Your Questions About Online Marketing

Susan asks…

What is the most effective online marketing strategy?

with so many different online marketing techniques, which one is tried and tested and can drive the most traffic that actually works?

admin answers:

I think i know exactly what you are looking for. For my websites I use a company called RankPay and they do performanced based SEO. Not only is it relatively cheap depending on your keywords, but YOU DON’T PAY UNTIL YOUR SITE IS RANKING!

I’ve got a bunch of sites ranking with them for extremely competitive keywords. It was pretty easy for me to choose them because there is literally no risk involved. You dont pay a dime until you start ranking. Here is their site:

Steven asks…

What are the best affiliates network marketing available online?

Halo there I want to involve in online marketing schemes any one know a good company offering online network marketing.

admin answers:

Hi there,

If you want to build your own website, which is what I have done, and it is a brilliant way to generate some income over the internet, then visit my site in the resource box to get an idea of what the program I am using is capable of, and if you are interested, use the CONTACT ME form on my site to ask more questions =)

Lizzie asks…

What are the most important instruments for Online Marketing?

This question concerns a small tour operator (3-4 employees), that means the marketing budget is very little. So what would you recommend, on what instruments in Online Marketing should the company concentrate? (Bannder, SEO, SEM, Affiliate etc etc…)

I need this information for my diploma work that i´m writing right now to support the company

admin answers:

You need to learn about Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of factors that influence search engine ranking. These articles will get you started:

Organic SEO –

Search Engine Tips –

How to Influence Search Engine Ranking –

SEO Guide –

Spider Food –

Free Web Marketing Tips –

Sandra asks…

Where can I find the best online marketing course?

I would like to find out who offers the best course on marketing, online.
I need information about internet Marketing courses, and who is the best regarding tips and tricks regarding Internet Marketing.

admin answers:

Here are some of the top guru’s I’m aware of – I have done business with them, and they all teach real stuff that works.

Remember: your income entirely depends on your efforts. The best info in the world has zero value if you don’t use it.

Derek Gehl (took over Corey Rudl’s business after his death)
Ken Evoy – has some great systems including a website in a kit type deal that has everything most people will need.
Dr. Ralph Wilson – great articles, good place to do a lot of basic starter learning
Mark Hendricks – one of the very first people to sell stuff on the internet, he’s plugged into the big time players and is always on the leading edge of “what’s next”
Perry Marshall – nobody knows Google Adwords better (and how to make it work
John Reese – one of the top 5 copywriters in the world. On copywriting, also read Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Gary Halbert, Bob Bly.

There are others, check out this site for a list

Good luck,

James asks…

Where can I find information on online B2B marketing?

I have an exam, and one of the topics I have to cover is B2B online marketing, I cannot seem to find any useful information about it, all just companies but nothing that will be of any use in an exam. Could someone just give a link to website that might be of more use?

admin answers:

Try this free ebook and think about directory submissions or social bookmarking.


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Your Questions About Online Marketing

Lizzie asks…

What are the basics of writing an online marketing ad?

I want to start promoting/marketing products online for a company that pays cash. What are the basics I need to know to get me started?

admin answers:

Start with a ‘popping’ headline. Remember that people are browsing through multiple boring ads and you need to stand out to get noticed. Attract people with your selling points and use words with strong connotations in your favor. For example, people don’t simply say, ‘watches for sale’. Perhaps a good salesman would say, ‘High quality, precision watches at wholesale prices’ or ‘cheap designer watches’.

The ad needs to be short and sweet. Give them just a taste of the sweet stuff so that they will want to follow your link to your website. Just like the headline, give them power-packed words, but not too many of them. Give a BRIEF synopsis of why your product or service is what they want and what distinguishes it from the many other products and services listed in the classified ads.

You can post your ad in one of the ‘biggies’ like Craigslist and you can choose a niche market classified system. Always familiarize yourself with the rules of the system and follow them to the letter. Otherwise you may be dropped and you will lose this marketing avenue.

William asks…

What kind of writing sample should I submit for online marketing job?

I’m applying for a freelance copywriting position with an online marketing company. What kind of writing sample should I send to something like this? I have a BA and MA in English. I have tons of academic research papers but is that what they want? I’ve also written press releases, memos and reports for my current job. I just don’t know what would be appropriate to submit. Please help.

admin answers:

It sounds like the press releases will be your most appropriate choice for this.

Donald asks…

Where can I Study Internet Marketing Online and become a Millionaire?

