Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

David asks…

Surf anonymously without a proxy??

hello i recently started to try and surf the web slightly more anonymously than usual and i used a program called Tor, however that is not not working ,so i am being forced to ask if anyone knows about a program that will hide my ip address and make sure no one can monitor my internet traffic to see the websites i visit?? Oh yes and also i already have the program peer guardioan 2 so please do not recommend that.

i would like the program to be free but i may pay for one if i think it will be worth it

whoever recomends the best program that works well will revieve the ten points

thanks alot,


admin answers:

Thomas asks…

Should Internet Be Regulated?

I took this article and copied and pasted it on here from the bbc so if anybody wants to be abusive then go picket the bbc not me ok??

“A chilling fact that emerged from the Copeland case was that he discovered how to make his deadly bombs on the internet. Once again it has raised questions as to whether and how such material might be restricted. The BBC’s Julie Etchingham reports.
When David Copeland planted his home made nail bomb in the Admiral Duncan in April last year he struck at the very heart of London’s gay community.

To help those affected by the horrific attack, gay website Digital Diversity opened a special webpage.

Hundreds of people from all over the world visited it, many leaving messages on its online book of condolences.

Many websites provide step-by-step instructions

Yet the editor of Digital Diversity, Nigel Whitfield, says that even though Copeland got the information to concoct his nailbomb from the internet – any moves to ban such material from the web should be resisted.

“You have to accept the fact the internet is global, we don’t have a global government, and its very hard unless you want to filter every bit of internet traffic in and out of the country. I don’t think many people would be very happy if we did that,” he says.

As part of his plans to wreak havoc in the capital, David Copeland took a trip up to London and came to an internet café in Victoria. It wouldn’t have taken him very long at all to find the information he needed to make a bomb.

There are hundreds of websites providing such information, some more serious than others, and many provide foolproof step-by-step instructions.

Little can be done to regulate the Internet

What Copeland learned enabled him to wage a one-man war in the name of neo-nazism. For those who study the rise of extremism on the internet, it sets a worrying precedent.

Dr Les Back, a sociologist at Goldsmith’s College says: “This case is significant because here is a person who is outside of the extreme right party organisation but subscribing to extreme racist and xenophobic views and using a profoundly democratic tool to wreak havoc and to fundamentally exercise the politics of terror.”

And there’s little that can be done about the bombmaking instructions Copeland got from the web.

Those who help monitor the internet in the UK say the only laws available to use online are those which already apply in the real world – such as peodophilia and questioning the government – and in this case they wouldn’t help.

Roger Darlington: “We must be realistic”

Roger Darlington, the chairman of Internet Watch Foundation, says: “A lot of this information, whether we like it or not, is available and is available legally in libraries and research papers so it is going to be very difficult for us to ban it as a regulatory body.

“What we can do is appeal to responsible internet service providers and ask them whether they really feel they should be hosting this sort of material and perhaps over time its availability could be limited.”

But there will always be ISPs who are prepared to carry the material – particularly in the USA where such websites are protected under the first amendment right to free speech.

But Roger Darlington says, in terms of the Copeland case, it is important to keep the issue of the role of the internet in perspective.

“We have to accept that this individual had a history and sooner or later he would have found the information to wreak violence on people and perhaps even death,” says Mr Darlington.

It was made easier by the web, and we should draw some lessons from that and try to limit it, but we’ll never combat it, I’m afraid, we’ll never stop it completely.” ”

The article was written 8 yrs ago after the Bnp nail bomber David Copeland bombed areas of London popular with gays and ethnic minorities.

He got the info for bombmaking on the intenet.
I didnt td you Sadiq.

It was probalbly Josh or Pinda.

admin answers:

It can be regulated if people choose, a website can be prosecuted and shut down as happened with Dad’s Place, a website that ran a vendetta against employees of Sunderland Housing Corporation. I think part of the problem might be though that this was a prosecution within the UK and it is more difficult to deal with websites operating from foreign countries, so there would have to be an international legislative process. There’s so much filth on the internet that I agree with you this would be desirable.

Helen asks…

Plastic Sniffer Malfunction… or is it the PCAP driver?

I have started using Plastic Sniffer on our LAN to monitor and troubleshoot network traffic for enforcement of my company’s surfing policy. However, sometimes, it works great (When PS works right, I cant use a web browser) and other times it only seems to capture UDP packets and not all the others from remote IP addresses. (When I CAN use a browser.) If I reboot, it’s a crapshoot whether it works or not. Can somebody offer some info, or direct me to a site that can help me.
Is there something that you dont understand?
Why all the ????’s

admin answers:


Lisa asks…

Does anyone else have ads on their cpanel when using Hostgator?

I called them and asked for the ads to be removed as I am paying for their largest hosting package. The customer rep. said that they weren’t ads and this is the convo

Scott B.: Welcome to HostGator, how may I assist you?

jasmine: hi, I want to know why there are ads on my cpanel

Scott B.: let me check that for you…

Scott B.: what is the domain name?

jasmine: ———

Scott B.: OK, one moment while I check on that…

jasmine: no problem

Scott B.: These are not advertisements. HostGator has begun to offer our Shared customers new cPanel features.

