Your Questions About Blogging Successfully

Donald asks…

Get a part time job, but a lot of stuff going on?

I want to get a part-time job, preferably at home, but it doesn’t have to be.

However, I have a lot of stuff going on right now and will throughout high school. I do Marching Band, Track, Boy Scouts, as well as all my AP and Honors classes.

Is there a way to get a part-time job but still do all my activities? I know there are a lot of scams out there, data-entry is usually non-legit. Blogging takes at least a year to get slightly successfully as well as having to write essays almost everyday to keep it successful.

Does anybody have any ideas on this?

admin answers:

Suggestion – forget about the “work at home jobs” – they are pretty much all scams. It’s not just the data entry, but also the surveys, etc – the only way you really make money is by sucking more people in to sign up for these schemes. If a “job” tells YOU to send THEM money, for training, materials, or some other reason, it’s not a job, it’s a scam. Real jobs provide those things at their expense, not yours. There are a few survey sites where you do get paid for doing surveys, but typically something like a $25 gift card after answering surveys over several months. I assume you are hoping to get a regular paycheck – maybe not huge, but at least something reasonable. Forget about things like the people who claim to make a couple thousand a month. Notice that pretty much all of them just signed up for this board in the last day or so – maybe because they got booted off yesterday for spamming/scamming?

You sound really busy, in good activities. You need to figure out how much extra time you have, to work and still keep up with all the other things you are doing, or if there’s something you can drop out of your schedule. To be honest with you, fitting a job in with all the other things you mention might just end up with grades slipping, no time for activities that interest you, and more stress than it’s worth.

The advantage you have is that you must already be very focused and hard working, and pretty organized, to keep up with all that you have going on already.

For a job, you’d obviously need to have time available. Maybe weekends could be available, since that would be a little easier to arrange your schedule around a job. But that might also be your only downtime and catch up time – and you DO need some time to have fun and be a teen.

Does your schedule settle down a little when you aren’t in the middle of track and marching band season? Summers might end up your best bet for time for a job.

Good luck.

Mark asks…

How do I get a job writing content online?

Hi, I’m a web designer/developer with a passion for blogging and journalism. I’m wondering if you have any advice on how to make money by professional blogging or creating/editing content for the web? If you have done this successfully, I encourage you to share your stories on how you did so. Thanks.

admin answers:

I’m a freelance writer and I create content for a couple of area online:

1. I set up my own blogs and websites on subjects I am interested in and then sometimes use ad revenue through Google Adsense to make money with the content

2. Create content for others via bidding at freelancers’ site like Elance or create commissioned content for a site like Demand Studios

3. Write articles for websites like ehow and Infobarrel to create ongoing residual income.

I make the most money through my own website but the other options all add up too. I like the idea of the residual income generated from the articles in option 3 as once you have written the pieces they just keep (gradually, and very slowly) making money for you without you doing any more work.

No real get rich quick schemes though I’m afraid. Although I believe if you have a great idea for an eBook and it takes off you can make a considerable income – I haven’t tried that yet!

Besides that – have a look at Auto Profit Machine! They do guarantee income for everybody even totally passively…
The key to this guarantee is the 70/30 formula which means everyone promoting his link for this opportunity gets 70% of the traffic generated to their link and 30% of the hits generated go to a company rotator with everybody else in.
Check it out!

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Your Questions About Online Marketing Jobs

Lisa asks…

looking for free online marketing jobs?

yes looking for free online free online marketing jobs? that are not scams. not surveys, the ones that do not ask me for my credit card information, and i do not want to pay them for it to. free free free free . serious.

admin answers:

Snot Reel!

There are NO jobs that you can do from home,
With an EXCEPTION, highly trained and skilled System Administrators
and Computer Programmers work from home, however that is the exception rather than the rule.

ALL of those work at home jobs advertised on the internet are FAKE!
They get people to send $ for supplies or fees or whatever and that is how THEY make $ off of the work at home market.

Daniel asks…

will someone help me look for free online marketing jobs online?

no scams,
no credit card payments
no surveys
free free free free
no information jobs on you.please on want real ones.

admin answers:

Here are some job sites to look in

Betty asks…

help me with online marketing jobs?

hi friends,
I wish to do online marketing jobs.

Please let me know which companies are providing
marketing jobs without any investments.

waiting for ur reply,thanks.

admin answers:


one way of making money online is by becoming an affiliate of a reputable online company. The best companies have everything in place to give you loads of information about how to go about marketing your product. They will often pay a decent percentage of the customers you send their way. They use sophisticated tracking methods to know who has refered the client.

