Your Questions About Web Traffic Statistics

Donald asks…

Are there any websites where I can view the details traffic statistics of other websites, Beside

the reason im asking this question is because that stats on the are not accurate, the dont process all web browsers mac,s etc and im really trying to find a better service, anyone know?

admin answers: u can check

Betty asks…

is there real visitors come if we purchase web traffic ?

Hi, I’ve observed one blog kept their statistics public through histats. I have observed their posting date is started at april 2010, and their statistics are available from june 2010. i found that their visitors are 6000 a day even at june2010, how they got that much of traffic or visitos in the initial days they are having new visitors in thousands. are they purchased traffic, if we purchase real people will come for visit or how they got huge trafffic. and they are using clicksor advertisements, so how much they are earning for an example

admin answers:

Simple answer no,

There probably just advertising, Thats probably what you mean by purchasing traffic. You advertise, people see the link and they go to your site if they want to. 1 person = traffic.

Your site needs to be good or have a relevant purpose and to be known before it gets good traffic!

Sandra asks…

Is it possible to get free ads by google?

Checking my web statistics, I have had a fair amount of traffic from googleleads, and while browsing last night I found my company on another site in the ‘ads by google’ section. I’ve never signed up for any google ads and can’t imagine they’d want to give me this advertising for free!

Am I losing the plot here!?
*** added info in reply to comments below

The ad is positive, looks genuine and links correctly to my site!

admin answers:

What did the ad look like? Was it positive? Google would never do that without your permission, as you should be able to decide for yourself what the text of the ad is. However, a competitor might do something like that.
I think the best thing to do is to try to get to see the ad again, take a screenshot of it, and then try clicking on it to see where it takes you. With this information, contact Google to see if they can tell you more about it.

David asks…

I want to learn web design!!! HELP!!!?

So I’ve asked a couple questions regarding web design/development! I’m 16 years old and want to know about what I should learn now that will help me in the future! So far what I’ve decided to learn is…
HTML, XHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, FLASH, AJAX, PHP! And also use dreamweaver and photoshop! And I will learn more about web design and blogging and making databases and traffic statistics! But I really don’t know what each of those do! That is what I want to know! What do each of these things do, and what do they create? What I’ve done so far is just create websites in photoshop and import them into dreamweaver! Also, is there anything else that I should learn? What about making IPhone applications? I know these are a lot of questions, but if you provide a good answer to all of them, I will choose as best answer! Please help me here!

admin answers:

Make a Webpage

Beginner’s HTML Tutorial:
How to Create a Webpage:
Web Site Blog:

Free Editors:

PageBreeze (both a visual and html source editor):


Charles asks…

Why so many categories, so many regions but no traffic bar?


I visited Yahoo Answers India by a chance, coming from Google.
Today I discovered, Yahoo Answers is run regionally.
Regional answers for regional questions.
But it doesn’t make sense to ask general questions as regional ones.

What counts is traffic, number of web visits, number of questions, number of questions answered.

Visiting empty categories, visiting empty regional categories, not visited by anyone, does it make any sense ?

Please have a look how does i work with Google Groups, Usenet groups.
You have categories (global categories) and you can get to know number of subscribers, messags in headlines view.
And what counts the most is statistics .

I have already asked few questions and I am sure today, nobody was interested to give me an answer, as I asked general Yahoo Mail questions in regional forum.

So general should go to general, regional to regional.
There is no need to run regional interfaces to Yahoo Answers
as one general interface is exactly ok
and should follow next is
categories tree, like in Google Groups, Usenet.

Some categories may be specified as regional, some not
but it makes no sense to ask the same general questions at each of regional Answers web forums.

And traffic load bar and statistics are the most important features.

Why should I ask any questions not to be read by anyone in a specified category ?

Please improve Yahoo Answers to smart service.
Usenet groups worked fine for years,
Google Groups worked fine for years,
today number of web forums goes in millions, number of Google Groups goes in millions.

More web forums, groups, categories than users to populate them.

The issue is Yahoo Mail and new settings, flagging inbound traffic as Spam, what actually is not any Spam at all.

Just run self-test and send test e-mail to yourself, to see how it works and what flag gets your self-tested mail.
If spam, as in my case, it mean , there is something wrong with Yahoo Mail as before.

I don’t send spam, keep system clean of viruses, trojans, malware.

IP assigned is dynamic IP assigned by my telecom cell modem operator.
IPs assigned from national operator are rated poor by Senderbase, Ironport, Spamhaus.

What can I do next ?
Already contacted my operator, notified him with a problem
and got standard form reply and no human response in 14 days yet.

Assigning poor rated IP addresses to customers is playing not fair,
any assigned IP should be first checked against mail filtering databases and kept clean, as what I inherit is history of previous users of the same IP as assigned dynamic, temporary to me.

If you know a solution , please let it me know.


Should I ask my lawyer to contact my national telecom operator
and tell its COB what is he doing wrong ?

admin answers:

I tried reading all this, but it’s a lot & its hard to read. It seems very disconnected.

It sounds to me like you have more than 1 issue that needs to be resolved. And perhaps you’re not asking your question(s) in the most specific category.