Scott B.: Template monster is web site template company that provides amazing web site templates that are easy to use and soft on the pocket.

Scott B.: AdBrite provides a service available for customers that need assistance with advertising and can monitoring the traffic received to help you better target visitors with relevant ads.

jasmine: those are ads. I dont’ want them. Can you remove them?

jasmine: please
Scott B.: We are not able to remove those from the cpanel. They are just options for you to use in the future in case you need them.

what? why am i paying so much for hosting if they add ads to your cpanel?

I am changing host companies anyone else have this experience?
I shouldn’t need to upgrade in order for them to remove ads..IF you paid for something and hosgator tells you they won’t put ads on you they should live up to it. and how come ads can’t be seen on their demo?

If they insist on keeping it there than they should pay ME for keeping it anywhere on my site and that includes the cpanel.

admin answers:

Why not switch to a reseller plan? Then you can remove the ads completely and even add your own branding and theme to cPanel, in case you want to outsource some of your bandwidth.

Lizzie asks…

key features these emerging network technologies?

can anyone help give some key features for each of these emerging network technologies please. would be much appreciated. xx

•Cloud Computing
•Internet 2 (Web 2)
•Mobile Networking
•Voice over IP (VoIP)
•Server Virtualisation
•Active Directory (AD)
•G1 G2 G3 G4 Telephony
•Remote Monitoring (RMON)
Traffic Congestion Networks
•Storage Area Networks (SANs)
•Radio Frequency ID tags (RFID)
•Digital Broadcasting (DAB & HDTV)
•P2P and BitTorrent (DNA) technology

admin answers:

1)when people stretch their hands to receive small gray world passport, a green electronic tattoo (three sixes like on a timer) will be given by lasers on the wrist area or forehead. This is the infamous mark of the beast. Police will later laser people with it. Food stores will be set up to laser people with it too. Those who receive this tattoo will not be forgiven.
2)antichrist will rule from jerusalem. He has white powder on his face. Also, he has red eyes. This ruler will be surrounded by demons who will appear as angels of light. This ruler will move very fast. He will also make fire come down from the sky. Those who worship this red-eye ruler will not be forgiven.
3)demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships. They will invite people to be healed in their ufo ships. Whoever goes in, comes out a zombie.

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Thomas asks…

Do you think the World Wide Web can be a threat to US Security?

The US Government knows that there are domestic and foreign based terrorist cells operating inside the USA, and they also should realize that the perfect means of communications between these terrorist cells could be the Internet, enabling these terrorists to be able to safely communicate with each other to formulate any plans they might be working on. Would you personally feel that it was against your Constitutional Rights if the US Government monitored ALL Internet traffic in the name of Homeland Security?

Effective communications in monitoring the Internet is a way in which to block terrorist cells from communicating with each other, since fax, telephone and snail mail can be also monitored by the Government, so by allowing the government to do this, we as American’s will be able to successfully fight and defeat any terrorist group that is bent on harming innocent people with their tactics.

What is your take on this subject, and please, no children need to reply, thank you!
Also, if you think this question is interesting, would you give it a star, thanks!
The US Government is not stupid, contrary to what most people tend to think, and once they have located a hidden terrorist cell operating inside the US, they would monitor it and then track the members activities, and block any of their attempts to attack US cities or people. The US Govt is doing a pretty good job of preventing any additional terrorist attacks against the USA, so why not work with our own govt in helping to protect our fellow American’s and all of our loyal allies from future attacks, afterall, the life you save may be your own! I support my govt., do you?

admin answers:

It is all well and good to monitor the internet to prevent things that would hurt our national security but the problem is that someone has to make the decision as to what is a threat to national security and what may be a threat to whatever political party is in power and who do we trust to have that power and how do we ensure that they don’t abuse it.
J.Edgar Hoover at one point placed an illegal wiretap in a house of a mafia gang – while denying at the same time that there was a mafia family in this country – heard of a murder to be committed by an FBI informant, allowed the murder to occur, and then allowed 3 innocent persons to be charged for the crime and sent to prison for life – several FBI agents have since been sent to prison for their part in this event – so how do we ensure that the monitoring is not also used against Americans as well as terrorist groups?
It is fine to establish means to monitor communications between terrorist groups but at the same time we need to put in place a means of preventing abuse of that power or we are no better off than if we don’t bother to monitor anyone.

James asks…

The BNPs website gets more traffic than any other political website in the UK?

In fact, it attracts more than half of all internet traffic to political party sites, according to the online monitoring firm Hitwise. Last year the BNP’s website had more than seven times as many visitors as the Labour Party, and three times more than the Conservatives.

What does this say about the BNP or perhaps more to the point about the people of Britain. Are people publicly slating them but secretly they are rather interested in them ?

To be honest wensly… i have seen these types of lists before. If anyone has a mind go to the BNP Website and there is a list as long as your arm naming Labour MPs doing exactly the same. So i guess they are all as bad as each other.

admin answers:

Like I have always said.
The three main parties and their policies, are the best recruiting agent the BNP can have.

