Your Questions About Blogging Success

Sandra asks…

it is one thing to blog but how do you get people to respond to them?

I am tired of blogging to myself. I have some very vital and pertanant info regarding emotional literacy and highering achievment success from age 5 and up. I am not blogging useless info. I need a great blogging place that will get to the internet marketing place. where is the best place or software to create a very informative and thought provoking solutions to todays learning issues, or life changing needs. I have the phone lines open and emails to accept responds but how do I get out there in cyberspace informing and educating those who needs are going unfullfilled?
Advice; where to set up a rss blog for free
how do i get people to opt-in on comments I post.
No more blogging for myself. I can be of great support in helping you achieve higher performance levels in school and in the job force. I am not blogging for my good. I am blogging to be able to really help others incorporate solutions to their needs. How do I get it off the blogger page into your homes?

admin answers:

The most spectacular site I know of was made with front page. I don’t think free sites allow this code. I know that taking polls don’t work. One way is to say outlandish things and word of mouth will spread. I am not willing to do that. The last way that works is to use outstanding photography superimposed on an interesting background. And make the whole blog that way. Lots of work and skill required.

Betty asks…

To all bloggers: pls answer my questions below…?

Note: This question is for experienced bloggers who had earned money from google adsense, ad brite, bidvertisers, etc.

1. How can you earn money through blogs other than ads?
2. Does this company i mention above really pays you?
3. How long will you completely gain success (money) in blogging?
4. How can you increase viewers in your blog (i mean in a legit way, in which it didn’t go beyond the terms and conditions)?

Thanks for answering!!!!

admin answers:

Payments are generally nominal, this a past time work if you have sufficient time and no need of money then only try for getting fueat payments are nominal less than Rs 1000/- a month and that too not regular.

Donna asks…

I am building a website. what kind of site should i build to get more visitors

how should i make it popular? social networking site would be good, but lots have come of similar kind. there are numerous sites for blogging, messaging, photo sharing etc..i need a unique one and i will make it a grand success..please give your suggestions

admin answers:

Put a spin on an already popular idea and make it a social network as a result. Wikipedia is a search engine social network hybrid.

What do you think Yahoo! Answers is?

I would take a sales site and jump up it’s community collab, like amazon does. Like a clickbank social hybrid or something.

That site would rock.

Michael asks…

Lifestyle Design Anyone?

I am learning to break myself free of the confines of the 8-5, 40-50 hours a week for income lifestyle and have been working hard to move myself to the lifestyle of a new rich. I am working on blogging my successes and hurdles.

I was wondering if anyone has been to, or would be interested in visiting a seminar regarding lifestyle design? I am currently working with a friend to put together such a seminar.

This isn’t meant to be a sales pitch, I am genuinely in working with other people wishing to join the new rich. Sales pitches are hard to have when there is nothing to sell.

admin answers:

Hey Michael. This site is for every day normal people who need advice….not a sales pitch….take it some where else.

Richard asks…

Have you read John Yeo’s Blogger’s Paycheck?

I have always wanted to learn about blogging monetization. Uff! I have read the blogging for cash book, but personally this is the best ebook I have read about how to make money blogging. This guy really gives you the techniques to success with a blog. It has 112 pages full of information.
Please, share your opinions if you have read it.

admin answers:

Yep, I certainly have! I got a review copy from John himself on a forum.

I read through all the 112 pages actually, great product to be honest.
He literally takes you from beginner to pro, I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to know more about making money from blogging.

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