It also sounds as if your issues with Y!A need to be taken up with the people who actually run Y!A, not with the people who are answering on Y!A.

As for your mail issue, you need to ask that in the Home > Yahoo! Products > Yahoo! Mail category (and even from there you could go into > Problems with Service or > Spam & Bulk Mail), not the Home > Yahoo! Products > Yahoo! Answers category.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Statistics

William asks…

Help with Google Analytics and Web Traffic Tracking?!?!?

OK so a project I have been working on at my job is to add Google Analytics to our website to track the web traffic and patterns. We have a master domain ( and then we have a bunch of sub domains for customers ( We need to track the traffic on each individual cust1.htm, cust2.htm, cust3.htm individually.

Now I was able to accomplish this by creating a bunch of accounts for each domain but I am limited to 25 accounts, and I need to track like cust1.htm through cust150.htm.

I also went down the path of instead of using a bunch of different profiles I used a bunch of accounts, but the UA(analytics code) stopped incrementing properly so my traffic statistics were clumped together, which I have heard others report this problem.

Can anyone suggest a work around to tracking all of my “sub domain” or pages individually? Even a paid product or somethign installed on my server would do.

Please suggest anything, my boss is getting upset :(

admin answers:

Those aren’t sub domains, those are just sub pages, and Google Analytics is designed to track them automatically. You should put the same Google Analytics code on the bottom of every page, and break out the individual page stats using Google Analytics’ tools (Content > Top Content by Title would be your best bet).

James asks…

Is it possible for anyone to see my web traffic analytics?

Similiar to how I can view my own website statistics & analytics through Google Analytics, is it possible for someone else to see this same information–such as an advertiser who is interested in buying ad-space on my site?

admin answers:

They cannot see it through Google Analytics but there are other websites that offer to views a website’s information, traffic quantity/origin, number of SEO backlinks, etc.

Ruth asks…

Are there any websites that you can use to help you see the traffic statistics of your website for free?

How do i know if people really are coming to my website or not so i can see what’s going on. Sinse i am building a website from (free web that doesn’t have the option of having a counter on your website to see how many visitors I have). I am just curious if there is anyway to watch statistics of my website for free?

admin answers: , it’s awesome and completely free.

Sandy asks…

Any Internet tools which is like this Web Statistics Trendsmap?

Does enyone know any internet tools which is like this Web Statistics (Internetowe Statystyki Trendsmap -PL)?
This tool show statistics as coloured Map of Clicks on the web page. It helps to optimise internet service for customers, and analyse traffic on the web.
I know also google analytics, but it seem like a little different one.

admin answers:

Look at

Hope this helps…

Mary asks…

What percentage of the web is powered by some type of LAMP stack?

Are there any good statistics on how much of the web is powered by some variation of the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP(or Perl or Python) software package?

Any measure is fine: number of servers, percentage of web traffic, volume of transactions, whatever.

admin answers:

For languages:

For servers:

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Statistics

William asks…

What is a web hosting provider with frequent traffic statistics updates?

What is a web hosting provider that can update traffic statistics more frequently than once in 24 hours?

admin answers:


I found one with “real time” stats. The info is on the page.

David asks…

Traffic Statistics from Web portals ?

I want to count how many web accesses happen to say or some other site and how many users are accessing a file ? I tried to use Alexa etc but I need the raw data that they use to plot the graphs. Is there a way to get the raw data also, is there any other way to get such statistics on the websites ?

admin answers:

Try Google Analytics:



Google Analytics is a very detailed.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find a web statistics tool that will tell me a site’s traffic/weekday and traffic/hour of the day?

Where can I find a web statistics tool that will tell me a site’s traffic/weekday and traffic/hour of the day?

I can’t get that form or from, so I’m looking for other tools.

Thank you!
It is not for my own website. I want the stats for someone else’s website.

admin answers:

I think the best free stat tool to do this is They provide a really in-depth analysis of your site’s traffic and have many awesome counters as well. I’d give them a shot.

Nancy asks…

What is a good traffic for new websites like 1-3 months old?

I own a website,  that provides the latest technical news about everything. Now since its one months passed already, I got almost 200+ average unique visitors per day according to awstatus web statistics tool. I want to know, how much web traffic is good for one month old website? and how much it should be when my website will be 6 months old?

Thank you.

admin answers:

Traffic is good, but the better barometer is: What is the quality of your traffic? What is the objective of your site and whether that 200+ unique visitors do what you want them to do?

If this is an ecommerce site, does the site’s 200+ visitors buy?
If this is an advertising-supported site, do they respond to your ads by clicking or buying from your advertiser?

I don’t really like Awstats because it is a log analysis tools that also counts search engine bots. So those 200+ may not all be people visiting your site but robots of the search engines

I would switch to Google Analytics, which is also free but offers a wider range of analytics data that you can use to better gauge how your business is performing

Donald asks…

What is a good Website to view a company’s web traffic?

I am working on a project for an Information Systems Class. I need to know a good website to get statistics on the traffic on several companies website’s in order to understand the effect of the website. only provides the graph and I need statistics, such as hits and views for a range of dates. Will you help please?

admin answers:

Google has some teriffic stats that can give you what need to know.

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