People can come on here and call the BNP what they want, yet slowly and steadily, their membership will increase.
Nazi’s, National Front, Zionists etc etc ,call them what you want.
We live in a so called democracy.
That means that when enough people have joined the BNP (and believe me, despite what you all may think to the contrary, they will), then the BNP will become a Political Force to be reckoned with.

If the three main parties don’t take some action to curb the rampant immigration, if they don’t go some way towards reversing the dilution of British society, then they are giving the BNP every excuse to further their cause.

So have yourselves a laugh and a joke at their expense.
Yet the day will come when the laughing stops.

John asks…

The traffic from each office is proportional to the population in that location. For example, the traffic at H?

All the red lines are suggestions. IT SHOWS THE DATA TO BE ADDED.
MagnaValue Communications (MVC) is an independent telecommunication consulting company that specialized in providing cost effective IT solution for business and government agencies. Currently, MVC is working on network design project for one insurance company that just has just gone through reorganization and need to redesign its original network. The company has 15 offices around the country, and 3 of them are supposed to be regional center HQ that responsible for supervising surrounding local offices. As the company is experiencing budget cut, so it is planning to move the regional center HQ to a new location if it could save the total cost for the new company network.

The equipment for the new network is from Cisco System as the insurance company could get second hand boxes at very reasonable price, which would help them to cut down the cost for the project. The consulting fee is charged at 15% of the total equipment cost (before tax) and circuit rental fee. The installation fee is charged at 10% of the equipment cost (before tax).
Tax is 2% of the equipment cost
Design a network that has 15 sites, 3 of them are for the regional HQs. The locations for the HQs need to be optimal in order to lower the total cost for the new network. Also, the 3 HQs are required to fully connected to each other.ALL THE SITES ARE 100m APART.


The traffic from each office is proportional to the population in that location. For example, the traffic at HQ city N15 is 19600, and we consider the population there is 192, while in the other non-HQ cities, the population is 24 each. The link capacity increment is 9.6K/56K, and the link cost is multiple of the unit cost for 9.6K/56K link between the node pair. There is no limitation on the algorithm you could use for the network design. The group/individual with the lowest cost and workable design will get 5 extra points (5% towards the final grades). All the design should meet following performance requirement (average value):
•ftp download response time<0.8 s
•ftp upload response time<0.8 s
•HTTP response time<0.5 s
•Email response time<0.025 s (both directions)
•Utilization (any link between sites, switch/router) <50%

Type of traffic over the network:

•HQ sites: email (heavy), ftp (heavy), database (heavy), Web browsing (medium)
•Local sites: email (medium), ftp (medium), database (heavy), Web browsing (light)
Server and PC distribution:

•One PC per person;
•24 PCs per switch/router for configuration and monitoring purpose;
•There is a printer server for every 12 people, and one file & email server for every 24 people;
•There are 2 Web & Email servers, 2 ftp servers per HQ site.

admin answers:

You’ve left way too much out of your question beginning with the document referred to in the first line of the overview.

The consulting fee of 15% sounds reasonable but I’m having trouble convincing Cisco and the other suppliers I have in mind to trade equipment for Yahoo! Points, which is the currency of the realm here.

BTW – If I were your professor, and found your submitted proposal mirrored on Answers, you would flunk my course.


Ken asks…

Question about ARPANET?

The ARPANEt was developed to:

monitor traffic on the Internet backbone and improve throughput speeds

Ensure the safety of military communications and improve communication between computers.

manage the assignment of IP addresses and domain names

ensure the commercial success of the World Wide Web.

Which one is the right answer?

admin answers:

Ensure the safety of military communications and improve communication between computers.

Charles asks…

Google Chrome seems to be watching my PC…?

I currently own a fully updated copy of Norton Anti virus and downloaded Google Chrome today. I like the way it looks and the high speeds at which it renders web pages. My only problem is my Norton is picking up strange attacks on my PC from DIFFERENT IP addresses… Strangely they are all Port Scans I have been using Norton for years along with Safari, Firefox 3, IE7 and IE6 never once have I had a Port Scan on my PC within so little time. Within the first 5 minutes of use I had about 12 Port Scans blocked. So I leave this question for you is it reasonable to think that Google is using Chrome to monitor internet traffic in their quest to conquer the world? (With their recent purchase of YouTube and the new Android I’m pretty sure they are)

admin answers:

InformationWeek says it isn’t, but you’re not the first to notice this stuff and wonder. Here’s the article…


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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Maria asks…

Thinking about setting up a blog? How do I do it?

I am heavily considering creating my own blog. What software do I use to create one? What server should I get to host it? How do you obtain a .com web address? How do you monitor web traffic. How do you solicit to advertisers to get them to help fund the site? How do you set up a donation box on the website?