I know its possible to make serious money online, but for now I need to keep my day job. I am wondering where I can study Online Marketing? any suggestions?

admin answers:

There is not a set way common for everyone.

Start with Google webmaster official blogs and participate productively in reputed forums like webmasterworld.

People who have been in your shoes are kinder when they see sincerity and are open to guiding you down the right path.

Learning the basics is easy from forums like above or blogs like :

etc; it is the practice that takes years in perfecting your skills.

And sorry to disappoint you but studying online marketing does not necessarily equals becoming a millionaire.

Best wishes for your success.

Hope this helps.

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Paul asks…

Does anyone have a link to a good online marketing site or free internet marketing workshops?

I have a small business and I’m trying to generate more traffic to my website. The thing is, there is so much information online it’s hard to filter through it. If someone has had success with an online marketing site or company, shoot me a link. Or even internet marketing workshops or classes in the orange county, california area that you’ve attended. Thanks.

admin answers:

Try Technology Brokers Association. I just went to one of their free workshops and let me tell you – they are very imformative. Crisantos Hajibrahim, the workshop instructor can give you a lot of insight on how to market your business online. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

“Crisantos will teach you:

-how Google AdWords works and little known secrets to get the most out of your Pay Per Click budget
- Google Analytics, the eyes and ears of your website without which you can’t hope to succeed with your Internet strategy
- how Google’s Webmaster tools are essential for Google Search success
- the power of Video and YouTube marketing
- the truth about traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and cheaper yet more effective alternatives for small businesses;
- online Drip Marketing, tracking Craigslists, and so much more… ”

I don’t know anything about website maintenance so i’m having them install Google Analytics for me on my site. They’re also helping me with a marketing plan tailored for my business.

Workshops are held twice a week in Huntington Beach, CA.

Here’s their website address where you can register online

John asks…

Please suggest about best online marketing mix for Travel products?

I deal in travel related products such as sacks, shoes, tents and other articles. I want to do online marketing for them. Considering all the modes of online marketing, in what equation I should spend my money for it?

admin answers:

Honestly, you need to focus on a niche segment and very specific websites/sections of portals. Also it depends on the geographic reach you want to have for these campaigns.

You can also resort to a lot of guirella marketing techniques.

You can host your products in Ebay/Rediff/Indiatimes shopping sections to create awareness and sales as well.

You can sponsor a gift hamper for registration etc and run some campaign through banners on various famous portals. You can check to see the top 100 websites in India.

You can have a banner on all travel portal and travel info websites.

You can run google ad campaigns on related search keywords coming from a specific geographic region.

Its really hard to decide a ratio, but it all really depends on the budget you have at hand.

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Your Questions About Online Marketing

Paul asks…

Is it good to invest in online marketing in Southeast Asia and China?

I need reliable sources of information on the state of digital media in Southeast Asia and China to justify investing in online marketing there.

There’s no specific product or service in mind. This is about the state of online marketing in Southeast Asia and China in general.

Is it good to invest in it? What reliable information can I use to back this decision up?

admin answers:

Know why Google retreat from China ?

I can tell you based on the huge population and rapid growth in economics, the internet booms prosperously in China and many Web companies retrieve unbelievable success here such as QQ, Baidu, TaoBao, etc. But unfortunately few foreign company among them.

There are many explanations including huge culture rift, weak copyright protection, strict news censorship, and so on. It is difficult to give you the reliable infomation — and you’d better not trust the data from Chinese goverment until you’re sure you have a good understanding of Chinese goverment — but Google is a good case for research.

William asks…

What are some good resources for learning online marketing?

I just started a new job as a marketing director for a construction company. One of my tasks will be to update the website, and increase our visibility online. Unfortunately, I have no experience with website design or online marketing, and am looking for a good source for basic information on the subject.

admin answers:

You can do search engine optimization. It will increase the traffic of your website,. Also, you can subscribe to different online advertisement. Link your site to facebook and google ads. In that way, you can increase the online visibility of your website thus making more people know about it. Try it, its one of the basic steps. I guess as a beginner like you, you can handle it since its quite easy.

Ruth asks…

How can i use of online marketing techniques to offline marketing ?

i want to use online marketing techniques to offline marketing and what should the benefit i get from this by doing this?

admin answers:

Use both. You must already be doing online marketing of your business. Here are some good examples of what you can do offline:

1. Print out business cards and when you go someplace, ask if you can leave your business card.

2 Print out flyer’s and and hand them out to people leaving not entering
the premises of a flea market and/or stick some flyer’s under the windshield wipers.

