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James asks…

I am working on Search Engine Optimization. I want to know the formula to speed up on Unique Article writing.?

I take too much time on making Unique articles as well as on blog writing as the targets are big. Is it okay to copy paste from an original article and then just rewording or rephrasing the whole thing. Ideally how much time should be allotted to 1 Unique + 1 variation as also to 1 blog. Please provide professional answers only.

admin answers:

Hi – You can “re-work” an article but you have to very careful when doing that so the search engines don’t pick it up as a duplicate article. If they do, you have done more damage than good.

How much time you allot to writing an article depends on an individuals writing skills, not a specific formula. The important thing is that you produce unique, engaging, professional content. That is what gets you optimum SEO. The expression, “Content is King” is absolutely true.

I use a program called Rapid Writer that will take an original article and rewrites unique variations of the article for you. If time is an issue, something like this is a life saver.

You can take a look at Rapid Writer at:

Hope this helps!

Michael asks…

Good search engine optimization tools?

I have a new blog and in Webmaster Tools it’s site map all pages are indexed but i dont see my blog in google search with my blog url. And another problem is my another blog which is one year old is ok in google with all it’s posts but but the problem is that it is not bringing any traffic from yahoo though yahoo indexed some of my posts and in
Live search it did not indexed even my home page. Please tell me what i could do now. Should i use Active WebTraffic or Internet Business Promoter (IBP) like tools. Which one is best Active WebTraffic or IBP. Please give me some solution.

admin answers:

You can get backlinks with submission to 350 directories for Free!

Daniel asks…

Search Engine Optimization suggestions please?

Hey, i just put up my site and i’m trying to get it optimized.
Thus far I’ve:
-created a blog
-submitted my xml sitemap to google
-made good title pages
-added my keywords to the pg.
-linked to a couple of sites

As of now, google has indexed some of the pages on my site but not my home page yet.
Any suggestions of what else i can do for free?
Anyone know why my home page wasn’t indexed while some of my other pages were?

admin answers:

One of the factors is the number of links that point to your site from other sites. If you post a contribution to a Google Groups forum (for example) and place your URL somewhere in the body, that will get the job done. The better the contribution, the longer the link will remain available because good posts get snatched up as content on other sites. It works on any social network that makes user posts visible in the public spectrum.

Let me try it here to see if Google picks up my site’s link from Yahoo Answers:

Nancy asks…

Do comments matter in search engine optimization?

When people comment on your blog (or any webpage), does that dilute the keyword density making your webpage less likely to show up in top search engine results?

Meaning, if I have a blog post that is 300 words long and 3% keyword density and I get a lot of comments that do not have my keywords in them, will that make me rank lower on the search engines?

Would it be worthwhile then to warn my visitors to leave keywords inside their comments?

admin answers:

Posting comments on related sites can be a great tactic for increasing your rankings. However, don’t abuse this and do not comment spam. Increased ranking is a side effect of commenting, not a goal. Make sure you are providing insight and something useful when commenting. People will know if you are comment spamming and it will not only hurt your reputation but I would imagine that the search engines will catch on soon and this could have some detrimental effects. As with most SEO tactics for increased ranking, you can’t fake it. If you are active on commenting and truly bring value to posts, then knowing these things and sticking to related posts/websites could really help you make the most of your work.


Richard asks…

my very big problem in search engine optimization?

i recently develop blog name the concept? its all about funniest pics and humorous photos and slogan, the result is overwhelming i achieve good SEO, but im having a doubt if google search is indexing my page on intrenational basis, heres the situation and im hoping that all SEO expert can notice my question,
Situation: try to open google search engine then type this phrase “FUNNIEST BLOG” you will notice that the #1 position is the 2007 weblog awards 2nd is the netforbeginners web site and so on and so forth…heres my very big question and i want the answer so badly : What is the actual top 10 position of this “funniest blog-manunulat”? the actual adress is wwapak.blogspot. i just want to know the position of this blogspot account in U.S area, i want to satisfy that google indexing clearly define. and SEO of a site is not just being rank Locally.. tnx and more power.

admin answers:

You can use SEO Press release, articles for getting top rank as well as for link building.

We use for seo pr distribution.

We use important Keywords as ANCHOR while publishing PR and it works very good especially for Internal Page optimizaion.


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Your Questions About Search Engine Optimization Cost

Laura asks…

What is the most cost effective way to improve Search-Engine Optimization?

Would also be interested in Web hosting and adding flash to our site…again, most cost effective.

admin answers:

As many backlinks as possible, PageRank (also known as PR) is mainly effected by the amount of other pages with a high PR backlinking you; also meta and keyword use is important. Creating sitemaps and submiting them to google and on your site allowing engine robots to crawl will drasicly increase your visability. Also know that newer domains are not as recognized as older ones, there is a period of time which your domain has to be active and updated and often crawled by search spiders.

Good luck.

Sharon asks…

search engine optimization costs and questions?

So I have a website and my web designer isn’t working on revamping it when he said he would host it for one year. I believe he put it under his account (godaddy) And I want to to seo so my page is on the top listing on google. How would I do that and how much would it cost? Also any good seo firms? Or should I find a really good web designer? Thanks

admin answers:

As an experienced webmaster I recommend BH web hosting which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 4 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.

You can reach reviews about this web hosting provider and its latest DISCOUNT COUPONS at:

Only $3.95 /month (with discount coupon)

* This service was awarded the “Best Web Hosting OF The Year”.

This web host provides Search Engine Optimization tools which are available via their Control Panel.

Hope this helps.

Mary asks…

What are the average monthly costs for website marketing and search engine optimization?

I want to start a website that will be a tool (like facebook, wikipedia, etc) and my brother tells me that it will cost 10,000 a month to advertise, market, and search engine optimize a month. From everything I have read this seems way off base…can you provide some insight into this for me?


admin answers:

That is not true. You could spend that much, but it would not be needed. I will be glad to give you some details on what good SEO will cost you. Why don’t you send me an e-mail?

Jenny asks…

How much roughly would it cost for someone to do Search Engine Optimisation on my website in WA?

admin answers:

Search Engine Optimisation prices vary from company to company and what industry your website is in.

We use a company called they have worked really well with us and helped to obtain alot of results in the search engines.

Pricing starts at approximately $120 per month and everything is catered for. Basically you receive 24/7 email support, changes to the website comprehensive reporting and more.

If you are interested in obtaining results drop them an email with information on what products and services you would like to be found for.

Mark asks…

search engine optimization software?

i wish to buy a good search engine optimization software with low cost? anyone recommend me best search engine optimization software?

admin answers:

Lots of Search engine optimization softwares [SEO Software]available , i can recommend you digital sign seo software..

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