I have a lot of questions and obviously have a lot of research to do but if someone who already knows what they are doing could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks a lot in advance.
If responders could focus on finding advertisers and setting up donation boxes that would be most helpful

admin answers:

You can book your domain from Also you can buy hosting from There are some other hosting provider companies as well like:, etc. I would suggest go for linux server hosting. After that you can install wordpress on your domain. You can get it done through Cpanel as well. And for traffic analyzation use google anlytics.

Thomas asks…

How come every time I develop a website that starts getting great search ranking in google they ban it ?

Well its so frustrating I develop original content hours and hours of it , and have many old sites redirected that use to rank well to my new website and all is well , the rankings take off and I start getting web traffic from google then someone from google starts sniping any high web traffic term. All the low traffic terms and rankings are left some 1st page in millions of competition but the high traffic terms just are taken and all penelized eventually after doing well or buzzing lots of search then the same sites replace where I was , postchronicle, zimbio , xomba, docstoc, digg,, nowpublic, twitter and allot more crap websites that spew garbage and rank great.

My question is basically, Does Yahoo and/or Google pay people that work at the googleplex or yahoo headquarters just to blog and promote these sites with adsense etc on them for the benefit of google itself sort of giving the illusion of private parties but they all more or less worth their and tweek the search engines to all their ” Friends Network ” and monitor all real web spikes and funnel them to their own people?

I wold ask but this is the case I just want won of you fucking idiots to admit it.

admin answers:

No they dont pay people to try to screw the rest of us out of the top spots. It happens all the time. The key is to make sure that your site does not look spammy. Building backlinks should be gradual and continue over time (months). Content needs to be original, and not too saturated with key words.

Now, on the other side of this….ranking isn’t everything. I use a viral marketing technique to boost my traffic and it works even though my site is ranked quite poorly. I got this course from a friend, its a quick read ( 15 minutes), and the viral twist at the end is amazing.

Donna asks…

Should Obama Control the Internet?

A new bill would give the President emergency authority to halt web traffic and access private data.

Should President Obama have the power to shut down domestic Internet traffic during a state of emergency?

Senators John Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) think so. On Wednesday they introduced a bill to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor—an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure. That broad power is rattling some civil libertarians.

admin answers:

Well if it was a National security threat I guess it would be Ok. I am not too fond of anyone having too much power but in the case of national emergency the President should get the benefit of the doubt.I even gave Bush the benefit!

Linda asks…

Looking for a good, free, bandwidth monitoring tool?

I’m trying to find some freeware that monitors all traffic on port 80 (HTTP) on a Windows 2000 web server, to find out how much bandwidth in/out is used in an average day. The ability to view the volume per port is required. There seems to be a lot of freeware apps that view traffic across all ports, but I need something more granular. Thanks.

admin answers:

Well the capability to monitor the port is local to the switch. Depending on what type of switch you have you can monitor traffic to and from individual ports from within the command line interface for the switch.

Cisco Switches use Port Mirroring and Port Spanning to accomplish this.

No peice of 3rd party software will monitor individual ports on your switch. You need to tell the switch what to listen to, then push that traffic to your connected sniffer. Try WireShark for the Sniffer. Its free.


Jenny asks…

can anybody suggest a better antivirus+anti spyware+IDtheft block+anti-vermin all in one protection for my PC?

I have used some protection suite, but none seems to me suitable and all have some sort of drawbacks:

AVG 7.5.x Internet security suite: firewall disabled on every re boot of my pc. unabled to provide real time protection against tracking cookies and spywares, pc slows down during scheduled scan

Mcaffe internet security suity 2007: full of unnecessary warning in almost every command, unable to provide against tracking cookies, slow to automatic update, consumes a huge application memory for many unnecessary actions like hacker watch, online network traffic monitor etc.

Norton internet security suite 2007: pc slows down while web surfing,download speed decreases considerably. slow to downloading auto update

spyware doctor: pc slows down , and even freezes while scanning and its actitive protection consumes a huge amount of application memory that pc takes command action so late.

my pc work is mainly web based.Please suggest a better all in one protection for my pc.

admin answers:

Seems like you need the best software out there. I would stay from AVG, McAfee, Spyware Doctor and anything else that is free when it comes to spyware and antivirus. Now when it comes to Norton I wouldnt recommend Internet Security, It’s not that good. However, Norton Systemworks is the only software to get from Norton. It doesn’t slow mine down. Now the best firewall out there is Zone Alarm, it’s really good. Now on to the best. Spysweeper with Antivirus is the best out there. It deals with Pop ups, spyware, adware, viruses, malware, etc etc. This is really elite software. It guards, catches and shields from over 170,600 threats and not to mention Active Protection to those shields. No other software can compare or come close to even half that. It’s 2nd to none.

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Sandy asks…

Can you identify this network tracing program?

A couple of years ago I used a program which allowed you to monitor network traffic and see exactly what each packet contained that was being sent to and from your network and Internet connection. It also showed which web sites were being visited and other information. I would like to use it again but unfortunately I have forgotten what the name of it was!

I think it was given away free with PC Plus magazine one time and they had an article on how to use it. I think you can also download it for free.

