Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Carol asks…

What are the strongest free web proxies?

I have Cendant, which is for Super 8 Motels, and i won’t let me on myspace, I have tried free web proxies and every single one is blocekd the Direcway Support Team which monitor my internet traffic please help.

admin answers:


I also have one,
Username: Guest
Password: Guest

Works very reliably, not many users hence it’s not as slow as others.

Michael asks…

Proxy Server for home office?

I want to setup a server in my home office to act as a ‘router’ to distribute internet connection for the workstations. The server able to monitor web traffic and cache web data (best if able to filter viruses and balancing internet traffic too). Is this called Proxy Server? Is there any free solution on Windows 7?

admin answers:


Your best bet is to check out a high end router from D-Link or Linksys. That will let you run a home office efficiently

“The server able to monitor web traffic and cache web data (best if able to filter viruses and balancing internet traffic too)”
If you want something with these features – call Cisco – and bring your checkbook. You will need it – Cisco is not a billion dollar company because they give their hardware away cheap!!
With Cisco – if you have to ask the price – you can’t afford it!!

Ken asks…

Is there a free software to monitor or track the links from my computor to the final destinations?

Sometimes I see lot of traffic flow from and to my computor even when the web pages are already downloaded. I want to check which of the software is active and to which final destination the computor is communicating and thru which IP’s.
Is there a tracking tool available?

admin answers:

The website is a hosting site for free software. They have several IP Tracking systems listed:

You could also check these other sites that collect freeware / shareware / full price software:


Daniel asks…

The best deal for Press Release Software – Free press release for targeted traffic?

I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer.
So far the best I found was at
Anyone know of a better deal?

I have searched:

Press Release Software – Free press release for targeted traffic

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admin answers:

Try this free press release distribution site

John asks…

What is the best web hosting solution for a social networking website?

We want a scalable solution that is affordable but robust enough to handle an sharp increase in demand.

1) Performance – We want our hosting to be able to scale quickly to handle an increase in traffic.
2) Email – We will be sending our members critical event notification emails that we don’t want listed as SPAM. Anything we can do in the hosting environment to improve this would be great.
3) Security – We don’t have full-time staff, so it would be great if more of the IT maintenance / updates / monitoring that can be done by the hosting provider.
4) Cost – we have a limited budget, and we can’t get into a long-term contract.

Technical details: Windows hosting w/ SQL required.

What are the best solutions out there?

Many thanks

admin answers:

Http:// has great hosting

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Your Questions About Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Betty asks…

Where can I find a free tutorial on effective website promotion?

It should include topics on search engine optimization, advertising and affliate links promotion tips.

admin answers:

You could spend all day studying this site.


You will get a good start on the information you need, there.

Helen asks…

Why I cant find my web site in google or yahoo search results.?

is there any simple steps for how to put my html web site in to the google’s or yahoo’s search results..

i’m not marketing anything i just want to find my web site with google..

maybe i should change the code or smth.. i’m not a prof web designer so?/
i need some simple and understandable tutorials or steps for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

admin answers:

In the below website search engine optimization is explained in detail
Here is the link for you (step by step search engine optimization explained in detail here)

You can also download free search engine submission software from this website.

Nancy asks…

How simple is SEO for a computer novice?

Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) get into the technical side of computers or get into concepts that would be too difficult for a complete computer novice to grasp? Are there any websites that offer free basic tutorials to learn it and can you recommend one? Does it require special software or anything?

Any information would be appreciated.

admin answers:

SEO does not require technical computer skills. Then again, this does not mean it is easy. It requires a lot of knowledge, which will only come from years of reading and reading. There are plenty of websites and forums to help you out. Do a Google search and join some…Ask any questions you have from the pros there!

Sharon asks…

SEO Tutorial………………?

How I can learn Search Engine Optimization for free ?

admin answers:

You can learn from numerous sites but here is a free site that has SEO Tools for free as well to get you started . I am personally using a great new software program that is being launched to the public tomorrow. It handles all my article marketing and Web 2.0 needs with a push of a button once I set it up. I have to many sites for the manual methods that take up too much time. Actually you can sign up for free tutorials there as well… Sorry almost forgot since I already have my SEO current.

I use 1 Click Marketing Machine for my automated content submission.

Currently distributes to over 7 200 places completely on Autopilot – once set up…

Mark asks…

Where Can I take free tutorials on these subjects?

Where can I take free easy to follow tutorials (that are not complicated or give you 2 pages to read) on these subjects?