There is a lot to learn to begin with – and you might rather be looking for jobbing type things – such as if you are good at programing. The trouble with this is that you are competing with many many guys in the third world who will work for much less money than you (I assume) as their currency is worth much less than say UK sterling or the US dollar or euro. Effectively you will end up working for less!

If you are interested in affilate marketing, my link below will take you to the company that I personally affiliate for, and if you decide to give it a go – (it costs nothing) – get in touch with me – I can give you tips on promoting!

The link is my personal one to their business. I have looked for 2/3 years before finally choosing this one – I really believe it is second to none in what it offers in the internet field, with plenty of potential custom!

Thomas asks…

what are some legitimate online marketing jobs i can work?

admin answers:


Here is a link for a new & unique home based income opportunity

It is a simple plan that not only gives you potential for earning lots of money, it can also save you money each month by providing discounts on name brand items you may already purchase quite often.

The start up fees are very reasonable when you consider it includes your own personalized websites, along with automatically tracking your progress. The discounts alone could easily pay for the program, so you have minimal risk with chance for high rewards if you are willing to take action.

Please click the link above & take the free tour. I will gladly explain more if you are interested : )

Best Wishes for a $uce$$ful future !

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Your Questions About Online Earning

George asks…

I want to get an online earning education to earn money online in Bangladesh or start a bdjobs at home?

I need a 100% genuine institution who can help me to get a best education to start earning through online or to start bd jobs in Bangladesh at home. Does anyone can give me a good solution?

admin answers:

You can be a freelancer. Here are places where you can find freelance work:


Another option for you is to be part of a virtual call center, which is one of the growing work at home businesses today

Read this MSNBC’s article on this industry

AOL also published an article about virtual call centers, and named it as one of the best work at home jobs

Some companies where you can apply

Alpine Access = no fees and you will be considered as an employee, not as an independent contractor

LiveOps = considers agents as independent contractors; no upfront fee but requires applicants to pay for the background check

Of course, you can also choose to start your own business from home. It will depend on what you can do, what suits you and what could fit in your resources.

For more companies that will allow you to work from home, check out the source below

Paul asks…

Is online earning money really legal or not and is it working any where?

I have gone through so many websites for online earning and i found that we can earn around 20000 to 30000 by simply doing paper work.So they asked for registration is it really legal activities and if it really works then why should the people go for the 5000 -10000 jobs and working through out the day.So could you please suggest me if it is really works plz provide the related websites.

admin answers:

They are all scams, I sincerely suggest you to stay away from this BS.

Thomas asks…

Is the F5M-Millionaires Club an established Online Earning Program?

While browsing on the internet looking for an established and fail-safe online earning program, I often come across the F5M Millionaires Club. Can anyone recommend this program for me to join and earn?

admin answers:

If you can calculate the soundness and reliability of an online program by it’s life, then the F5M Millionaires Club beats all hands down. It’s been around for the past 20 years and still going strong.
But it’s best used with a equally reliable team builder for enhanced profits. There are quite a few ones around. The trick is to get in a new and thus fast team build.

Get the FREE F5M Millionaires Club Report here

Mandy asks… online earning program is it fake or true do i start it? Girish? online earning program is it fake or true do i start it?

admin answers:

I am not sure about googlecashkey, even i heard about it. It may be a scam as we are paying money.

First do not dream of earning more at a short period. Give a free trail for lesser amount at a quicker period

I suggest the below one … Try this!

Register yourself with the below site

Once you get registered go to surfads and start clicking the available ads. Stay in the ads for 30 seconds (at the top of the ad you will find an autotimer which shows the seconds you stay in the ads) Do not click more than one ads at a time.

You can check your earnings anytime at My stats column.

You will be registered under my referral name deepscorpio.

Please do not delete it as this develops the community and helps us to share thoughts about this and more online jobs.

Remember you should hold an alertpay account – its free
Logon to the below link and create an account before you create an account with…

Start now and earn money

Jenny asks…

What are the various ways of earning online?

I’m a professional photographer and financial adviser with over three years of experience. I’m also into computer education. Good at creative writing, data analysis and photo editing. Looking for ways of earning online to support my income.

admin answers:

Great!!! You have enough skills to earn online. Now implement in following ways:
1) Write content for others
2) Offer Photo Editing service

I am sure, people surely interest in your services.

Best of luck

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