Do you have any idea which program it could be?

admin answers:

Raft of packet sniffer software named on the wikipedia link:

Michael asks…

automobile traffic speed monitoring devices?

I’m looking for resources on the Web or which may be found in a public library, for educating myself on the various types of speed monitoring devices used by law enforcement.

admin answers:

OK, a bunch of links to choose from below. Check the first one — while it is about Europe, it does cover some things that, of course, we also use in America. Europe seems to be ahead of us in a few things, though. Safety cameras? Cool! The rest are just places to check up on things mentioned in the article or other stuff stumbled across along the way. Enjoy!!

John asks…

Is there anything you can do about abusive terms of service other than not sign the contract?

“EA also maintains log files which contain Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses. An IP address is a numeric address that is assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider. In general, we only use log files to monitor traffic on our Web sites, to report aggregate information to our advertisers and to troubleshoot technical problems. In the event of user abuse of our websites, however, we may block certain IP addresses or console IDs provided by our licensed hardware manufacturers. IP addresses and console IDs may be used to personally identify you in order to enforce our Terms of Service.

This disturbs me
“violates the Terms of Service or is otherwise improper or illegal”

Otherwise improper means basically anything they deem proper this terms of service is unbelievable god I hate EA

admin answers:


A private company can generally establish any policies they want, provided they are not illegal.

Mark asks…

Do programmers use a desktop or a laptop?

I know some web programmers have to handle a lot of traffic and I don’t think they need to carry their programs everywhere, do they? So my question is:

1) Do web programmers use a desktop or a laptop?
2) Do most web programmers use mac os x or windows?
2) If web programmers use desktops, do they use all in one desktops or the traditional monitor and a pc case?

I know my question’s weird but I hope someone can help me solve this question, thank you!

admin answers:

(1) It does not matter all that much. But a larger keyboard is more comfortable, I find. As is a larger monitor. Laptops can be connected through a “docking station” to both of those. So it is a personal preference.

(2) Linux is best.

(2 (the second 2)) Again, it does not matter. Separate components does permit more flexibility with your layout though. Plus you can swap out parts more easily if something fails or needs an upgrade.

Web programmers do not handle a lot of traffic. If you keep your development suite on a remote server, you do not need to carry much of anything.

Ken asks…

Web design cost good?

Create new logo and branding $400

Install WordPress and relevant plugins including site traffic monitor, SEO and

slideshow plugins. $100

Site layout, styling, menus and homepage including slideshow and header with

images provided by contractor. SEO-optimized page and path names and

formatted content for up to 25 initial pages and posts, using text and images

provided by the client. $800

Instruct and support client on use of WordPress $100

Migrate site to live server $100

Total $1500

— this is how much i’m being charged. I’ve been given like 4000 to 6000 estimate from others, so i think this is a clutch??? i’ve already met with the designer one on one, and 1500 although much cheaper than what i’ve heard, what do you think for those experienced in this field?

admin answers:

This is reasonable, however yes you can get a much better price then $1500 for the services being offered. I think you can have all of the above tasks completed for $999; or less if you are able and willing to do some work yourself.

Web design is really just the beginning. Once a site is built, you need to focus on getting traffic to your website. Otherwise the $1500 spent is completely worthless. It’s like building a store front in the dessert. Depending on your budget and goals for the website, I would suggest spending more money on the marketing end.

There are many ways you can reduce the expenses associated with web design and web marketing, however if you are not tech or web savvy (or at least understand some of the basics of web design, SEO, and marketing) then I suggest you hire a professional.

Really and what I tell all my clients looking to build a website is that web development is more than just a website.

Below are just a few of the tasks associated with an effective web development project.

Website Design
Website Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
*Onsite (website)
*Offsite (Not your website)
-Links to your website
-Page Rank
-Directory Listings
Online/Offline Marketing Integration
Video blogging
Communication/Information for current & prospective clients
Press Releases
Paid advertising
Ad Campaign Management
Web Copy

Good Luck!

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Lisa asks…

Monitor wireless network?

Is there any software that will allow you to monitor the traffic going through your network without installing third party software on all the computers?

For instance, if my neighbour connects to my wireless network, is there any way of seeing which web addresses he is accessing?

admin answers:


Those should help. But you need to learn how to use them properly.
If you’re concerned that your neighbour is stealing your bandwidth, the answer is to log in to your router, set WPA encryption. Then set a strong password that anyone will have to enter to log in to your network. Windows will remember it when you first log in so you won’t need to type it everytime. But every other machine trying to connect will need that password or no connection will be possible.

Lizzie asks…

Can I use Server Monitor on a non-Server Mac?

I have a spare PPC Mac I use as a simple file and web server. I am simply desiring to be able to monitor load, traffic, memory usage, etc via Server Monitor. I have also downloaded an app for my iPhone which does the same thing, but it uses the same method that Server Monitor does (which doesn’t recognize that computer as a server).

Is it possible to get Server Monitor to recognize my non-server box as a server so I can monitor this information thru SM and my iPhone app?

For reference, I am running 10.4.11 on this PPC box.

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

What is Server Monitor? Link?