- ASP,
- .​NET
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- MSSQL language
- MS Access

I’m fairly new to web design and would like to learn atleast some of these skills like SEO and .NET or Javascript to go farther in making pages.

admin answers:

I think you should go to w3schools and you will surely find that site useful. I think all of the programs u mentioned above are available there

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Your Questions About Free Advertising Sources

Steven asks…

What are the best free and paid sources for advertising a web-based business you have found?

I’m not looking for affiliate links, just a general idea of some things you have used to successfully promote your business online.

admin answers:

I get alot of my business through FreeViral. Might be a little time-consuming, but it IS free.


John asks…

free classified advertising – online and local papers – sources?

I have inventory of jewelry items that i want to sell in NY, NJ area. What are some of the ways other than that i can market for free or low cost?

admin answers:


Daniel asks…

How can I advertise my business for free?

free advertising sources

admin answers:

Yahoo groups


Laura asks…

Free Advertising Sites!?

Now All I need is some sources of Free Advertising sites, I have no Advertising Budget, and I don’t need to be reminded of that, All I need is sites, sources the one with the most sites gets 10 points

admin answers:

Here are some links. I hope it helps.

-Free classifieds on the net (“Classified” section on the upper center side-a lot of good and free info also)

and many others…

Also start a blog to promote your site, it’s free: etc, etc,…

-Try Search Engine Submission – (There are so many around and some charge a setup fee, others don’t and some are free)

Try banners exchange

Free community papers Ads
Email campain, etc,etc,…

Good luck!!!!!

Maria asks…

60+ free ways to increase traffic?

Make Use Of Free WebSites To Promote Your Blog!
6. write related articles on WikiPedia with your blog url in it.
7. make a hubpage for your blog, with a little bit information about your blog.
8. make a wiki page for your blog.
9. make a squidoo lens or more with a link to your site.
10. sign up at and write things related to your blog and what you want to accomplish.(you’d be surprise by the number of people, just reading other peoples list)
11.create a myspace page for your blog.
12. create a facebook page for your blog.
13. create a hi5 page for your blog.
14. join blogcatalog and do the same as with mybloglog.
15. use MyBlogLog to create a community around your blog. join other peoples community, so they do the same for you.
16. create an account with Technorati and with every new post, ping it.
17. post related how-to videos on you tube with your blog address on the bottom of the screen or at the end or beginning of the video.
18. use yahoo answers to answer questions related to your niche, leaving your link in the resource box. (believe it or not, 10% of my traffic comes from 20 minutes a week answering questions on yahoo answers)
19.create an account on stumbleupon, and stumble each and every article you write. (one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site for free)
20. join as many forums as possible, especially forums related to your niche

Take Advantage Of Free Tools And Plug-ins!
21. place a “digg it” button right after your post, to make it easy for your readers to digg your post.
22. use a comment notifying plug-in to let your readers know about new comments. believe it or not, most people read more of other peoples comment on your post, than your post itself.
23. use social bookmarking plug-ins to make it easy for your readers to submit your post to social bookmarking site
24. install “tell-a-friend” plug-in to make it easy for your readers to let others know about your post.
25. make use of “all in one SEO” plug-in to make your blog search engine friendly.
26. use a forum plug-in to create a forum for your blogs readers to talk and discuss related issues.
27. use a free keyword tool to find and use good ranking keywords in your niche.

28. use sites like vista print to make free business cards ($5 shipping for 250 free BC which is worth it) with your site url on it and pass it around.

29. make a free favicon to be easily found in your readers favorites file. (people like to find what they want fast. i myself sometimes give up finding a particular article or site in my huge favorite file, simply because i don’t want to spend 5 minuets to go through the whole list. a favicon is like big spot light focused on you between hundreds of other people!
30. use free press release services to gain visibility.
31. Use pingomatic to ping RSS aggregators.
32. use free advertising sources like craigslist and backpage to post ads about your articles or blog in related categories.

Other Bloggers Can Help Too!
33. talk about or if you can interview a trusted person in your niche
34. Leave comments on blogs in related niches or any niche for that matter.(don’t spam, leave genuine comment, as you would like others to do so for you)
35. make a banner ad for your blog and exchange with other interested bloggers.
36. use blogroll to link to other bloggers in your niche in exchange for a link to your blog on their blog roll.
37. ask other bloggers to write a review of your blog in exchange for a link to their site from your site.
38. dedicate a post about a top bloggers in your niche. it will catch their attention and they may link to you
39. whenever appropriate, link to other bloggers articles in your post. they will return the favor.
40. use your best articles to post on other peoples blog as a guest writer (it’ll gain you visibility and new audience)
41. another blogger to post on your blog as guest (while he enjoys some new readers, it will brings his readers to

admin answers:

I submitted Forums and Blogs to promote my website.

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