newsletters and so on. Our services bridge the gap between Concierge and Meeting Services. Both provide useful services, but neither gets your work done. We do. We also offer it 24/7.

admin answers:

Go to the people you know that are business oriented and that travel and offer your services to them. They will spread the word and before you know it your in business. Also advertise on free advertising sites, ebay andeverywhere you can think of. Make sure the wording is an A+. Thats most important. Offer specials become an affilliate for an airport service ect.

Thomas asks…

What do you think about studying online with a University?

I have been to a traditional college for about 2 years and got my Associates in Business Administration there. I moved far away overseas and decided to study with a popular US University Online, because it offered me the flexibility and the luxury of holding a BA in Marketing in a bit longer than 2 years with transfered credits. Seriously, though, if you are an employer or student, professor – what is your opinion on this and why? The school says that it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association ( Most of the business degrees are accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. My classes are super duper expensive, I do learn a great deal of theory, but have nearly no experience in my desired field of study. They focus on writing weekly papers, simulations, and team work. Internet or online communication. I am currently seeking an internship. But, what is your opinion and why? I am also trying to figure out if I should complete a Master’s with this University as well.

admin answers:

Why don’t you get a job in your field and then see whats on offer from work.You can do the on-line stuff anytime .

Chris asks…

How do you have a moving sale without having one??

Ok I need to sell EVERYTHING of mine as I am moving, but I found out my building doesn’t allow sales of any kind.

How do I go about getting rid of everything without posting signs. I have considered having an “invitation only” moving sale. Where there are no signs, but I posted online and on bulletin boards saying call such and such for the address. I will also instruct everyone that if anyone asks, then they are just “visiting”.

My building manager and office staff doesn’t work on the weekends, so I may get away with it. But it is the condo association I am worried about.

I also cannot bring everything I need to sell (couch, bits and pieces) to another site so a flea market set up is out of the question.

Any idea or tips on going about doing this???

admin answers:

Try sellling on OR can you bring everything to a friend’s private home (garage). Big things can be photographed and posted at the “garage sale”
Another idea we had (because we are in the same boat as you!) is putting together “starter packages” for college students entering student housing . . . . I.e. Toaster,coffee maker, kitchen linens, bathroom linens, desk top accessories. All put into packages that are priced and cannot be broken apart. Parents who are sending kids off to college love these packages, saves them money from buying new stuff. Good Luck

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