A server is a server – 99% of websites use the same server (Apache) your using on your mac. If you can link me to whatever server monitor is, I can tell you whats going on because your computer IS a server.

If you want a more robust server, with apache, php, sqlite, sql, zen optimizers and other features you can download mamp (its free)

Sharon asks…

Monitoring Outbound Network Traffic?

Your company is concerned about the amount of employee time spent surfing entertainment and shopping site on the Web during office hours. You’re asked to come up with a way to monitor and track (and possibly block) connections from hosts on the internal network trying to make outbound connections to the Internet. How could you do this with a firewall?

admin answers:

How advanced is your network?
Are you looking for something like WFilter?

Betty asks…

Why Do Web Space providers provide web space for free – ?

I have checked many sites that provide free web space . Are they genuine with their service , especially the ones that do not post forced Ads on their customers’ websites ? I mean do they resort to some fraud means like diverting traffic from your website to theirs etc.
Which FREE web space providers are suggested that allow Ads on their page ?? since I am just beginning .
Also tell how much web space is required to build a 5-6 page average website and what are the technical services I should look forward to .
Suggest any freeware website monitoring tools especially traffic and uptime monitoring . Can I use them with my free web space provider ?
Please answer only with relevant information .
Thanx a lot in advance .!!!!

admin answers:

They get alot of money from advirtisment, the more visits to the site, the more the site makes….

Helen asks…

Which version of utorrent (rewarded)??!?

I heard that a recent version of utorrent now monitors your web traffic, does anyone know a safe version to download before they did this?
Thanks eXtaZiusS for a quick answer, ‘safe’ was probably a bad word to use haha, but that’s what you get with p2p ;)
anyway best answer will come your way when the question closes :)

admin answers:

Only 2.2.1 does this. No version is safe, to be safe on internet you need a powerful firewall, more info on the source link. Good luck !

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Carol asks…

What are the strongest free web proxies?

I have Cendant, which is for Super 8 Motels, and i won’t let me on myspace, I have tried free web proxies and every single one is blocekd the Direcway Support Team which monitor my internet traffic please help.

admin answers:


I also have one,
Username: Guest
Password: Guest

Works very reliably, not many users hence it’s not as slow as others.

Michael asks…

Proxy Server for home office?

I want to setup a server in my home office to act as a ‘router’ to distribute internet connection for the workstations. The server able to monitor web traffic and cache web data (best if able to filter viruses and balancing internet traffic too). Is this called Proxy Server? Is there any free solution on Windows 7?

admin answers:


Your best bet is to check out a high end router from D-Link or Linksys. That will let you run a home office efficiently

“The server able to monitor web traffic and cache web data (best if able to filter viruses and balancing internet traffic too)”
If you want something with these features – call Cisco – and bring your checkbook. You will need it – Cisco is not a billion dollar company because they give their hardware away cheap!!
With Cisco – if you have to ask the price – you can’t afford it!!

Ken asks…

Is there a free software to monitor or track the links from my computor to the final destinations?

Sometimes I see lot of traffic flow from and to my computor even when the web pages are already downloaded. I want to check which of the software is active and to which final destination the computor is communicating and thru which IP’s.
Is there a tracking tool available?

admin answers:

The website is a hosting site for free software. They have several IP Tracking systems listed:

You could also check these other sites that collect freeware / shareware / full price software:


Daniel asks…

The best deal for Press Release Software – Free press release for targeted traffic?

I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer.
So far the best I found was at
Anyone know of a better deal?

I have searched:

Press Release Software – Free press release for targeted traffic

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admin answers:

Try this free press release distribution site

John asks…

What is the best web hosting solution for a social networking website?

We want a scalable solution that is affordable but robust enough to handle an sharp increase in demand.

1) Performance – We want our hosting to be able to scale quickly to handle an increase in traffic.
2) Email – We will be sending our members critical event notification emails that we don’t want listed as SPAM. Anything we can do in the hosting environment to improve this would be great.
3) Security – We don’t have full-time staff, so it would be great if more of the IT maintenance / updates / monitoring that can be done by the hosting provider.
4) Cost – we have a limited budget, and we can’t get into a long-term contract.

Technical details: Windows hosting w/ SQL required.

What are the best solutions out there?

Many thanks

admin answers:

Http:// has great hosting

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Donna asks…

What can I do to monitor and control internet traffic on a 2wire router?

my kids access the web through the 2wire. I want to be able to see when they are on and control when they can use it and when they can’t. Similar to parental controls for a desktop, but I need to be able to apply it to the wireless router.

admin answers:

Go to and there is a local area network tab. Click it. It shows all devices ever connected to your router, and also the devices connected. You can edit the settings to make it where their connection is disabled I think. But you have to bee on that lan. At home.

Jenny asks…

Should Companies Monitor Employees’ E-Mail and Internet Traffic?