3. The economy is on your side, and so when you are in a group bring up the high price of something and get people to talk about what they are doing to survive and then hand out a flyer or business card or both.

4. Go where people congregate and pick up on the conversations and join in, with the purpose of helping someone earn money to pay their bills.

5. Print out small colorful flyer’s that has about 10 tags hanging down with your website on -They will tear off one if they are interested-leaving 9 more. Post these on any bulletin in any supermarket and go back and check to see how many website tags are left-and replace.

6. If you are promoting an affiliate program make sure you purchase a Domain name – $.99 – 1.99 at Go Daddy and then redirect it to your affiliate site.

7. Go to the mall and purchase a Colorful t-shirt with your Domain name printed on the back. Wear this t-shirt when you are in the mall.
Have printed something like this, “Earn Big Money Daily-Get Paid Daily.
And then your domain name underneath. People will approach you, then hand them a business card.

Sylvia McCormick

Linda asks…

What is the Top 5 websites to learn about online marketing?

What is the best online marketing newspaper? And can you suggest me any websites that helps to become a better online marketer and marketing director?
Thank you!

admin answers:

Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University.

Nancy asks…

how can I use online marketing to expand a network marketing company?

I want to join Melaleuca. I am joining it because I love there products but I cannot afford the monthly amount without making any money from the business side of things. I have tried the old traditional way of network marketing and it just is to hard with 3 young children at home. I would like to market it online but using a duplicatable system to do so. Can anyone recommend a system that I can use to promote my business online that others can do also.

admin answers:

A lot of free ad posting sites.. Just post and post and post..
Use your social networking accounts. Just don’t spam.

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Your Questions About Online Marketing

Carol asks…

online marketing?

Whay online marketing is important in 21st century?????

admin answers:

Online marketing is important in the 21st century onwards because almost everything around us everyday involves internet. We rely too much on internet. Customers opt to online buying because it’s more convenient, it helps time-conservation, and less effort to carry out, aside from the fact that most of online market offers really great discounts to products or service it offers. Just to tell you, online marketing and advertising is growing rapidly and take in many forms. There is SEM or Search Engine Marketing (Advertising through paid listing for appearances in major internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo). Also, there is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, originally came from SEM but now being separated as distinctive process of business online strategy. It involves several process of link building. The main goal of such online marketing is to appear first among the competing companies in the search engine results page to earn “click throughs” that will be converted to money. Billions of people are browsing the internet everyday. That means, your business is exposed to billions of potential customers everyday if you only got the right strategy.

Paul asks…

Online marketing?

Whats The best way to market your website online? I know all about pay per clicks on yahoo, google, etc. but whats another really good way?

admin answers:

This place gives you the best ads hands down

James asks…

Online Marketing?

I’ve been looking at ways to make Free Income. Nothing has sparked my interest. No I know you have to pay to start a business, nothing is free, but I have been looking all over the net for the best resources and wasn’t sure where to start. I found a couple places like which has a lot of programs and marketing tools to use and purchase but i’m not sure where to start, any help would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Well some stuff is free, goto and you can market for free and see income opportunity.

Also a eBook, retailsed at $29 is absolutely free.

Steven asks…

What percentage of my marketing budget should I allocate for online marketing?

I have a writing and editing services company, and we currently have $4500 of our operating budget. We are planning to do direct mail marketing, advertisements in trade journals, and online marketing (pay-per-click, e-newsletters, etc). How much of my marketing budget should I allocate for online marketing?

admin answers:

You can test how well PPC works for you with a very short test, $100-$200.

I recommend going with Google/Yahoo Paid advertising for it’s wider audiences.

Create your most compelling ad copy and target popular keywords in your space.

Implement the conversion tracking code provided by Google / Yahoo on your “thank you” / sales lead page.

You’ll be able to determine the ROI of PPC within a short time, and short spend.

Hope this helps!

Susan asks…

What online digital marketing event shall i go to in the US this year?

I currently work in online marketing covering Search and Affiliates. I would like an event that will both educate me and build new contacts in the US as I am currently UK based. I am swaying towards Adtech San Francisco or possibly an event in New York.

admin answers:

Adtech is a good choice and see if you can stay on for a few days and go to SMX at Long Beach.

SMX events are fantastic for networking

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