Most companies monitor (after transmission) or intercept (during transmission) employees’ e-mail messages. Employers can use software to automatically find personal or offensive e-mail messages that have been sent or received, and intercept and filter messages while they are being sent or received. Companies also monitor other Internet traffic such as Web sites visited by employees and how much time employees spend sending instant messages and visiting chat rooms. Companies perform this monitoring to improve productivity, increase security, reduce misconduct, and control liability risks. Few laws regulate employee monitoring, and courts have given employers a great deal of leeway in watching work on company-owned computers. In one case, an employee’s termination for using her office e-mail system to complain about her boss was upheld, even though the company allowed the company allowed e-mail for personal communications. The court decreed that the employee’s messages were inappropriate for workplace communications. Many employees believe that excessive monitoring of software violates their privacy rights. State laws usually favor the privacy of the employee, while federal laws tend to favor the employer’s right to perform such monitoring. To reduce employee anxiety about monitoring and to follow some state laws, companies publish written policies called acceptable use policies (AUP). AUPs should provide clear descriptions of acceptable and unacceptable behavior, respect employee needs and time, and establish a balance between security and privacy. Often, the consequence for violating an AUP is that the violator is fired. Should companies monitor or intercept employees’ Internet communications? How can a company balance workplace security and productivity with employee privacy?

admin answers:

There is no such thing as workplace privacy; if you don’t want your employer to know, don’t e-mail or talk about it at work.

It is 100% legal for an employer to monitor his employees activities whenever they are on company time and/or use company equipment as using them for frivolous personal use not only costs the company money, but could damage their reputation if an employee sends and obsence e-mail from a work address.

Most employers allow intermittent personal use of email and internet purposes like to email a family member or friend if you need to work late or if where to meet for lunch or pay a bill or two online, but it is against company policy to abuse those privledges and waste company time.

In a case I know of personally, the employer lost the account with a customer because their employer had gone into internet chat rooms on company time and when he thought he was sending an illicit photo of himself to people in the chat room, he actually sent it to everyone in his address book.

Sharon asks…

Does the government monitor the traffic and ISP’s to certain sites?

I’m curious about ones like Stormfront (white pride) or other sites. (I need to write a research paper but don’t want to end up on some watch list) Is it best to use a web proxy when checking these sites out? Are they more or less spying on us?

admin answers:

Proxies are a safe bet if you don’t feel sucure but most luckily there is so many people visiting this site they couldn’t possibly view everybody

Steven asks…

Stop ISP’s snooping on your web activity?

I read today that there are now 6 ISP’s in the UK who have agreed to “closely monitor the web traffic of its customers” and send warning letters out to those who infringe copyright. This seems to me a gross invasion of privacy, and another reason why I don’t want to live in the UK anymore!

I am not a large downloader, do not use P2P, and rarely use bit torrent. However, I do sometimes download tv shows from the States, not available in the UK, using rapidshare. Would this be detected?

Is it possible to mask your online acivity from your ISP, perhaps using a proxy, or Peer guardian etc?
Here is more information concerning the monitoring and the ISP’s involved.

admin answers:

Unfortunately the whole world is turning into a planet of police states….slowly but surely……

So there’d be no safe place to go. Restrictions on every aspect of life are occurring everywhere.)

One option:
If you’re using something like BitTorrent you could turn encryption on so you’re ISP won’t know what you’re actually downloding

Daniel asks…

What “title” would you give my job?

I work for an insurance company. Here are some of the things I do:
-Generate weekly newsletter and email to our subscriber base
-Scan the internet looking for mentions of our company and our competitors
-Oversee our company web site and make changes as needed (not an IT person, though – no formal training)
-Monitor web traffic to our site
-Write emails, create marketing pieces (mostly text) as directed by our company president and my supervisor
-Come up with ideas for new ways to sell our insurance products
-Attend trade shows and mingle with people
-A lot of work directly from the company president, such as correspondance to emails he gets.

They never really gave me a title for this job. It started as CSR since I was taking calls initially, but havent for about 18 months now. I want to apply for other jobs but am not sure what to put as job title, as CSR is misleading.

Is this a marketing director? Marketing & Communications director? Internet Marketing Specialist? What else?

admin answers:

Marketing Assistant.

I worked as a marketing manager for an insurance company for 5 years and those under me did largely what you do (albeit with varying tasks and degrees) and they were marketing assistants.

I don’t necessarily agree with you being labeled and admin assistant since you are doing market analysis work primarily.

I would shy away from putting director on your resume since that would almost assuredly result in job inquiries you are not likely qualified for (director titles are usually reserved for large corps where the director has teams of individuals underneath them).

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Donna asks…

The UK Government Monitoring All Web Traffic?

Life already seems like some big marketing experiement, now we are to have our phone conversations monitored and all web use including on-line game chat screened. I am not being funny, but isn’t there something wrong here? Why is nobody contesting this? I AM NOT A NUMBER!

admin answers:

“I am not a number” – sorry my friend – but you are. You’ve been logged, catalogued and watched by the powers that be in this “free and pleasant” land.

It’s not an experiment. It’s the hidden agenda that New Labour and the rest of the pseudo-communist left have introduced under the guise of “keeping you safe”. Everything from data recording, DNA recording and CCTV everywhere you look have arrived in this country over the last 12 years.

In old communist parlance it’s “watch all of the people all of the time”. The only difference is they’ve used the cover of democracy to achieve it.

Laura asks…

What’s the best way to monitor my kids web activity?

I have recently found cause to look a little closer into my children’s internet activity. What is the best product to do this?

I have a router at home with 3 computers connected through it. I need to monitor IM, and HTTP traffic. Ideally, I would have an IM log, and a list of sites visited.

If need be, I plan on shutting off inappropriate sites via the router controls.
Looking over their shoulder is not a viable option. They (2 kids) receive school assignments that require internet access, and sometimes both are on separate computers. One parent is always home, but one parent cannot look over the shoulder of two kids on separate computers in separate rooms while making dinner.
I also plan on telling my kids that I am watching. I don’t want to spy, I just want to monitor inappropriate activity.

admin answers:

Go to “” its a really good website to go to. It’s free.
Another way is to look over their shoulder or peek around the door.

Susan asks…

How can I monitor internet traffic made by each of the computers connected to a shared wireless router/modem?

I’m sharing the apartment with two other people and we use a wireless modem to connect to the internet. I would like to be able to keep a record on, for example, how much bandwidth is being consumed by each of the connected computers, and other details related to bandwidth usage. I really spent quite a time searching the web, but i failed finding what i need. I appreciate your help. Thnx.

admin answers:

Netstat live

George asks…

How to identify an IP or web address when computer is having network traffic without an opened web browser?

I just found out there is an Internet LAN traffic activity watching the connection icon on a XP taskbar. I want to determine if it is a worm or virus sending information, and the IP address is connecting to. Somebody knows an application to monitor this type of activity?

admin answers:

Yes you can monitor all the traffic connections on your computer.
Open up the command prompt and type in “netstat -an” and it will show you the ip and what port it is using. Decide what to do form there. “netstat /?” will show you everything else you can do.

Charles asks…

How can I monitor my internet traffic?

OK, my computer seems to be constantly sending and receiving data from the web. Even when there are no programs running there are still green and red ‘traffic bars’ shown in zone alarm icon…

I’ve run spyware checks and antivirus checks, but something is still connecting to the web every time my computer is on??

Is this normal for win xp, how can I see what ‘it’ is and how can I stop ‘it’?


admin answers:

Run “net statistics workstation” and “net statistics server” from a command prompt.

Additionally you can R click on “My Computer” and choose “Manage”, then “Services and Applications”, then “Services”. That will show you everything that is going on on your computer in the background….. R Click on an entry here and you can end it… You can also make your computer un-responsive, too so beware….

I suspect there is background traffic. Some of it is benign like Google Updater checking to see if apps need updating or Norton downloading new definitions.

Some of it is not so benign. My PC was hijacked by someone that was trying to use it as a file server to host about 3 gigabytes of TRANCE music.

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Your Questions About Web Traffic Monitor

Thomas asks…

How do I monitor web traffic?

I want to check my web browsing history – how do I do this?

admin answers:

Monitoring Web traffice and web browsing history are two different things.

To monitor web traffic, there are lot of tools which your web hosting service provider provides, like Web Analyzer, etc. You can also use third party tools like Google Analytics.

To check your web browsing history Go to Document settings –> User name –> Local Settings –> History


Sandra asks…

Does T-mobile monitor web traffic , can they see what i’m doing on my internet phone?

I was wondering if T-mobile views all web searches done with a mobile phone. I’m worried about privacy. I don’t want some worker at t-mobile head quarters getting credit card numbers or seeing i’m viewing porn . I want privacy .

admin answers:

The carriers do not monitor your internet use.

Linda asks…

Is it a violation of privacy rights for a company to monitor web traffic? Nobody monitors your bathroom use?

admin answers:

Some jobs actually monitor bathroom use. And yes the company can monitor anything they want when you use their equipment.

Mark asks…

Net/web/traffic monitor anyway to see and control ??

Right now my little “web screens” in the sys tray are lit up like a christmas tree, yet to my knowledge i aint uploading or downloading anything … now when im paying my the MB for this i getting a little p*st off. Sooooo is there any programs, ideally free, what will allow me to A) clearly and simply see whats going in and out and B) selectively stop whatever it is ??
i dont want a firewall, i just want to monitor whats going in and out and block as needed
the first three suggestions so far are not quite what im asking for, i dont wish to see a little graph with download and upload values, i wish to see something far more simple that perhaps makes a list of the incoming outgoing processes and then ideally with a stop button next to each activity that allows me to terminate it.

admin answers:

Go to >

As well as keeping a log of your usage it also has a display of the Internet up and downloads in a real time graph.

Daniel asks…

Does Airtel monitor web traffic ?

Does the Mobile Network operator AIRTEL monitor and track the websites it’s clients visit as a security precaution or other reasons ?
Does this constitute a violation of privacy in India ?
Suppose a user logs-in to his/her facebook ID , will his password be compromised by Airtel?

admin answers:

For security reasons, all the web traffic is monitored(not just airtel)

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